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I shall emphasize on the various types of eye shadows available in the market in this post. Eye Shadows are color pigments applied to accentuate the eyes, and also try to cover imperfections if any, so we have various types of application processes when it comes to eye shadows based on the shape and appearance of eyes.

I shall do a separate post on eye make-up application.


Cream Eye-Shadows: Cream eye shadows can be used all by itself or in conjunction with other eye shadows. They can be used as all over base to intensify the make-up look and also, to make it last longer. They might come packed in tubs, pots, tubes etc. Cream eye shadows can have a dewy, glossy or frosty appearance. Mostly, cream eye shadows come in water resistant formulations.

Cream to Powder: They are basically creamy and turn to dry finish moments after application.

Gel: They are packed in glass pots and can be used as a liner as well as a base. They tend to dry quickly, glide easily and are long lasting. Often, they are used as based in intense smoky eye looks. They also come as eye glosses, which are in gel formulations and lend a wet appearance to eye shadows.

Liquid: They are thick liquid in consistency and come with attached wand or brush for application in a tube.

Loose Powders: They are high in color pigment concentration and can be used wet or dry. They tend to be messy and it is advised to do the eye make-up before the application of face make-up to ensure a neat look.

Pencils or Pens: They are highly pigmented with frosty or sheer finish. They might be water-proof, and come in a pencil form and need sharpen



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  1. loved the detailed and informative post dear 🙂

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