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When I came to know that Sleek has a option of untracked shipment with nominal charges, I just couldn’t hold myself in and immediately placed my order. I had been lusting over their faceform for over a year, then finally odered their contour powder and a blush by three palette.

After a long ordeal of nearly two months, I received the stuffs I ordered. After, the miss of the first dispatch, Sleek Team asked me if I need a refund , I immediately ruled it out and asked for re-shipment. You know the feeling when we long for something for over a year and even after almost acquiring it, it is denied :). I am  happy that, I asked for resending it to me, this time they sent it via tracked shipping option and I could see the status of my order everyday.

I ordered the following….

  1. Contouring Kit in “Medium”
  2. Blush by 3 palette in “Lace”

I am extremely happy by the product quality , the only con is the availability and uncertain shipping method.

The pictures for you to devour ……… 🙂 🙂




Comments on: "A Small Sleek Haul" (20)

  1. I really like sleek products nice haul 🙂
    Do check out the giveaway on my blog 🙂

  2. awww.. I know how it must have felt.. but I’m happy that you finally got them 🙂 Review soon!!

  3. Thats a beautiful haul dear! I too need a contouring kit…do lemme know how this works out for you..Waiting for you review! 🙂

  4. omg!! Tanmayee i have been ever since wanted sleek stuff!!! did u pay for customs baby???
    and such a drool worthy haul!!

  5. nice! I also happen to have both of them and they’re nice quality 😀 I hope you like them


  6. I am too happy with the product quality and You know, I will say that they may have shipped but Indian postal dept, you know how they are. But glad that you got your products finally!

  7. lovely haul!!! waiting for the reviews now 😀

  8. Nice haul… Even I want lace…

  9. tejinderk1982 said:

    Pretty haul dear..i bought the contouring kit too…n already have lace blush. .Hi5 !!!

  10. Nice haul dear!!

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