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Everyuth Foot Scrub Review

Everyuth has made quite a few new launches recently and the foot scrub is one of them. I had high expectation from it, for I had read rave reviews on it. So, let see if it is really as good. I have been using the Oriflame foot scrub for last two years and according to me it is the best food scrub ever.  I have reviewed it HERE.





The look :  Peach colored granules suspended in transparent orange gel.

The Texture: I would have loved it if it were more gritty , as the granules are too soft to exfoliate. Also, it is a foaming scrub.

The Smell: Fresh and citrusy

My Take: It is a foaming scrub and cleanses well , but it would have been way better if the granules were more rough. I feel the exfoliation effect is not up to the mark. It has fullers earth  in its ingredients, which makes it a very good cleanser and the feet look brighter after its use. I love to use it as a hand and body scrub 🙂 and it works better that way.

If one doesn’t have major issues with their feet, then it can deliver well.  Also, it fits one’s budget 🙂

Else, if the feet are severely dry and cracked, I  suggest to use something more gritty like the Oriflame scrub.

Price: INR 80

Product Score: 3.5/5




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