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Jovees Ayurvedic De-Tan Scrub

I thought, it would not be a good beginning to my post, if It is not preceded with my due apology for being MIA( missing in action) for long. I hope you would forgive my sporadic way of post publishing… as I have re-located abroad and resultant uncertainties, have had their impact on my blog.

I hope you are patient and put up with me, until I try to steer my blog, back to its normal track 🙂

The Product: A ayurvedic de-tan scrub from Jovees.


The Look:  White and creamy with suspended granules.

The Aroma: Classic, little strong ayurvedic smell , not irksome .


My Take: Well it is very mild, yet strong enough to slough dead skin cell and for this attribute, I might end up using it forever. Well, a call for those who like mild scrubs! It does not irritate the skin and at the same time does its job well.

As for the de-tan effect, I cannot actually comment as, I expected it to be a great scrub and brightener. Also, I did not have any sun tan to begin with. It does have a polishing and brightening effect after its use though, and effectively removes superficial white and black heads, rendering a smooth and soft skin with a mild after glow.

Overall, a good scrub suited for all skin types including sensitive skin types. Also, it is very cheap In India and definitely worth a try.


Product Details :

Jovees Ayurvedic de-tan scrub is very special ayurvedic recipe and carefully processed so that the herb and precious natural ingredients do not lose its potency. It has high quality scrubbing granules that have been processed to make sure it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, helps remove tanning, stimulates skin micro circulation, and helps mitigate blemishes and superficial white and black heads. It shall give fair and radiant look to the skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Method of use : Moisten face and neck. Apply all over the face and neck. Massage gently with fingertips for 2-3 minutes. Leave on for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly and put dry.

Ingredients : Walnut Shell Powder, Wheatgerm Oil, Black Plum, Carrot Seed, Aloevera, Turmeric extract, Lemon Peel extract, Rose Petals extract.

Product Score: 4/5

Price: INR 145


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