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Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion review

I received this for review couple of months back and I have been using it since then.

The Look: A creamy white emulsion




The Smell: Nice amalgamation of citrus and floral notes, which lasts for sometime and lingers on through the day.

My Take: The lotion has a remarkably light texture and gets absorbed completely without leaving any oily film. It equally hydrates and makes the skin smooth. Over time with usage,  I feel it has a mild exfoliation effect on the dead skin cells of the skin. I would recommend it to people with oily to normal skin, and it is  a lotion ideal for use during summers. It doesn’t make the skin lighter or fairer though, but it does improve the skin texture.

I recommend it to people for its awesome texture and skin smoothening properties.


  1. Hydrates
  2. Improves skin texture
  3. Nice lingering smell
  4. Gets absorbed easily
  5. Makes the skin smooth


  1. No lightening effect on skin

Price: INR 249 for 200ml

Product Score: 4/5


Product sent by brand, but honest review.





Lotus White Glow Hand and Body Lotion Review

Well, I really love this lotion 🙂 and thats it ?….. Somehow, I don’t feel like writing nowadays, well the soaring temperatures in Bangalore might be to blame…….

…… If possible, I could just post pictures and let them do the talking ………….





The look: A white emulsion that is moderately thick

The smell: Very nice , and mild

My Take: Well, to just put in ………decent and good body lotion ! I did not notice any lightening or whitening effects , well I don’t expect it from any products now :). A good body lotion for normal to oily skin types and also great for summers and if you have dry skin, then search for something else 🙂

Price: INR 295 for 300 ml

Product Score: 3.5/5




Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer Review

I was sent this around four weeks back and I have been using this for the last twenty one days. The concept is quite new to me and I am using such a product for the first time.



The look: A creamy white that is moderately thick in consistency

The smell: Very fresh and lingers on for the whole day.

My take : This has to be used after usage of the body wash. It has to be applied all over the body and left on for two minutes, then washed off. This is supposed to complete the moisturizing phase also. The skin feels hydrated and soft all round the day with a mild lingering smell. The effect lasts for the whole day. Also, the ingredient list is devoid of artificial colors and silicones.

Overall Highly recommended ! It is easy to use and keeps up the moisturizing effect.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Smells good
  3. Lingering Smell
  4. Hydrates and moisturizes
  5. The effect lasts the whole day
  6. No harmful chemicals or colors
  7. Decently priced


  1. Ingredients contain other usual chemicals , otherwise none.
  2. A tube pack would have been better



Price: INR 250

Product Score: 4/5

Product sent by brand for consideration.


Indulekha Complete Skincare Oil Review

Indulekha is a Kerela based brand that specializes in ayurvedic beauty products. I have been using this oil for past one year as a body oil for me and my kid. The oil contains extracts of almond, aloevera, coconut milk ext in a coconut oil base.  You can read more about it here : http://indulekhaonline.com/Skin-Care-Oil. It is available in most medical shops, super markets etc.

Product Claim from website:

Indulekha Complete Skin Care Oil is the best skin care product which contains therapeutic properties of coconut milk, almond and Aloe Vera, which improves complexion and offers smoothness to your skins texture. Indulekha Complete Skin care oil is protein rich, natural skin care oil processed by unique cold processing technology. With its medicinal natural ingredients, Indulekha skin care oil improves the natural herbal complexion of your skin and also adds softness and grace to it. The herbal medicines included in Indulekha skin care oil has got the power to heal pimples, wrinkles, scars, black spots and other blemishes.

How to use Indulekha skin care oil?

  • For Normal & oily skin: Apply 15 minutes before bath.
  • For Dry skin: Apply within 1 minute after bath when he skin is damp.
  • For Extremely dry skin: Apply 15 Mins before bath and within 1 minute after bath.



The look: Transparent oil which solidifies like normal coconut oil in cold weather

The Smell: Much similar to coconut oil, but it is more pleasant unlike raw coconut oil

My Take: It is an intensive moisturizing oil and is ideal for dry skins. It can be used on face also, but I experienced breakouts on its use on my combination-oily skin, so I used it as a body oil after bath. The oil is nourishing and has a lightening effect on body marks, it did lighten few burn spots I had on my skin, which I got while cooking.  Also, the skin feels ultra smooth throughout the day, the effect is not temporary and it is the best thing about this oil.  I have used it on my 4 year old kid’s body also, and I am pretty happy with the results. It did not cause any adverse reactions on both of our skins.

