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An Attempt at Cut Crease Eye Makeup – Bronze Gold with Black

A look which I did after ages . I am currently having lot of issues with my laptop, the important keys like “a”, “l”, “s” etc are not working and I am really having a difficult time battling those. Whenever I get my hubby’s laptop free, I try to blog or browse the net. Though I browse with my mobile, but I do not find it handy when typing or writing long posts are concerned. Hope you understand 🙂 . Anyways, let us go ahead with the look.

I tried doing the cut-crease eye makeup, which is having extra defined crease. The demarcation should be visible. Please have a look and do give in your inputs on this.

Things Used:

  1. Coastal Scents hotpot called “amber bronze”
  2. Jordana Matte black ES called “total blackout”
  3. Maybelline gel liner in black
  4. Essence multiaction mascara

Here are the snaps of the look 🙂 Hope you like it !




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