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Sleek Blush By 3 “Lace” Review and Swatches

After being in my lust list for over a year now, I am the happy owner of this beautiful blush palette 🙂 and those who follow me, might know how I had to beat around the bush to acquire them. Sleek Makeup is a UK based company that is renowned for its high quality, on budget products. Their eye shadow palettes and blushes are must haves.


crochet; guipure; chantily

crochet; guipure; chantily

The Shade: The shade is “lace”, a palette comprising of three blush shades namely crochet – a matte peachy coral, guipure – rose gold shade with shimmer finish and chantily – a matte pinkish coral. Out of the three, the shade “guipure” is a close dupe of Nars Orgasm and Sleek single blush “rose gold”. Also, the shade “crochet” is a dupe of Sleek single blush “pan tao”.

crochet; guipure; chantily

crochet; guipure; chantily



The Texture : Impeccable like all other Sleek Blushes. I guess I need not say more 🙂

The Pigmentation: The shades are highly pigmented and are best applied lightly, though can be built up as required.

The lasting: Lasts for up to four hours and then gradually fade.

The below pictures has me wearing the shade “crochet” from the palette ………. and the foundation is MAC Matchmaster and Lipstick is Colorbar “burnt orange”…




My Take: According to me this is the best of all the blush by 3 powder palettes, a optimum mix of shades suitable for day and night wear. Also, the shades are great for the Indian complexion, it would equally look good on light to dusky skin tones. The name “lace” appears as though the shades might be light and pastel type, but it is not, in fact such colors are the best for Indian skin tones.

I absolutely recommend it to everyone, the shades are universally flattering and suitable for all skin tones.

Price: $ 14.99 at their website, I feel it is worth the price.

Product Score: 5/5



A Small Sleek Haul

When I came to know that Sleek has a option of untracked shipment with nominal charges, I just couldn’t hold myself in and immediately placed my order. I had been lusting over their faceform for over a year, then finally odered their contour powder and a blush by three palette.

After a long ordeal of nearly two months, I received the stuffs I ordered. After, the miss of the first dispatch, Sleek Team asked me if I need a refund , I immediately ruled it out and asked for re-shipment. You know the feeling when we long for something for over a year and even after almost acquiring it, it is denied :). I am  happy that, I asked for resending it to me, this time they sent it via tracked shipping option and I could see the status of my order everyday.

I ordered the following….

  1. Contouring Kit in “Medium”
  2. Blush by 3 palette in “Lace”

I am extremely happy by the product quality , the only con is the availability and uncertain shipping method.

The pictures for you to devour ……… 🙂 🙂




Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush ” Creamy Cinnamon” Swatches

A blush that costs only 250 bucks! 🙂 I received as a part of the Secret Santa Gift Box from Maybelline 🙂

I feel it is a great initiative taken by Maybelline, and it would fare well with college goers, who want to look good without being extravagant.


Image taken from Myntra.com

Image taken from Myntra.com



The Shade: A light warm matte pink 🙂 one might think that it is brown, considering the “cinnamon” in its name, but it is very a very natural hue of pink with light brown undertones. It should look good on most complexions, though I would not recommend it to very dark skin tones.

The Pigmentation: I would say decent, which has to be built up. Also, it has to be applied over a prepared face else it would not be visible.

The Lasting: Not more than three hours, but at this price, I feel it is okay 🙂



My Take: If you are looking for a decent blush on budget, you could try this. The color is versatile, great for day wear, perfectly matte in finish. If you are a college goer, this should fit your requirements. Do check it out ! Also, it has to be applied with a blush brush as it doesn’t come along with an applicator. Also, I feel one should always apply blushes with a brush.

Price: INR 250

Product Score: 3.5/5


Product sent by brand but honest review.






Sleek Blush “Flushed” Swatches and Review

Well, the much raved about blushes in the beauty bazaar 🙂 So lets see what is all the rave about ….




The color: A deep berry pink which would flatter dusky skin tones the most. It doesn’t imply that it would not look on fair skins, the crux is, it has to be applied lightly else one might end up looking like a clown.

The pigmentation: Very good and there is no doubt about it.

The Texture: Very smooth and silky, applies effortlessly with a blush brush.

The lasting: Lasts really long , upto six hours without fading 🙂






My take: This colors looks very good on my NC 42 skin tone and is my most reached out blush for an evening out.    Sleek has not compromised on the quality, keeping in mind its price 🙂 . The texture is really smooth, in fact velvet like and lends you that flushed look in a jiffy. Though, it has to be applied with care and light hands else, it might make the face appear red.

Price: $ 5.99 , very cheap in fact

Product Score: 4.5/5

This is how it looks on me 🙂







Jordana Blush “Coral Sandy Beach” Review

Its a US based brand, which is  affordable and quality is in sync with the price. Not all of their products are good, but their blushes are commendable.  I got it from “cherryculture” about a year back.




The Shade : A very beautiful coral with golden shimmers which are very fine. The shade is touted to be a dupe of Benefit’s corallista . It would suit suit all complexions except very dark skin.

The texture : Very soft and fine, though it tends to harden over time but can be applied with a brush. I am amazed at the quality offered for the price.

The Lasting and pigmentation: Very good , lasts easily on prepared face for four hours. I am happy 🙂 Also, the pigmentation is medium and it can be built up without fail.




My Take : I love this blush and reach out for it whenever I go out in the evenings. It makes the face glow 🙂 The price and quality is great and it is a must have blush from Jordana. Great pigmentation, staying power and texture comparable to high end blushes.

I have reviewed two more shades here and here.