A great body oil for dry skins and a good winter body oil that combats dry, rough skin issues effectively. I would advise to consult your doctor before using it on your kid’s body. My child is way past toddler-hood, so I felt I could use it on his skin :). I feel it much more effective than many highly priced products.

Price: INR 185 for 100ml

Product Score: 4.5/5


The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Butter Review

I plan to go rather short with this review 🙂

The Product: TBS Body Butter “Vanilla Bliss”

download (14) download (13)

The Look: Creamy beige  vanilla yellow

The Aroma: Very much like Vanilla Essence, Very similar to the TBS Spiced vanilla body butter without the spicy aroma of Cinnamon, which is very much obvious in the Spiced Vanilla Body Butter.

The Texture: Thick and creamy, I bought last December and could use it everyday until the onset of Summer in Bangalore, it is very sultry here and this weather makes it impossible for me to use this. This is best suited for winters.

download (12)

My experience: This kept my skin moisturized all throughout the winters. Very little amount is required and so it lasts for quite sometime. My skin is combination to oily, so I could manage to use it during the winters, but it is impossible to use this one in summers, atleast for people with oily skin. Those who have very dry skin, this is your ideal moisturizer which will keep all dryness and related issues at bay. The smell is really good, infact it smells of actual Vanilla, it seems as though I am applying some Vanilla dessert on my body 🙂 . This is the forte of all TBS products, they emote the real feel of ingredients that their products claim to contain.

Price: INR 1095, I got this on 50% discount


Summary: A great body moisturizer for dry skinned beauties and a winter body cream for oily skinned ladies. Great aroma, texture and hydrating properties.

Product Score: 4.5/5


The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Lotion Review

I was tempted to buy this solely for its heavenly aroma. Few months back, I had reviewed the TBS Peach Shower Gel too, which also had a refreshing smell of real peaches! So read on to see how it fared 🙂

download (11)

download (10)

download (9)

The Look: A thick milkshake kind of texture with a light peachy pink hue.

The Aroma: Heavenly, smells of real peaches I guess 🙂 very fruity and refreshing.

My experience: I bought this last December to satiate my quest for a really moisturizing body lotion. The SA in the TBS outlet told me that peach body lotion is suited to dry skin, though I could not find anything written on the bottle.  The texture is thick and milky, and spreads easily. Also, the aroma is heavenly, and it lingers on for quite some time especially on the clothes. So it fares really well in all fronts except the moisturizing factor, hmm infact this is the most important aspect. This is not as moisturizing as is expected of a lotion, meant for dry skin. Rather, I would call it a body lotion suited for normal to oily skins or a summer moisturizer. This is not a perfect winter moisturizer, especially if you seek intensive hydration. So, I would not recommend it to dry skinned beauties, though it is ideal for normal to oily skin types.

download (1)

download (8)

Price: INR 795

Summary: Great smell, to die for, the sole reason to buy this 🙂 . A moisturizer suited for oily to normal skins and for the summer season. The fruity smell lingers on and adds to its USP as as a ideal summer body lotion. If you have dry skin, it might leave your skin craving for more moisture.

Product Score: 4/5


The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream Review

With December around, our skin tends to crave moisture, and I thought to quench its thirst with the TBS Shea Shower Cream. I love shower gel or creams, and when it comes to a brand related, its always TBS.

download (4)

The Look and Texture: It has a body lotion like texture which is considerably thick and not so runny. Its creamy beige in color like the all of the Shea Range.

The Aroma: Its similar to the others of the Shea range, but its little stronger than that of the Shea body lotion or the body butter. You get the aroma while you use it , but once you are out of shower it disappears.

download (6) download (5)

My experience: When it comes too moisturizing properties, it really quenches the skin and keeps it soft and supple, all through the day. The skin doesn’t feel at all dry after its usage. I have combination-oily skin, but it did not make my body skin greasy or oily. I guess it could be used by all, except for people with too much oily skin.

The only ouch factor about this is that it does not lather much and one requires more of it , to make it lather. Hence it would be used up quickly :). I like it a lot 🙂

Price: INR 395

Summary: Worth buying for the moisturizing properties 🙂 , the con is that it does not lather much and gets used up quickly.

