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With all the curiosity still intact, I am set to write a detailed post and blind review of the “love long hair range” 🙂 . The previous post links on this range are : link1 and link2. This shampoo was sent to me two weeks back for trial and review purpose.

The actual ingredients, brand name, product descriptions are completely not in my knowledge except the fact that it is from a reputed brand. This is for the first time I am involved in a unique blind review activity and I am loving the suspense all around.


The Product: A shampoo and a conditioner with no information about it except “love long hair range” 🙂

The Look : The shampoo is a semi-runny thick liquid and the conditioner is quite thick in consistency and is also white in color.

The Smell: The products smell very feminine and the aroma lingers on for around 48 hours after shampooing.

The Shampoo…………

Shampoo Swatch

Shampoo Swatch

The conditioner …………….

Conditioner Swatch

Conditioner Swatch

My Take : I would say it renders a smooth and soft sheen to the tresses, and is a ideal shampoo for normal to dry hair. It has a soothing and nourishing effect on the hair and doesn’t strip the moisture out of them. It would be a great option for dry and damaged hair and hair that needs frequent cleansing.  It doesn’t blow up the hair, or lends a puffing up effect on the tresses and I like it for this very reason. It keeps the hair soft, glossy and manageable rather than make it appear like a bird’s nest :). Most shampoos blow up my hair and make it look like a nest, that why I mentioned ” bird’s nest” :). I would say both the products used in conjunction results in a glossy and nourished mane.

Also, once I used it after oiling my hair with olive oil, I felt it was rather mild on my hair and couldn’t cleanse the hair of the added oil. So, a good news for all of us, it is a mild shampoo and is not so harsh as to strip the hair of the moisture. In turn, it might not be quite as effective on oily hair.

Over all, I am impressed and a thumbs up from me. Highly recommended to people with normal to dry hair. It is not that ladies with oily hair cannot use it altogether, they can try it and see if it suits them.

I would not not summarize in a positive and negative aspects form as I do not know what the shampoo claims or what the ingredients are, rather I would put forward some key points on the overall deliverance of the shampoo.

  1. Moisturizing and nourishining
  2. Doesn’t strip the hair of moisture
  3. Added sheen to hair
  4. Makes the hair manageable and glossy
  5. Great for normal to dry hair
  6. Smells great that lingers on
  7. Not Great for thin hair as it doesn’t add too much volume
  8. Might not be that effective on very oily hair
  9. I am not quite sure of the lengthening effect, might be it would keep the hair nourished, which in turn would reduce damage/ split ends, resulting in a long mane.

I hope that the review is helpful and the identity of the product shall be revealed soon 🙂 Till then, hold on the curiosity !


Comments on: "Detailed Review : Love Long Hair Range" (16)

  1. This one seems to be really impressive! Would love to figure out which Brand it is…Loved your detailead review Babe! 🙂

  2. Naomi Ganzu said:

    Everyyy one has reviewed this so well. I am so inquisitive about the brand 😀

  3. Nicely Reviewed Babe 🙂 .. It is working amazing on me too – Loving it esp the aroma – Gosh ! Its Divine ❤

  4. Its great that it works nicely and is so mild 🙂 Dying to know the brand now 😉 ❤

  5. Beauty Frontline said:

    Nice detailed review dear! Now what’s the brand, 😀 i wanna knw soon..

  6. itsshivi said:

    This is sounding so good! I want to try this right-away! once when its launched! 🙂
    Nice detailed review babes! 🙂

  7. Excited to know the product 😀 looks good 🙂

  8. Wow it looks impressive and amazing, now I’m curious to know the brand, I think you are the first one to give a detailed review on this 😉 absolutely loved it.

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