Price: $ 2.99

Product Score: 4/5


NYX Powder Blush “Mocha” Review and Swatches

NYX  is a reputed name when it comes to drugstore brands, for they make a wide range of cosmetics which justify both quality and shade selection.  The blushes are of great quality and totally apt for the price they come for. They are best bought from http://www.cherryculture.com .

download (12)

download (13)

The Shade: A neutral dusty pink

The Texture: Very smooth compressed powder, a little amount is more than enough. The finish is matte and gives a very natural flush to the cheeks.

The Pigmentation: Awesome, lasts really really long on prepared face. I mean on top of a base.

The packaging: Sturdy and easy to carry

download (5)

download (11)

download (14)

My experience: It is really pigmented and very little amount is required to light up the face. This is my most used blush as it gives a natural flushed look to face and is very good for daily wear. I would say, this is a must buy if you get a chance to stock on some NYX stuffs. It lasts really long on prepared face and without base it lasts easily for up to four hours, depending upon the skin type and weather.

Price: $ 4.99 from cherry culture on sale

Summary: Must buy! Would suit all. Great texture, finish, color and pigmentation. Also very good for daily wear. The con I feel is its availability.

Product Score: 4.5/5

I have worn this here  !


Jordana Blush “Bronze” Review and Swatches

So after a while, I am writing posting something 🙂 The review of a powder blush from brand “Jordana”. Its a US based brand, which is very much affordable and quality is in sync with the price. Not all of their products are good, but their blushes are commendable.  I got it from “cherryculture.com” .

download (31)

The Shade :  As  per the nomenclature, it is a bronze brown shade with gold micro glitters which are very fine and minute. This is best used as a bronzer 🙂

The Lasting: Lasts up to five hours and gradually wears off, which is very good deliverance for its price.

The Pigmentation: Awesome and decent. One swipe picks a considerable amount, so I advise to use it with light hands.

download (1)


My Experience: I am happy with this 🙂 . The pigmentation is sufficient and hence, it has to be applied with light strokes, else one might risk going over board. The color for its intensity, would suit dusky beauties beautifully and could be an ideal bronzer. Also, the golden micro granules lend a golden sheen to the skin. Though not a regular wear shade, but having it in your stash is definitely recommended.

I have reviewed another shade here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/03/28/jordana-powder-blush-in-sandalwood-review-and-swatch-21/

Price:  Around $2.49 from cherryculture, on sale

Summary: Recommended , it wont be a regret! One cannot wear this on a regular routine, but occasionally it could lend you a beautiful sum kissed look. I feel it is a must have when it comes to color, price , texture and quality.

download (30)



The Make-Up Brushes, I Generally Use

I have been thinking about doing a post on makeup brushes since quite a while . These brushes are collected over a period of time. I was not much into eye make up until I started my blog, but even then I  had a few eye make up brushes, all of which are about a year old.  All of my brushes are bought singly, at random shopping escapades and I do aspire to order a sigma brush set or a Coastal Scents one soon :).

1. The Foundation Brush : The brush I use is a basic liquid foundation brush from a brand called “Ebelin”, bought from Germany. Its a pretty decent brush, with soft bristles, which help in smooth blending of liquid foundation. Also, its washable and I have washed it many times without any loss of bristles. I took its snap after washing, so the pic look bit weird.

2. The Blush Brush : The blush brush I am using is from Dubai, a brand called “Editors Picks”, Its pretty decent, helps in applying the blush effortlessly and also picks up very little amount so that I do not go overboard.  Sorry, its looking dirty with all the blush on it 😦

3. The Eye Brushes : The first two brushes from the left are flat shader brushes. The first one is from Faces and the second is from a German brand called “For your Beauty”. I own two flat shader brushes from Faces.

I love both of them, very convenient and easy to use. The third brush, that is the tallest one here, is a blending brush from Oriflame, which is not that good, it has a very long handle, which I find difficult to use. The Purple brush is a crease brush from Essence which I adore, very useful for smokey eye looks.

4. The Angled eye brush and the lip brush : Both the brushes are from Vega. They are good for beginners actually. I do not like the lip brush much as it feels very hard on the lips. The angled brush is decent as per the price its comes for though some of the bristles get disintegrated with use.

Do share your thoughts on your favourite brushes ! Hope you liked reading my post 🙂


My Latest Haul From CoastalScents and CherryCulture

One of my dear friends got me these goodies from US. I had selected the items, shade etc and she ordered for me from there and carried it all the way to India. I am really excited to share the pictures with you all :). I have always drooled over CS hot pots, and finally I am able to own one palette comprising of twelve of them. I am excited to try them out and do more looks.

As of now only the pictures, do let me know which one you want me to review first !!

The Items :

  1. Coastalscents hot pot palette
  2. NYX powder blush Mocha
  3. Jordana powder blush Bronze
  4. Three La Colors nail polishes
  5. Jordana Eye shadow in Black matte



Colorbar Blush ” Hidden Secrets” Review and Swatches

The name is “hidden secrets”, but holds no secrets :), actually its quite obvious .It is overtly shimmery which is kinda grainy  and all the more vanishes from the cheeks in no time leaving behind the shimmers.  The color of the blush is pretty rose, but the shimmers are a total turn off.

I am totally unhappy and disappointed with this. Would never recommend. Only if you want to look like a disco ball at the end of the day , go for it :). Not at all up to the mark, other wise I adore their “Peachy Rose” and “Just earth” blushes.

This one was broken during transshipment from “Stylecraze” and I am so happy they replaced not only the blush but also the shade.

Do let us know your views about this hit or miss………

Summary: Not Recommended !

Swatches 🙂 Observe the visible shimmers.

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