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I had posted an introductory write up on this easy, do-at-home teeth whitening system, please follow the link here .

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A few words about the kit, which has been shared with me by the company Smile Brilliant, St. Louis, for testing and review purpose. So, I have been using this since last month for a total of fifteen applications on alternate days. Initially, I was not quite sure of the amount to be used and had applied a substantial amount on the first day of use, which resulted in sensitive teeth and pricking sensation, which thankfully went away. The kit also comes with a de-sensitizing gel, which is for after whitening protection.


Set Contents:

  1. Two types of pastes, one catalyst paste and another base paste. The two have to be mixed to take the first impressions of teeth.
  2. The teeth whitening blue hued plastic impression trays
  3. Teeth-whitening gel syringes
  4. De-sensitizing gel syringes
  5. Literature guiding on the entire process

The entire process consists of the following steps:

  1. Receiving the kit on placing order. They ship world wide, you just need to visit the website to place an order.
  2. Upon receiving, you need to create the impressions with the pastes provided. The entire impression making guidelines are given along with the kit in enclosed literature.
  3. After creating the impressions, you need to post them back to Smile Brilliant. They also provide you with a previously paid postal envelope,  but the shipping is free for US residents only.
  4. When they receive, they create the ultimate teeth whitening trays and mail them back to you.
  5. When you receive, the final trays, you can start following the guidelines on teeth whitening and achieve the much wanted bright teeth 🙂
  6. Also, some points to consider, it whitens the teeth to its original color. Suppose the natural color of your teeth is pearly white, it whitens to achieve it. In case, it is ivory white, it whitens to that color. So, the bottom line, it helps you achieve the natural color of your teeth that has lost its original splendor.
  7. Also, it has to be used in little amount according to your teeth sensitivity for a minimum of half an hour to maximum three hours.


The green syringe is the whitening gel. The purple one is de-sensitizing gel

The green syringe is the whitening gel. The purple one is de-sensitizing gel


The final teeth whitening trays, which have to be filled with whitening gel to start the process of teeth whitening

The final teeth whitening trays, which have to be filled with whitening gel to start the process of teeth whitening

The Teeth Whitening Procedure :

  1. The best time to do it is at night after dinner, for that time we do not eat anything as the process requires us not to consume any food or drinks for a minimum of 30 minutes. Start with brushing your teeth.
  2. Open the teeth whitening syringe and then apply it to the trays and fit in to your teeth. It should sit properly according to your  original denture contour.
  3. You can apply it from 30 minutes to upto three hours, depending on your teeth sensitivity.
  4. The process would leave you drooling profusely.
  5. Once done with the above process, spit out all the saliva and rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  6. Then apply the de-sensitizing gel in the same way as whitening gel. You can apply it for fifteen minutes. Also, the mouth is not supposed to be rinsed after this process.

My Verdict : To begin with I do not have severely stained teeth, the natural color of my teeth is off white. I have used this on every alternate days for a month , up to a total of fifteen applications. At first, the teeth seems to get whitening in patches and gradually the color becomes uniform and definitely brighter and whiter than before. It removes all the discolorations the teeth has acquired over time. Definitely a very good facet of the product and I recommend it to all those who aspire to achieve whiter teeth on a budget. Also, the procedure can be done by oneself in the privacy of home. Initially I had sensitivity due to over use of the product, which disappeared after I reduced the amount.


  1. Definitely whitens the teeth to a considerable extent
  2. Safe to use. It did not irritate my teeth when used in less amount.
  3. A teeth protecting de-sensitizing gel is provided that works wonders.
  4. Easy to make impressions , can be done at home.
  5. The entire process of sending and receiving the trays is fast and hassle free.
  6. Good customer service


  1. As, my teeth was not that stained, I cannot comment on how it would work on severely tainted teeth.
  2. The drooling during the whitening process is uncomfortable but manageable.
  3. Might cause sensitivity , if used in more than required amounts.

Some Important Links :

1. http://www.smilebrilliant.com/articles/gum-irritation-caused-by-teeth-whitening-is-normal

2.  http://www.smilebrilliant.com/articles/is-teeth-whitening-safe

 Price Details and Shipping Information :

  1. Trays +3 whitening gel syringe = USD 119.95 or INR 7360
  2. Trays+ 6 whitening gel syring = USD139.95 or INR 8587
  3. Trays+9 whitening gel syring = USD 154.95 or INR 9507
  4. The gel can be sold by itself or added to tray kits as per requirement
  5. International shipping is USD 29.95, which includes two way – shipping that is shipping of the entire kit +  final shipment of the custom made trays
  6. The shipping cost of the impressions, which is the intermediate step,  has to be borne by the international customers themselves. It can be done through DHL  etc. In case of Indian customers, they can use local posting services and it would cost between $5 to $ 10 and they ship within 6 to 10 days.
  7. Additional whitening gel syringe costs are furnished below. They can be shipped as per requirement with a shipping charge of USD 19.95.
    • 3 whitening gel syringes = $34.95 USD or (2,145 INR)
    • 6 whitening gel syringes = $54.95 USD or (3,372 INR)
    • 9 whitening gel syringes = $69.95 USD or (4,292 INR)
    • 3 desensitizing gel syringes = $19.95USD or (1224 INR)
    • 6 desensitizing gel syringes = $29.95USD or (1,838 INR)
    • 9 desensitizing gel syringes = $39.95USD or (2,451 INR)






Disclaimer : This is based on my experience. The usage of the product is solely the discretion and responsibility of the reader.


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