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Oilatum Lotion for Dry Skin Review

I am reeling under a phase wherein, I feel uninspired to blog and I literally force myself to write. I have been using this lotion on and off for the past five years. I used it on my kid during the winter months for its intense moisturizing properties.



The Look: A white creamy liquid

The Texture: It is light yet hydrating , gets absorbed in the skin almost immediately.

The Smell: Nothing overbearing.


My Take: This is an absolute remedy to very dry skin and other related skin conditions. Also, it is recommended by dermatologists in case of many dry skin conditions, and also, it is safe for use on children too. It effectively peels away the dry skin and reveals smoother skin. Last winter season, I even used it on my oily skin at times, when it felt dry and stretchy. It did not break my skin out and my skin felt soothed and calm.

I absolutely recommended it to all dry skinned ladies and also, it is a safe on baby’s skin and combats dry skin conditions effectively. I advice to use it after consulting a doctor, in case if you want to use it on your child’s skin. People with oily should exercise caution before using this.


Price: INR 183 for 100ml

Product Score: 4.5/5




Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Review

Cetaphil is an offering from a Swiss Company called “Galderma”, which has really done a break through in skincare. I have tried their cleansing lotion reviewed here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/09/28/cetaphil-cleansing-lotion-for-sensitive-skin/  . Cetaphil is easily available across medicine shops in the nation. Today I am reviewing the moisturizing cream which could be a HG cream for all dry skinned ladies out there.

The Look and Texture : Its a thick cream which is not tight in texture, its soft and easily blend able. It sinks in to the skin and keeps it deeply moisturized.

The Aroma:  It does not have any smell,  which is a real positive aspect.

My Experience: My facial skin type is oily-combination, so I have not used it on my face. I use this as a body moisturizer, on days when my skin feels dry and flaky and it really makes my skin feel calm and quenched. Also, this was recommended to my baby by his doctor when he got a certain type of rash called “Pytiriasis Roscea” , which is a extreme dry skin condition sometimes affecting kids, few weeks after a viral fever. It used to soothe his skin and relieve the itching caused due to dry skin.  Also, It is used by both my mother an MIL, who have extreme dry skin and find it really good on their skin. It keeps the skin soft, supple and hydrated to perfection without breaking out the skin.

Also good for babies as a general cream , especially if they have dry skin.

Price: INR 230

Summary: Highly recommended to people with extremely dry skin. Also good for babies.

Product Score: 5/5


Johnson and Johnson Baby Milk Lotion Review

In India we have limited choices when it comes to baby products and majority of the market is held by Johnson and Johnson.  Even my mom used J&J products for us :).  Although the brand has evolved  with new packaging and introduction of some new product lines in India, but I feel the quality has deteriorated to some extent as in the sense , the baby cream used to be thick so was the baby oil.


I am reviewing the J&J Milk Lotion, which I use as a body moisturizer for my child which doubles up as a good moisturizer before applying make up. The color of the lotion is white and is runny in consistency being moderately thick. It spreads easily and gets absorbed soon and leaves behind a lingering smell on the baby’s skin. It has a pleasant smell which is different from the regular J&J smell of their baby cream or baby lotion or the powder. It ideally keeps the baby fresh and the skin hydrated for the whole day. All in all a good product, but the imported J&J stuffs are much better. It would be great if J&J India also elevates the quality of their products to that level.

Price: Rs. 140 for 100 ml

Summary: Recommended ! It smells great, which lingers on 🙂 keeps the baby’s skin moisturized and soft. Also can be used to moisturize adult skin. I have no complaints but the quality could be  made better , similiar to the imported J&J stuffs.

Product Score: 4/5

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