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Jovees Revitalizing Avocado Night Cream Review

The Skin has its own cycle of renewal and rejuvenation and it is at its peak at night. So, a skin care regimen before sleeping at night is imperative for the skin. Regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing at night before sleeping is the key to a healthy skin, though the products have to be chosen as per one’s skin type. I advise all women over 25 to include a night cream in her beauty regimen, it helps the skin regenerate and pucker up after a hard day. Also, it helps in moisture replenishment and regeneration of new cells.

Today, I am going to review a night cream from Jovees, which I have been using for past four months.






The Look: White cream, somewhat stiff. I would have preferred it more creamier and little bit soft in texture. It is very stiff and is hard to blend it into the skin.

The Smell: Nice herbal smell , gentle and soothing.

My Take: I use it daily at night before retiring to bed, after cleansing and toning. The cream is somewhat stiff in texture, and  requires some time to sink into the skin, after being absorbed, the skin feels soft, moist and the effect lasts till morning. It does the job of moisturizing effectively and did not cause any breakouts on me.

Summary: Overall a decent night cream. It should suit normal to dry skin types. Oily skinned women should stay away  from it, as it might cause clogged pores. If you want a good moisturizing night cream , then go for it.

Product Score: 3.5/5

Price: INR 195 for 50 gms




Chicco BabyMoments Rich Cream Review

Chicco is a well known name in the world of baby care and I am a avid lover of products from this brand. I use their body lotion, cream and baby wash for my son and it has always made me and my kid happy 🙂 . I would suggest this brand to all mothers to use it for their little angels.







The Look : A very thick cream which requires some effort to blend in.

The Smell: Very very mild.

My Take: Impeccable ! Highly Recommended for use on younger kids, especially newborns. The cream is highly moisturizing and stays on the skin for the whole day. It can be used as a facial cream or as a body cream, in case of severe dry skin conditions. It did not have any adverse reactions on my son’s skin and we are happy with it. Also, it can be used by adults who have dry skin, it would definitely alleviate the dryness.

Price: INR180

Product Score: 4.5/5





Oilatum Lotion for Dry Skin Review

I am reeling under a phase wherein, I feel uninspired to blog and I literally force myself to write. I have been using this lotion on and off for the past five years. I used it on my kid during the winter months for its intense moisturizing properties.



The Look: A white creamy liquid

The Texture: It is light yet hydrating , gets absorbed in the skin almost immediately.

The Smell: Nothing overbearing.


My Take: This is an absolute remedy to very dry skin and other related skin conditions. Also, it is recommended by dermatologists in case of many dry skin conditions, and also, it is safe for use on children too. It effectively peels away the dry skin and reveals smoother skin. Last winter season, I even used it on my oily skin at times, when it felt dry and stretchy. It did not break my skin out and my skin felt soothed and calm.

I absolutely recommended it to all dry skinned ladies and also, it is a safe on baby’s skin and combats dry skin conditions effectively. I advice to use it after consulting a doctor, in case if you want to use it on your child’s skin. People with oily should exercise caution before using this.


Price: INR 183 for 100ml

Product Score: 4.5/5




Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Review

Cetaphil is an offering from a Swiss Company called “Galderma”, which has really done a break through in skincare. I have tried their cleansing lotion reviewed here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/09/28/cetaphil-cleansing-lotion-for-sensitive-skin/  . Cetaphil is easily available across medicine shops in the nation. Today I am reviewing the moisturizing cream which could be a HG cream for all dry skinned ladies out there.

The Look and Texture : Its a thick cream which is not tight in texture, its soft and easily blend able. It sinks in to the skin and keeps it deeply moisturized.

The Aroma:  It does not have any smell,  which is a real positive aspect.

My Experience: My facial skin type is oily-combination, so I have not used it on my face. I use this as a body moisturizer, on days when my skin feels dry and flaky and it really makes my skin feel calm and quenched. Also, this was recommended to my baby by his doctor when he got a certain type of rash called “Pytiriasis Roscea” , which is a extreme dry skin condition sometimes affecting kids, few weeks after a viral fever. It used to soothe his skin and relieve the itching caused due to dry skin.  Also, It is used by both my mother an MIL, who have extreme dry skin and find it really good on their skin. It keeps the skin soft, supple and hydrated to perfection without breaking out the skin.

Also good for babies as a general cream , especially if they have dry skin.

Price: INR 230

Summary: Highly recommended to people with extremely dry skin. Also good for babies.

Product Score: 5/5


Derma dew Aloe cream Review

The climate here in Bangalore tends to be dry with very low humidity, So at times I need a quenching moisturizer in spite of having oily-combination skin. This was actually recommended to my baby by his doctor about two years back 🙂 . I thought of trying it out and have been using it before sleeping from time to time as per my urge to moisturize

It a moisturizing cream with aloe vera ext. being the key ingredient. I have been using it for quite sometime now, it effectively moisturizes my skin and when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels hydrated and soft. Also, it never  broke me out. It doesn’t clog the pores and also does not make the skin oily or sticky. Also its good for dry skinned people, though it might not as moisturizing as Cetaphil cream, the review of which is coming up soon :). I also used it as a body moisturizer for my baby and its definitely better than J&J cream. It keeps the baby’s skin soft and hydrated.

This is how it looks after massaging

Price: I think INR 120 for 50 ml, it was on the outer carton which I threw away 😛

Summary: Good moisturizer, suits my oily skin and never broke me out. Also it does not clog the pores or makes skin sticky/oily. Also, ideal for babies. I did not find any cons except that it has dimethicone, a silicone oil and parabens.

Product Score: 4/5

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