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Makeup Must Haves for Brides To Be, on a Budget!

With the wedding season here, I thought of posting about some basic makeup must haves for every bride who is on a budget.

So let me move on with the write-up ! In this post, I shall concentrate on only the products, the sequel to this shall have on how to go about doing the make-up.


The most important aspect of a flawless makeup is a flawless base, it makes 50% of the work done.

  1. Maybelline dream mousse liquid foundation, airbrush finish. This is one of the best foundations I came across recently. It photographs really well and covers up the blemishes of the face. If you have a fairly good skin, this would work wonders. Lakme Absolute foundation also has good reviews.
  2. Lotus Natural Blend 4 in 1 make-up stick, a good concealer and also acts as an excellent eye lid primer.
  3. The Maybelline BB Stick , it really makes the face glow, reduces pores and acts as a excellent base.
  4. To choose a primer, we have very few brands on budget on this category. You can use the Oriflame primer or the Coloressence one, both are decent. Else there is another way to create a smooth base, about which I shall discuss in my next post on this category.
  5. A good moisturizer, I find neutrogena oil free moisturizer really good or baby lotion.
  6. Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact.


To add that natural flush to the face, a must have in every bride’s vanity.

  1. Lakme Baked blushes from the Absolute Range. Also Colorbar blushes in shades “Peachy Rose” or ” Fuschia”. Otherwise Lakme regular blushes in shades “Rose Crushed” and “Just Ginger”
  2. Lakme Moonlit Highlighter for highlighting purpose.
  3. Colorbar Illuminating pen is really good, if you get this, it would be a steal.

Eye Shadows, Mascara and Kohl:

For those beautiful peepers 🙂

  1. Lakme Eye Quartet in “Desert Rose”, though some amount of fall out is there, still it is good. A palette purely for brides. Also Faces stackables or the single eye shadows. Also, Colorbar has some great singles like “expensive pink”, “spicy copper” etc.
  2. Maybelline Gel liner in “black”, one product and all your lining, tighting issues are sorted.
  3. Lakme eyeconic Kajal
  4. Colored eye pencils from Faces or Colorbar could be given a try if you are open to experimenting.
  5. Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara.
  6. An angled brush , Vega has a really good one. It helps in lining and filling out eyebrows.
  7. Lakme eyebrow pencil.


Here I have listed a combination of light abd dark shades. You could check out the swatches and then decide :).

  1. Maybelline Colorsenstional in “Pleasure Me Red“.
  2. Lakme Absolute in “Classic Rose”
  3. Colorbar Velevet matte lipstick in “hot hot hot”, “oh my magenta”.
  4. Lakme liplove lipstick in “aphrodite blush” or “rose kissed” for daily wear.
  5. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in “True red” or “Fuchsia”
  6. Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in “amethyst” and “iced coffee”
  7. Maybelline Colorsenational lipgloss in “hooked on pink” and “totally toffee”.
  8. Maybelline liquid diamonds lipgloss in clear or transparent.


Vega brush set and singles are quite good on a budget.

Hope this is helpful and gives some clues to brides on the look out for make=up on budget without compromising on quality. If you have furthur queries, do feel free to email me :).


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