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Loreal SuperLiner Gelmatic “Glamor Gold” Review and Swatches

Gold, a color that complements the Indian Complexion beautifully and can be worn to most occasions and any time of the day. This is a part of the Loreal Cannes Collection 2014 launched few months back.




The Color: A antique gold with bronze undertones.



The lasting: Lasted for five  hours on my primed eye lids. I would advise to apply it over primed eye lids, else the color would not show up well. I wish it were more yellow , to show up on olive skins.

The Pigmentation: It is decently pigmented, could have been better though.

The texture: The pencil is quite stiff and it not so soft, which makes it break resistant. The stiff texture makes the application little tough, so it requires patience and time to show better results. This might be because it has a gel like texture and hence could not be made more soft like other pencils.

The packaging: Impeccable! It comes with a sharpener at the back,  in a twist up form.

Summary: A decent eye pencil. It is not so soft and hence would not break easily unless tough pressure is applied. The pigmentation and lasting could have been better.

Price: INR 425

Product Score: 3.5/5


PR sample. Honest Review.







The Body Shop Camomile Eye and Lip Make-up Remover Review

If you are a make-up lover, make-up remover is something that is indispensable for you. The importance of proper make-up remover cannot be emphasized more and it should be delved into a habit to remove all the make-up before you sleep. A beautiful make-up needs a decent canvas , and make-up removal helps us to achieve it. Nothing can do more harm to the skin, than to sleep with the make-up on, resulting in acne and other kinds of blemishes.



The Look: The make-up remover is bi-phased with a optimum mix of oil and water.

How to use: It has to be shaken well before use and then poured on cotton wool and wiped all over the face. Though it is a eye and lips make-up remover, I have used it all over my face and loved it.

My Take: It removes all traces of make up, even waterproof ones, as claimed. Also, it is mild on the face and doesn’t result in allergy or reaction on the skin. I always use it with a cotton wool and wipe off the entire face with it. Also, after that I cleanse with my Cetaphil lotion for sensitive skin and then with face wash.

It is gentle for use on the eyes and doesn’t sting my eyes. A good makeup remover that is available in India.

Price: INR 650

Product Score: 4.5/5


Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara Review

This is one of the inexpensive products from Maybelline, which does what it claims . I got this along with the Christmas Gift Box that Maybelline had sent last month. I am reviewing the washable version, a water-proof version of the same is also available.



My Take : So, as it is named, it effectively curls and adds volume to the lashes at one go, which I feel is decent from a product which is priced reasonably. The effect is not very dramatic like the Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara, but not bad either. Also it lasts quite long for about five hours maintaining the lift , I am quite satisfied with it.  The con I feel is that it has to be layered at least twice to get the desired effect, but it doesn’t make the lashes look clumped up. Also, the curved brush applicator helps in curling and lifting the lashes.

I would suggest it to girls who want a good mascara on budget. Also, a great option for college going girls. A thumbs up from me !

Price: INR 200

Product Score: 4/5

Product sent by brand, but the review is honest.


A look using four eye shadows , tutorial and fotd

A look after ages , I guess … I have been feeling uninspired and bored to do tutorials/looks off late, the reason being a busy schedule and the resultant lethargy 🙂 Finally, I managed to shake it off and do what I usually enjoy doing …. A Look !!

So, I have used four eye shadows here, Teal, Grey, Lavender Violet and Vanilla yellow.

The Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Pat some teal ES on the inner half of the lid using a flat shader brush
  2. Then, make a V- shape on the outer corner with the grey ES,using a crease brush and extend inwards towards the teal and blend.
  3. Now, take some violet ES with a detail brush and apply along the lower lash line.
  4. Then, pat some vanilla ES on the inner corner and on top of the eye-ball on the lid
  5. Blend and tight-line the eyes
  6. Finally, mascara and you are done




Some more finished close-ups of the eye make-up…




Now the finished pics……….

I have used NYX blush “mocha” and Maybelline “MAT3” from bold matte range, on lips..









