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Loreal SuperLiner Gelmatic “Glamor Gold” Review and Swatches

Gold, a color that complements the Indian Complexion beautifully and can be worn to most occasions and any time of the day. This is a part of the Loreal Cannes Collection 2014 launched few months back.




The Color: A antique gold with bronze undertones.



The lasting: Lasted for five  hours on my primed eye lids. I would advise to apply it over primed eye lids, else the color would not show up well. I wish it were more yellow , to show up on olive skins.

The Pigmentation: It is decently pigmented, could have been better though.

The texture: The pencil is quite stiff and it not so soft, which makes it break resistant. The stiff texture makes the application little tough, so it requires patience and time to show better results. This might be because it has a gel like texture and hence could not be made more soft like other pencils.

The packaging: Impeccable! It comes with a sharpener at the back,  in a twist up form.

Summary: A decent eye pencil. It is not so soft and hence would not break easily unless tough pressure is applied. The pigmentation and lasting could have been better.

Price: INR 425

Product Score: 3.5/5


PR sample. Honest Review.







Maybelline Colossal Kajal “Turquoise” Review, Swatches and Look

I received this about ten days back, but sorry for being late in posting, owing to health issues. This is the latest offering from Maybelline, which is famous for its innovative new launches in the beauty bazaar 🙂 and is no less pretty than the original colossal kajal. The color is striking yet wearable with exquisite quality and performance.



The Look : A pure turquoise blue colored kajal, that makes the eyes look dreamy and beautiful.

The Pigmentation, Lasting and texture: It has a very soft texture and glides smoothly without being harsh on the lids and the pigmentation is noteworthy, and goes fully opaque in about two swipes. It needs to be applied with light hands, as the kajal is very soft and too much pressure might break it. It lasted easily on me without smudging for about six hours on my primed eye lids.

My Take: I wear contact lenses and the kajal did not irritate my eyes at all, though I did not wear it on my water line. The color is really beautiful and would flatter medium complexions the most, I feel :). It might seem loo loud, but when I wear it it looks really pretty on my eyes and I can wear it all day through. A must have for me, and can be used to create various looks like, it can be applied all over the lid smudged to make it appear like an eye shadow.

Highly Recommended ! A versatile product, which can be used as a liner and eye shadow as well. The color should suit all complexions, but would flatter medium complexioned beauties the most.


  1. Pretty color
  2. Lasts long
  3. Doesn’t smudge for long, when applied on primed eyes
  4. Non- Irritating
  5. Smooth texture
  6. Decently pigmented


  1. Only one, that it is soft in texture and has to be applied with light hands to ensure that it does not break.




Eye Make-up : I have lined my eyes with the turquoise kohl and then tight-lined with the black colossal kajal. So, It is a COLOSSAL SHOW !


I have worn it with MAC Crosswires lipstick and Sleek Blush By 3 “lace” , the blush name is “guipure” from the palette. The foundation is MAC studio Fix Powder over Maybelline BB cream.



Price: INR 250

Product Score: 4/5



Pr Sample. honest review.


Make-Up Bits and Bytes : Eye-Shadows and Their Types

I shall emphasize on the various types of eye shadows available in the market in this post. Eye Shadows are color pigments applied to accentuate the eyes, and also try to cover imperfections if any, so we have various types of application processes when it comes to eye shadows based on the shape and appearance of eyes.

I shall do a separate post on eye make-up application.


Cream Eye-Shadows: Cream eye shadows can be used all by itself or in conjunction with other eye shadows. They can be used as all over base to intensify the make-up look and also, to make it last longer. They might come packed in tubs, pots, tubes etc. Cream eye shadows can have a dewy, glossy or frosty appearance. Mostly, cream eye shadows come in water resistant formulations.

Cream to Powder: They are basically creamy and turn to dry finish moments after application.

Gel: They are packed in glass pots and can be used as a liner as well as a base. They tend to dry quickly, glide easily and are long lasting. Often, they are used as based in intense smoky eye looks. They also come as eye glosses, which are in gel formulations and lend a wet appearance to eye shadows.

Liquid: They are thick liquid in consistency and come with attached wand or brush for application in a tube.

Loose Powders: They are high in color pigment concentration and can be used wet or dry. They tend to be messy and it is advised to do the eye make-up before the application of face make-up to ensure a neat look.

Pencils or Pens: They are highly pigmented with frosty or sheer finish. They might be water-proof, and come in a pencil form and need sharpen



Jovees Eye Contour Cream Review

When it comes to skincare on budget, the first name that comes to me is “Jovees”, I have tried most of their products and only few have disappointed me. Something about eye creams, they ought to be an essential component of our skincare regimen and it cannot be undermined that, eyes reflect the primitive signs of aging. I have been using an under eye cream since last seven years as a preventive measure. I do not have dark circles or under eye puffiness and use the cream as a preventive and maintenance measure.



Please refer the below picture for the product claims……….

The Claims

The Claims

The Look: Light creamy moderately thick cream.


The Texture and Feel: It is very light in feel and texture and doesn’t irritate my eyes at least. Only a little drop from the nozzle is enough for both eye sockets.

