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Dove Damage Therapy – Daily Conditioner with Treatment

I have been using this conditioner plus treatment since last two months and to write the review of this has been lurking around in my mind for long.

First let me begin with its packaging,  in the sense that this was the very criteria that drew me towards this 🙂 . A total volume of 200ml comes in a large squeeze tube pack in blue and silver. I really liked the bright outer cover and since my existing conditioner was about to get over, I went forward and bought it. Also the concept of combining conditioner with treatment is quite innovative 🙂

The texture is thick, creamy and spreads easily. Detangles the hair and makes the hair soft and weightless during the wash.  The best aspect is it makes the hair shiny, soft , manageable and the effect lasts till three days after application :).  I apply this to my hair after shampooing and squeezing out the excess water and then gently massaging it on to the hair tips. Then, I wash it off after three minutes of application. This staying period of few minutes really seems to work better than washing it off immediately. I have tried both :). Also, its mentioned on the pack to leave it on for about three minutes before washing it off. The smell is typical of Dove products which I like, its not at all over bearing .

Price : INR 160.

Summary: It renders all the results that are expected of a conditioner :). Smoothens, softens, reduces frizz and dryness, also detangles the hair. The best part is the effect lasts for couple of days. As for the cons, contains paraben and silicone. Go for it if you do not want to spend a fortune on hair conditioner yet want convincing results.

Product Score: 4/5


Himalaya hair Detangler and Conditioner – Smooth Extreme

Whoa !! the tag – “Smooth Extreme”!!

A buy owing to necessity, I was on a short trip and forgot to carry my conditioner, So out of need I bought this from a roadside shop 😛 which had only this one.

I expected it to be decent if not very good, but all expectations fell flat. It left my hair coarse, rought and oh so wiry. I have normal hair without much issues, but this made my hair look really drab and shabby. My hair felt as if it has not been washed for weeks, even though I just washed it. It leaves some residue in my hair , which somehow did not wash off comepletely. It bore the same results again and again, I used it repeatedly to be sure of its results.

Its smells very much like himalaya shampoos and the texture is creamy, easy to apply and while washing the hair seems to get detangled. Its all eyewash, the actual effect surfaces after the hair dries up.

Summary: Better to avoid. Makes hair flat, coarse, dry and what not!

Product score: 1.5/5

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