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Loreal SuperLiner Gelmatic “Glamor Gold” Review and Swatches

Gold, a color that complements the Indian Complexion beautifully and can be worn to most occasions and any time of the day. This is a part of the Loreal Cannes Collection 2014 launched few months back.




The Color: A antique gold with bronze undertones.



The lasting: Lasted for five  hours on my primed eye lids. I would advise to apply it over primed eye lids, else the color would not show up well. I wish it were more yellow , to show up on olive skins.

The Pigmentation: It is decently pigmented, could have been better though.

The texture: The pencil is quite stiff and it not so soft, which makes it break resistant. The stiff texture makes the application little tough, so it requires patience and time to show better results. This might be because it has a gel like texture and hence could not be made more soft like other pencils.

The packaging: Impeccable! It comes with a sharpener at the back,  in a twist up form.

Summary: A decent eye pencil. It is not so soft and hence would not break easily unless tough pressure is applied. The pigmentation and lasting could have been better.

Price: INR 425

Product Score: 3.5/5


PR sample. Honest Review.







Oriflame Kohl Pencil “Nude” Swatches, Review

It is an established beauty fact that a nude/ white pencil on the waterline makes the eyes look bigger and we all agree to that ?? Don’t we??

But ,….. according to me rather than using a stark white pencil , a pinkish nude pencil or beige or something like powder pink works better on the water line. It blends with our complexion and makes it appear natural. So, I thought of cashing on this nude pencil 🙂


The Shade: A light nude which tends towards flesh tones.

The pigmentation: Decent and great for a nude kohl to be used on the waterline. It is worth buying if you are searching for one.

The lasting : Good , lasts for good four hours.

The texture: Very smooth and glides on easily and doesn’t appear rough or tug while applying.





Price: INR 129 on offer

Summary: If you are on the look out for a ideal nude kohl , grab this and also, it is easy on pocket without straining our need for good quality.

Product Score: 4/5


Manhattan Cosmetics Eye liner pencil Review and Swatches

Most of you might not have heard the name of this brand, this is quite famous in Germany. I happened to buy them while I was there. The usp of these brands like essence, P2, Manhattan is that they make decent products with a decent price tag.

The color: Its a turquoise blue with finely embedded blue shimmers.

The texture: Very soft and easy to apply, glides on smoothely without application of much pressure.

The pigmentation: Its decently pigmented and gives above average payoff color in one swipe, though I feel I could have been better.

The Lasting : Well it lasts about 6 to 7 hours on primed lids and 3 hours on unprimed lids.

My say : I like the packaging and ease of use. Its soft and does not tug the eye lids and glides smoothly. I use it whenever I am on the go, The pigmentation is above average, though not the best. One can always build it up. Good budget buy.  Its dirt cheap and for the price, I do not mind the pigmentation as it can be built up nice with two swipes.

Price: Euro 1.95 or INR 135

Summary: Good budget buy, you would not regret, though the pigmentation could have been better.

Product Score: 3.5/5






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