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Goodness of Coconut for the Skin – My Entry For Parachute Advanced Body Lotion (PABL) Bloggers Contest

Coconut has been the elixir of skin care since times immemorial. Evidences of usage of coconut oil for beauty have been found in historical documents and related archaeological studies. Hence, though  lives and times have changed, the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil have made it an indispensable part of skincare. Coconut is of use inside out in various spheres of life, especially the oil, milk and water for skincare and beauty.

image courtesy: google images. It is not mine.

image courtesy: google images. It is not mine.

Coconut oil, alone, or in conjunction with other herbs, supplies essential nutrients boosting the overall health of skin. Beginning with, I want to emphasize on its brightening and scar fading abilities. Application of coconut oil to wounds such as burns or cuts, help them heal fast without leaving scars. The oil has lightening effect on pigmented skin, when used regularly, pigmented areas lighten over a period of time, and hence they work wonders for acne scars too. Also, coconut oil has mild exfoliating properties, which act upon the epidermis, to manifest the spot fading effects. Consequently, coconut oil could be used in scrubs by mixing it with oatmeal, almond powder and milk. Regular scrubbing and application of coconut oil would definitely rescue a lack luster skin battling pigmentation.

Coconut oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which is supposed to have anti-oxidant properties with potential benefits against skin aging. Coconut oil mixed with almond oil and  sandalwood oil, works wonders for mature skin. It keeps the skin nourished,  minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

It hydrates our skin making it resilient to wear and tear. The moisturizing properties of coconut oil  soothe dry skin and cracked heels. My childhood saw my mother make a potion out of coconut oil, beeswax and turmeric, which she used as a body cream during winters and as foot cream too. This helped to keep her skin glowing during the harsh winters, not to mention the reason behind her smooth heels.  Coconut oil is a boon for dry chapped lips, it heals to make them soft and pink. It also helps to lighten pigmented lips, when used with lemon juice. So by now we have seen the lightening, anti-aging and moisturizing benefits of this wonder nut, called coconut.

The advertisement , explains how coconut oil makes the skin irresistibly soft and supple.

PABL deep nourish contains coconut milk and oil as active ingredients, that too on a budget. The illustration  above, cite the numerous benefits of coconut encompassing generations. So,  coconut in our skincare regimen could  give us ever lasting beautiful skin, which could be passed on to generations. We are blessed with beautiful skin at birth and the choice to keep it beautiful lies upon us.  With PABL, it is possible,  after all feeling and looking beautiful is every individuals right.


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