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Well………. Maybelline has nailed it this time,  with the advent of these bling infused nail colors ! I received two of these , and I am reviewing one in this post and would put up the review of the other soon :). These nail paints are here to stay.



The Shade: It is a lavender purple with infinite glitter particles 🙂 . The shade would suit all complexions equally.

The Pigmentation: Delivers enough color with a single swipe, and it requires two swipes to impart that ultra stylish look to your hands.

The Texture: Well, it is gritty because of the glitter particles  but this should not  be bothersome.  Also, because of this texture, it clings on to the nails and lasts really long.

The Lasting: Intact for five days , thankfully because of the ultra shine and glitter particles. Then it gradually chips of the nail tips, but that too slowly.







  1. Pretty shade
  2. Lovely texture and finish
  3. Neat application
  4. Long Lasting
  5. Great product on budget
  6. Everyone would find a shade to their liking


None 🙂 In fact, none !

Summary: Only one word!! Grab them all till your hands are full  !! Loved it !! You will always want more of it. I would  term it as a ” hassle free nail art polish” , if you want salon like nails in a jiffy , go the glitter mania way 🙂


Price: INR 125

Product Score: 5/5


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Comments on: "Maybelline ColorShow Glitter Mania Nail Paint “paparazzi purple” Review" (10)

  1. wooooww such a pretty purple

  2. Wow! This nail paint looks so great! I am gonna buy it soon! Nice review

  3. Beauty Frontline said:

    I love the finish of these nail paints.. nice notd dear x

  4. itsshivi said:

    I love this shade and currently wearing it too! 🙂

  5. I love this entire range. So true. Maybelline has nailed it with these pretty beauties. 🙂

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