Eye Lining Contest : Entry 18

So here goes the eighteenth entry :)

To participate, Click HERE 


Products Used: 


1. Stargazer eyeliner in pink
2. Green colour From Sleek i-divine The original Palette(used over the eyelid and lower lashline)
3. w7 Lashtastic false liquid lashes Mascara
4. Mac Select Cover-up concealer
Angelic look  🙂 thanks for your enthusiasm regarding the contest 🙂

Eye Lining Contest : Entry 17

So here goes the seventeenth entry :)

To participate, Click HERE 


Products Used: 

  1. I created a custom yellow eyeliner by mixing Inglot DS 474 (a bright yellow with golden shimmer) with Inglot’s duraline.
  2. Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black
  3. Lakme Absolute shine line

Agni says………………….

“I am liking this contest so much only because I’m getting to explore my creative side a bit..I’m usually very conservative in my eye lining styles and it’s mostly a pencil for me but for this contest on your blog, I’m using gel and liquid liners too , and today I created a custom yellow eyeliner by mixing Inglot DS 474 (a bright yellow with golden shimmer) with Inglot’s duraline.”

Eyelining Contest fro Tanmayee's Blog


…………. And I must say, I am really impressed and motivated………


Prom Night Look With Maybelline Newyork Products

I am “Back To college” with Maybelline!!  excited to do this look!

In association with Maybelline India, using three of their essential products, I have conjured up a look apt to suit the fun filled evening events in your college. This look is best worn to events held in the evening like Food Fests, Cultural Nights, Band Concerts etc.


The Essential Maybelline Products Used:

  1. Maybelline BB Cream in shade “nude”
  2. Maybelline Colossal Kajal
  3. Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in “Pink Lolita”

Look Breakdown :

  1. Prepared my face after cleansing with a light moisturizer, you can use the one you use regularly.
  2. Then Applied the BB cream with dots all over my face and blended it well.
  3. Lined my eyes with the Colossal Kajal, on the upper eyelid in a thick winged-out manner and then smudged it with a flat eye shadow brush. Also, applied the kohl on the lower water line. I have not used mascara on my eyes.
  4. Finished off with the Baby Lips balm on lips


Here are the pictures of the complete look 🙂 Hope you have fun doing this.




P.S. The above mentioned products are sent by Maybelline India for doing the look.


Eye Lining Contest : Entry 15

So here goes the fifteenth entry :)

To participate, Click HERE 


Products Used:

  1. Medium brown eye shadow for a wash of color
  2. Maybelline gel eyeliner
  3. Rimmel Curve mascara

eye liner style

I like the neatness of this look Niesha 🙂 Simple and striking !



Eye Lining Contest : Entry 14

So here goes the fourteenth entry :)

To participate, Click HERE 


Products Used: 

  1. Maybelline gel liner
  2. Rimmel mascara
  3. Cobalt Blue matte eyeshadow from 120 e/s palette
  4. Lakme eye artist eyeliner

eyeliner styles



A really pretty and gorgeous look Niesha 🙂 loved it ….its so so very beautiful 🙂


Maybelline Color Tattoo “Bad to the Bronze” Review and Swatches, FOTD

True to the name, these cream eye shadows does get tattooed on to your skin. I really had a tough time taking it off, and ultimately had to use a make up remover. These are must have and there is a shade to suit everyone’s taste. I have two from this range and love them to the “T”. Read my review of the shade “fierce and tangy” here.



The Color: A bronze taupe, shall suit across complexions and occasions. A must have from this range.

The texture and pigmentation: Awesome ! It is very smooth and silky and is best applied with the tip of index finger. I find the finish of this particular shade smoother than the orange one. It is insanely pigmented and can be built up according to ones taste. A total value for money, Maybelline has nailed it!

The lasting: Stayed on me without budging for eight hours 🙂 Though I have not worn it for 24 hours, but, it is quite long lasting.




My Verdict: I am very much happy with these color tattoos 🙂 They are  cheap, long lasting, easy to use and great for beginners, as they apply best with fingertips. One should own at least oneof these. This in particular is versatile and a must have for all. The only issue I find with this is that it has to be blended with quick hands else it dries up very fast.

The shade “bad to the bronze” is my most reached out eye shadow shade whenever I am in a hurry 🙂 A great shade, which would complement western wear and Indian ethnic wear equally.

Price: INR 350

Product Score: 4.5/5

And this is how it looks on me 🙂 I have applied it all over the eyelid and finished off with kohl and mascara.




Participate in the ongoing contest/giveaway HERE


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