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Sleek Contouring Kit – Medium Review

Along with the blush that I reviewed in my last post, I also bought this kit. The kit consists of a contouring compact powder and a highlighter. According to me, this is a must have from Sleek Makeup for its awesome texture and performance at a very nominal price. The quality of this can be compared to high end brands.



The Look: A compact case with the powders side by side , easy to carry , strong and sturdy packaging.

The Texture: Immensely smooth and not over bearing on the complexion.

The Pigmentation: Adequate, and can be used as per one’s wish. I advise usage with light hands, else it might appear like a mark left behind after a tight slap ๐Ÿ˜› , jokes apart, it is very good.

The Lasting: Good enough , lasted for about five hours on me without fading.



My Take: I love its texture and how I can build it up to my need and all the more, this was in my wish list for long :). I would suggest to use it with very light hands, else it would look harsh and artificial. Yes, It is very much pigmented. The highlighter has a very good texture and applies to a smooth and silky glow on the face. It is not gritty or chunky, and emanates a striking natural glow. Over all a must have if you are on the look out for a good quality contour powder on budget.

The shade “medium” is apt for skin dusky Olive skin tones . The contour powder is not too dark and this is the best thing I like about it and is a perfect match for most Indian complexions except very fair skin.

Price: $ 9.99 on Sleek’s website

Product Score: 5/5

And a picture with this……………..I just applied it sparingly with very light hands …..




A Small Sleek Haul

When I came to know that Sleek has a option of untracked shipment with nominal charges, I just couldn’t hold myself in and immediately placed my order. I had been lusting over their faceform for over a year, then finally odered their contour powder and a blush by three palette.

After a long ordeal of nearly two months, I received the stuffs I ordered. After, the miss of the first dispatch, Sleek Team asked me if I need a refund , I immediately ruled it out and asked for re-shipment. You know the feeling when we long for something for over a year and even after almost acquiring it, it is denied :). I amย  happy that, I asked for resending it to me, this time they sent it via tracked shipping option and I could see the status of my order everyday.

I ordered the following….

  1. Contouring Kit in “Medium”
  2. Blush by 3 palette in “Lace”

I am extremely happy by the product quality , the only con is the availability and uncertain shipping method.

The pictures for you to devour ……… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚




Make-Up Bits and Bytes : Highlights and Contours

What for are highlights and contours actually? I seemed to have asked this question to myself quite sometime , when I was a make-up novice ๐Ÿ™‚ Gradually I came to know that, highlights and contours are basically enhancers and also they can be done away with in daily make-up situations.


Highlighting and contouring lends a three dimensional effect to the whole make-up canvas rather than making it look flat. Also, some lighting situations can make the make-up fall flat, this is when the highlights and contours come to rescue. Highlights are basically applied to those areas of the face where the make-up artist wants to stand out and contours are applied to the areas of the face where the make-up artist wants to shade it back. With Proper blending the highlighting and contouring can lend a beautiful flawless look, without the make-up being visible. It is always advised to either highlight or contour at one time, as because, if you imagine that a lighter shade is applied on the high of the cheekbones, it automatically shadows the contours of the face and vice-versa.ย  Also, it is very important to figure out where the light falls on the face as well the naturally shadowed areas.

The correct use of colors for highlights and contours are important. If the highlight is applied with a heavy hand or if the shade is too light, then the make-up finish would appear harsh and over done. Highlight shades in off-white, cream, gold, yellow or pink works across various skin tones. The usage of pure white color as a highlight is discouraged as it appears too harsh. Similarly, one should not use pure black to contour.ย  Good colors for contouring are brownish pinks, reds, oranges etc , basically the shades which are little bit darker than the skin worked upon.

So, with this little knowledge on highlights and contours, to make them work magically the art of blending works like magic. Blending basically refers to the art of applying make-up seamlessly without any harsh lines or edges visible. It is always advised to blend from light to dark areasย  for a seamless effect.

Blend ………..Blend…. ………..Blend ! is the mantra to achieve aย  flawless finish to any make-up.

So dear friends, share your inputs on my attempt to explain the art of make-up ๐Ÿ™‚

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