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Before Planning A Child – Some important notes

 “Childbirth was probably easier for most women in early cultures, especially in hunter-gatherer societies, where everyone was accustomed to physical labor and supple and fit from daily activity.”

– SUZANNE ARMS, Immaculate Deception 

The reason, I am starting this article on the above note is a major concern among aspiring parents. The challenges which the advanced world holds, bars many couples from having children. Some voluntarily opt for the DINK policy which is “double income no kids” and while the other lot struggles to have one 🙂 . Life in its own way is a irony and a sublime fallacy. The generation has advanced, with its tide it has brought about a woman of career, a woman who exercises her rights and exploits her talents to reach new heights but she is still a woman who is biologically arched to be a mother. In an effort to put forward her personal best to manage every bits and pieces that come her way, STRESS seems to raise its monstrous head. Owing to it, many a times a woman finds herself unable to conceive. With everything such as career and finances put in place when motherhood gains the spotlight, conceiving becomes an issue.

So, here I want to discuss some vital aspects to be kept in mind prior to when one decides to take the plunge into parenthood.

  1.  Find a good gynecologist, though child birth is a very simple process but at times it can get critical, so the need for an experienced doctor increases.
  2. As per the doctor’s advice carry out the tests and advised medication. Usually folic acid tablets are advised.
  3. If you are obese or over weight, work on it first. Exercise and do yoga to achieve a ideal BMI. Usually over weight mothers give birth to low birth weight babies.
  4. Discuss with your doctor regarding any vaccines that need to be taken prior such as German measles and chicken pox. Vaccines cannot be given if one is already pregnant.
  5. Note each and every point which you feel is important and involve your husband in this activity. Discuss all these points with the doctor prior planning a baby.
  6. Cheerful parents have happy children. So try to be happy and stress free during this period. The couple needs to be happy and bond with each other.
  7. Read good books, join a gym and do all that is necessary to cut down stress levels. Stress plays havoc on your hormones.
  8. Completely avoid alcohol and smoking, this is for both the partners. Smoking and alcohol consumption is known to have detrimental effects on the fetus.  High alcohol intake by females is known to promote Fetal alcohol Syndrome in the fetus.
  9. Take nutritious food rich in iron, vitamins and good fats. These include spinach, pomegranate, soya beans, nuts, almonds, raisins and  fruits and vegetables. Also reduce the intake of sodium/salt as it tends to increase blood pressure.
  10. This is for working moms, pack lunch from home, it really helps. Discuss insurance and maternity policies with your Company HR. Also discussing  with your manager would smooth out the issues you have during the pre-natal and post-natal period.

Hope it comes of help :). All the best to you all aspiring parents.

Disclaimer: Before following the above tips, doctor’s opinion ought to be sought.


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