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Faces Flat Eye Shader Brush Review

Faces is a Canadian Brand of cosmetics and skincare which had made its advent in the Indian market about two years back. It is one of the makers of affordable cosmetics without marring its quality. In post, I am talking about their flat Shader brush which I have been using since the brand’s launch in India.


The design: Conveniently designed, with the just right bristle thickness and its girth is perfect with a lightly pointed tip. Hence, it achieves the status of a multipurpose brush, one can use it to pat apply eye shadows, blend, and even do precise application. To add, it has the perfect handle length too.

The quality: Very good for the price. I have washed it so many times, but no shedding of bristles.



The Price: INR 90 two years back, I do not know its current price

Summary : Ideal brush for beginners and pros alike and if you do not wish to invest much on brushes. Very good quality and performance. It is one of my favorite brushes, I have two of these. This is even better than the Coastal Scents flat shader brush that I got with the Coastal Scents 12 piece brush set reviewed here.

Product Score: 5/5


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