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First Impressions: Smile Brilliiant – Teeth Whitening System

Smile ! the word in itself lights up our hearts and has enough vitality to wade away any misery ! Smile , a gift bestowed upon us , to steer us through time, or any situation ! A simple word with infinite implications, a word that strikes chord universally 🙂

So let us dedicate a moment to light ourselves up and smile 🙂

All toothy grins !

So, words apart, I am here to elaborate and blog about my first impressions on this brand called ” Smile Brilliant ” , which makes teeth whitening systems devoid of high cost and at the same time claims to deliver on quality too.

I have been given a Teeth Whitening Tray by the Company, which is based in St. Louis In the United States, for trial and review.  This post is only a introductory post to my review process and once I complete the procedure, I shall blog about my experience in a sequel post.


SmileBrilliant! is a United States based dental lab designed to help their customers receive professional strength teeth whitening without ever visiting a dentist!



The website:  http://www.smilebrilliant.com/

Description as on Facebook Page :

“Our lab was specifically created to curb the high cost of cosmetic teeth whitening that is charged at dental offices around the world. SmileBrilliant! has grown to service thousands of clients each year. Our lab creates custom-fitted bleaching trays and professional strength bleaching gel. Many people are surprised to discover that it is actually the dental labs like us that do the work for many dentists (making the custom fitted trays and supplying the bleaching gel) for top cosmetic dentists who resell our work to their clients. We were determined to develop our process to cut out the ‘middle man’ and allow clients to have their teeth professionally whitened lab-direct with no dentist visit.Our clients can trust our lab-direct professional teeth whitening service to deliver dramatic results at the very best price, worldwide. We truly believe that if you become our customer – then we’ll have you, your family and friends as clients for life! By doing so we’ll have a solid, reputable business that will grow to be the largest of its kind. So go ahead and become our next teeth whitening client. We believe that you’ll be satisfied with your decision!”


I have attached few pictures of the Kit …. Curious ?? Yes,  even me 🙂 …
Love …

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