Product Score : 4/5


Patanjali Tejus Tailam Review

Well, Patanjali products need no introduction. I swear by their Aloevera gel reviewed here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/07/20/patanjali-aloe-vera-gel-review/ and the rose water reviewed here: http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/08/01/patanjali-rose-water-review/ . Here, I am writing about their all purpose oil called “Tejus Tailum”.

The Look: Its a golden orange-ish colored oil which is light in texture and easy to spread all over and use.

The purpose: Its a all purpose oil which can be used for both hair and body.

The aroma: It smells of incense sticks , yes actually it is as such 🙂  also has a hint of garlic to it, awful. I detest this smell, induces kind of headache in me. If you can bear this smell, it is definitely  going to do some good to you.  The aroma fades away after sometime, but it leaves a hint on the clothes.

My experience: Okay I am happy with this :). I used this as a body oil for my child and it kept his skin soft, smooth an glowing. I did not like the smell, so I used it only thrice a week and also used a baby lotion after his bath to combat the aroma. I also use it , and its ideal for adults too especially for use in winters when the skin feels dry and stretchy. Dry skinned ladies should definitely give this a try. I also, tried it on my hair weekly once and I vouch for it. It made my hair soft, shiny and reduced hair fall to some extent. I applied in the morning upon waking up and washed it off after two hours, putting up a tough fight with its aroma 😛 . Overall a very nice product, I recommend.

Price: I forgot actually, I think INR 70 for 100 ml which is quite economical for this quality

Summary: Go for it !! Ideal mixture of many good oils such as sesame, olive, almond and many other oils which are good for both body and hair.

Product Score: 4/5 , points deducted for the strong smell.


The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter Review

This is going to be a fairly short review. Since last week, I am hardly getting any time to blog 😦 , so busy with family and personal stuffs. TBS body butters are not new to the world of beauty and any person who is obsessed with nice smelling products, do try them out. They leave you feeling soft, supple and yummy smelling. I am reviewing the TBS lemon bosy butter which I have been using for the last three months 🙂 .

Like all TBS body butters, the texture is thick, but easily blendable. Very much hydrating and leaves the skin  smooth and supple. Ideal for all types of skin, but oily skinned people might find it heavy during the summers. I have oily-combination skin, but it not make my skin greasy or oily. I love these butters and usually apply this after a shower when the skin is moist, so that it easily gets absorbed by the skin. Now coming to the smell, it smells of fresh lemon skin, very much  invigorating. It has Ideal summer smell, for the winters I would prefer the TBS spiced vanilla body butter which I reviewed here: http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/04/23/the-body-shop-spiced-vanilla-body-butter-review/ . The moisturizing effect lasts for the whole day, though I am not a big fan of the smell.

Price: INR 775

Summary: Recommended! Keeps skin moisturized and soft for the whole day. Though I feel the citrus smell could have been better.

Product Score: 4/5


Which TBS body butter is your favorite ? Do share with us?


The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter Review

The smell is to die for! Its sexy, warm, inviting oh so romantic! Smells like cinnamon vanilla muffins, the aroma is very much similiar to that which is emitted by French brasseries. Reminds me of my trip to Paris and its wayside cafes. The fetching aroma make me hungry sometimes, I seem to feel the pang at the bottom my tummy. This is one dimension of the smell. To mention the second dimension, it imparts a sense of warmth to your body, its a ideal winter smell, make you feel special and sexy!

I have been using it since last february when I feel the urge to extreme moisturize my skin. My skin is combination- oily, as summers are here I prefer light citrusy fragrances and body lotions. But,  I do use it on days when my skin wants the moisture shot.

Synonymous to all TBS body butters, the texture is buttery smooth and glides on easily to keep the skin moisturized for the whole day. Once used after a shower, you are sorted for the day. This aspect makes me rave over these body butters. Its ideal for dry skinned beauties, it would come to their rescue all round the year. It is nourishing and keeps the body skin hydrated and supple.

Price: INR 910 , I bought it during the sale got 50% discount on it 🙂

Summary: Highly recommended ! Ideal moisturizer which keeps the skin quenched, smooth and supple except for one ouch that is the lovely fragrance lasts for only about two hours after which one might find subtle hint on the clothes.

Product Score: 4.5/5

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