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Jordana Blush “Bronze” Review and Swatches

So after a while, I am writing posting something 🙂 The review of a powder blush from brand “Jordana”. Its a US based brand, which is very much affordable and quality is in sync with the price. Not all of their products are good, but their blushes are commendable.  I got it from “cherryculture.com” .

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The Shade :  As  per the nomenclature, it is a bronze brown shade with gold micro glitters which are very fine and minute. This is best used as a bronzer 🙂

The Lasting: Lasts up to five hours and gradually wears off, which is very good deliverance for its price.

The Pigmentation: Awesome and decent. One swipe picks a considerable amount, so I advise to use it with light hands.

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My Experience: I am happy with this 🙂 . The pigmentation is sufficient and hence, it has to be applied with light strokes, else one might risk going over board. The color for its intensity, would suit dusky beauties beautifully and could be an ideal bronzer. Also, the golden micro granules lend a golden sheen to the skin. Though not a regular wear shade, but having it in your stash is definitely recommended.

I have reviewed another shade here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/03/28/jordana-powder-blush-in-sandalwood-review-and-swatch-21/

Price:  Around $2.49 from cherryculture, on sale

Summary: Recommended , it wont be a regret! One cannot wear this on a regular routine, but occasionally it could lend you a beautiful sum kissed look. I feel it is a must have when it comes to color, price , texture and quality.

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