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Auravedic Pulpy Facewash with Neem and Tea- Tree Review

Auravedic is a botanical brand thats specializes in making cosmetics devoid of harmful chemicals like SLS, Colors, Parabens etc. I am impressed with this brand and it seems to deliver what it claims. I have reviewed two other products from this brand HERE and HERE.






The look: A green colored gel

The texture: It comes in a jelly form and a little amount can be worked up into a lather and then applied to face.

The smell: Nothing that Irks.

My Take: The facewash cleanses the skin with aplomb and would suit oily to combination skin types. It gives a squeaky clean feeling to the skin and reduces the occurrence of acne over time. Also, the skin looks brighter and glowing after its use.

It might have a drying effect on normal to dry skins, and it is better they stay away from it. Also, depending on the skin,  one might feel a urge to moisturize after its use. A very little amount. about the size of a pea drop works up a rich lather and cleanses very well. Over all, a thumbs up from me 🙂

Usage: Moisten face with water and gently massage a small amount of face wash in circular motions. Continue for approximately one minute and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES. Incase of eye contact rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Test a small amount on clean skin on forearm 24 hours prior to use.


  1. cleans very well
  2. reduces oilyness
  3. reduces blemishes
  4. fights acne
  5. keeps skin clear and glowing
  6. brightens the skin after use


  1. It is drying on skin, so not meant for ladies having dry skin type. Also, a follow up moisturizer is essential.


Price: INR 150

Product Score: 4/5



pr sample. honest review.


Aloe Veda Avocado Herbal Bodywash Review

Perfect for summers! Enriched with extracts of Avocado, Aloevera, Neem, Mint and Lemongrass , leaves the skin clean and invigorated after each shower.

So , I have written the summary first 🙂 , yes this is a very good and mild cleanser that has an energizing effect and imparts a sense of well being amidst the sultry summer season.






The Look: A pale pista green gel

The Smell: Fresh minty citrus aroma , I like it a lot. The smell is refreshing and has a mood lifting effect .

My Take: It lathers well, though the lather is less than that of The Body Shop shower gels, in a sense, we require a little more amount of shower gel to work up a good lather. I do not mind it really, for it  has a enlivening and refreshing effect on the skin and imparts a sense of pure well being. A great cleanser, that should suit all skin types and is a must have during the summer season. Highly recommended!


  1. Refreshing
  2. Great aroma
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Not drying on the skin
  5. Good for the summers
  6. Shall suit all skin types


  1. More quantity is required to work up a good lather
  2. Needs little care while traveling, as it has a press open cap, which might open and spill on application of pressure.

Price: INR 180 for 300ml

Product Score: 4/5




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