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Coastal Scents Hotpot – S14/ Regalia Purple Swatches and Review

Few days back I swatched twelve of the hotpots from Coastal Scents herehttp://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/11/29/coastal-scents-hotpot-swatches/ , and each of them vary in texture and quality. Today I am reviewing the individual hot pot shade – S14.  Unfortunately, while swatching them, I broke the shade called “Kiwi Green”, I am feeling really sad 😦 . Anyways, I collected the loose pigment and kept it in a small container. Its usable though.


The Shade and texture: A  bluish purple which is on the lighter side, with a satin finish. It has shimmers, but they are very very fine, and lend a sheen to the shade which I love. This hot pot is a must have. It has no fall outs and very easy to blend.

The pigmentation: Its decently  pigmented and the pigmentation can be built up. Though, one has to swipe the brush little firmly to pick enough color. Its not like, a light swipe picks enough color.



The Lasting: It lasts for three – four hours on  me without budging when used with a primer. Without primer, I would not recommend to use this.  I do not mind for the price and quality.

My say: I am happy with this shade. It pairs really well with  shades of pink, gold, silver black and is all the more lovely when worn all by itself. A versatile shade which lets you to experiment. If you order from coastal scents, its a must buy. This is why I reviewed it first 🙂 . Awesome color, texture and finish. These are great for beginners as well as experts.

Price: $2 at their website

Summary: Recommended ! Worth the price as per the quality. Only con, not available in India.

Product Score: 4.5/5


Manhattan Cosmetics Eye liner pencil Review and Swatches

Most of you might not have heard the name of this brand, this is quite famous in Germany. I happened to buy them while I was there. The usp of these brands like essence, P2, Manhattan is that they make decent products with a decent price tag.

The color: Its a turquoise blue with finely embedded blue shimmers.

The texture: Very soft and easy to apply, glides on smoothely without application of much pressure.

The pigmentation: Its decently pigmented and gives above average payoff color in one swipe, though I feel I could have been better.

The Lasting : Well it lasts about 6 to 7 hours on primed lids and 3 hours on unprimed lids.

My say : I like the packaging and ease of use. Its soft and does not tug the eye lids and glides smoothly. I use it whenever I am on the go, The pigmentation is above average, though not the best. One can always build it up. Good budget buy.  Its dirt cheap and for the price, I do not mind the pigmentation as it can be built up nice with two swipes.

Price: Euro 1.95 or INR 135

Summary: Good budget buy, you would not regret, though the pigmentation could have been better.

Product Score: 3.5/5






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