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Nivea Fresh Natural Mist Deodorant Review

Nivea , the name  evokes nostalgia in me, when I recede to my college days then it used to be my favorite perfume/ or body spray. The original Nivea Deo for Women had a surprisingly feminine and lingering smell. I still love it . Recently, I received this product for review and I was looking forward to try it. You know , it did live up to my expectations.

The Smell: Very Fresh and energizing yet feminine, has  mild floral notes, which are blended to perfection. I feel this would be universally loved. Lovely and enlivening fragrance.




The Lasting: The effect lasted on me for the whole day, though to mention, I do not have major body odor issues. It did keep me feeling fresh inspite of a  sultry and humid day. The smell, lingers on and keeps me feeling fresh all day. Also, most deodorants give me rashes on spraying directly on my skin but Nivea  never had any allergic reactions on my skin. So, I recommend it to people with sensitive skin too.

Highly Recommended!

Price: INR 180

Product Score: 4/5


pr sample. Honest review.


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