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Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion review

I received this for review couple of months back and I have been using it since then.

The Look: A creamy white emulsion




The Smell: Nice amalgamation of citrus and floral notes, which lasts for sometime and lingers on through the day.

My Take: The lotion has a remarkably light texture and gets absorbed completely without leaving any oily film. It equally hydrates and makes the skin smooth. Over time with usage,  I feel it has a mild exfoliation effect on the dead skin cells of the skin. I would recommend it to people with oily to normal skin, and it is  a lotion ideal for use during summers. It doesn’t make the skin lighter or fairer though, but it does improve the skin texture.

I recommend it to people for its awesome texture and skin smoothening properties.


  1. Hydrates
  2. Improves skin texture
  3. Nice lingering smell
  4. Gets absorbed easily
  5. Makes the skin smooth


  1. No lightening effect on skin

Price: INR 249 for 200ml

Product Score: 4/5


Product sent by brand, but honest review.





Lotus White Glow Hand and Body Lotion Review

Well, I really love this lotion 🙂 and thats it ?….. Somehow, I don’t feel like writing nowadays, well the soaring temperatures in Bangalore might be to blame…….

…… If possible, I could just post pictures and let them do the talking ………….





The look: A white emulsion that is moderately thick

The smell: Very nice , and mild

My Take: Well, to just put in ………decent and good body lotion ! I did not notice any lightening or whitening effects , well I don’t expect it from any products now :). A good body lotion for normal to oily skin types and also great for summers and if you have dry skin, then search for something else 🙂

Price: INR 295 for 300 ml

Product Score: 3.5/5




Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer Review

I was sent this around four weeks back and I have been using this for the last twenty one days. The concept is quite new to me and I am using such a product for the first time.



The look: A creamy white that is moderately thick in consistency

The smell: Very fresh and lingers on for the whole day.

My take : This has to be used after usage of the body wash. It has to be applied all over the body and left on for two minutes, then washed off. This is supposed to complete the moisturizing phase also. The skin feels hydrated and soft all round the day with a mild lingering smell. The effect lasts for the whole day. Also, the ingredient list is devoid of artificial colors and silicones.

Overall Highly recommended ! It is easy to use and keeps up the moisturizing effect.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Smells good
  3. Lingering Smell
  4. Hydrates and moisturizes
  5. The effect lasts the whole day
  6. No harmful chemicals or colors
  7. Decently priced


  1. Ingredients contain other usual chemicals , otherwise none.
  2. A tube pack would have been better



Price: INR 250

Product Score: 4/5

Product sent by brand for consideration.

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