The Smell: Light and not bothersome

My Take: I use very little amount, which can be seen on the swatch on my ring finger tips and massage gently around the eyes. Though it is advised for application twice a day, I use it only at night before sleeping. It has a cooling effect and the eye area feels soothed. Also, the cream keeps the skin around the eyes smooth and hydrated. I am liking it and also it is very easy to use and carry as the nozzle shaped tip ensures hygiene and less product wastage. It comes inside an outer carton. So, Have you tried this? Do share your inputs on the same .

Summary: I absolutely recommend it, especially to people who do not have any major issues with the under eye area. My review is limited and I cannot comment on its efficacy in case of dark circles or puffiness, as I do not have these issues. The price is on the lower side and I guess, there should be no harm in trying it once 🙂

Price:  INR 165

Product Score: 4/5


Loreal Kajal Magique Review and Swatches – Supreme Black

I am rather late in reviewing this 🙂 The beauty market has seen the advent of quite a few kohls of late and this is brought to you by Loreal, which claims to be smudge proof, water proof and have greater lasting power.

More Info : http://www.lorealparis.co.in/cosmetics/eyes/kajal_magique/kajal-magique.aspx




The Shade: Black

The packaging and application: I am impressed, very attractive and fuss free application.

The Texture: Very soft and smooth, glides like butter.

The Pigmentation : Actually the pigmentation could have been better and more intense. It needs building up for up to three swipes, and after built up it looks intense and black.

The Lasting: It lasted for up to four hours on my primed lids, and smudged quite a bit. I feel it would not last much on oily lids and during the summer season.



In the above picture, I have applied the kajal on my eyes and also have no mascara on. Actually, I forgot 🙂

My Take: I am very much happy with the packaging , it enables a fuss free precise application and would recommend it to those who prefer their kajal to appear more natural.  It lends a natural look to the eyes and in a way I feel my eyes look softer and elegant. I wear it on those days , when I do not require it to last very long and do not want to look made-up. Also it is  very easy to take off. I would have been happier if it lasted longer and had been more pigmented.


  1. smooth texture
  2. fuss free application and doesn’t tug or pull
  3. glides smoothly
  4. non irritating
  5. Easy to remove
  6. Looks very natural, best aspect 🙂


  1. Could have been more pigmented
  2. Lasting could have been longer

Price: INR 245

Product Score: 3.5/5

Product sent by brand but review is honest to my experience.


Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara Review

This is one of the inexpensive products from Maybelline, which does what it claims . I got this along with the Christmas Gift Box that Maybelline had sent last month. I am reviewing the washable version, a water-proof version of the same is also available.



My Take : So, as it is named, it effectively curls and adds volume to the lashes at one go, which I feel is decent from a product which is priced reasonably. The effect is not very dramatic like the Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara, but not bad either. Also it lasts quite long for about five hours maintaining the lift , I am quite satisfied with it.  The con I feel is that it has to be layered at least twice to get the desired effect, but it doesn’t make the lashes look clumped up. Also, the curved brush applicator helps in curling and lifting the lashes.

I would suggest it to girls who want a good mascara on budget. Also, a great option for college going girls. A thumbs up from me !

Price: INR 200

Product Score: 4/5

Product sent by brand, but the review is honest.


A look using four eye shadows , tutorial and fotd

A look after ages , I guess … I have been feeling uninspired and bored to do tutorials/looks off late, the reason being a busy schedule and the resultant lethargy 🙂 Finally, I managed to shake it off and do what I usually enjoy doing …. A Look !!

So, I have used four eye shadows here, Teal, Grey, Lavender Violet and Vanilla yellow.

The Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Pat some teal ES on the inner half of the lid using a flat shader brush
  2. Then, make a V- shape on the outer corner with the grey ES,using a crease brush and extend inwards towards the teal and blend.
  3. Now, take some violet ES with a detail brush and apply along the lower lash line.
  4. Then, pat some vanilla ES on the inner corner and on top of the eye-ball on the lid
  5. Blend and tight-line the eyes
  6. Finally, mascara and you are done




Some more finished close-ups of the eye make-up…




Now the finished pics……….

I have used NYX blush “mocha” and Maybelline “MAT3” from bold matte range, on lips..









What I Wore On The First Day Of the Pujas

When you are mother to a very naughty three year old, it really gets difficult to wear a saree and manage it for long hours. This is what happened to me on the first day of Durga Puja, that is Sapthami. I chose to wear a “Assam silk” saree, which hails from the North Eastern state of Assam. Since, I spent my formative years in the NE, it holds a special place in my heart. Assam silk sarees ooze class, and the whole plethora of colors it is available in would leave one drooling 🙂 . I aspire to own  these in every possible color available.

I am wearing Mac “Ruby Woo” on lips and used a combination of taupe, gold and deep brown on my eyes. I skipped the liner, and used lots of mascara and kohl on the waterline.


The Make-Up Brushes, I Generally Use

I have been thinking about doing a post on makeup brushes since quite a while . These brushes are collected over a period of time. I was not much into eye make up until I started my blog, but even then I  had a few eye make up brushes, all of which are about a year old.  All of my brushes are bought singly, at random shopping escapades and I do aspire to order a sigma brush set or a Coastal Scents one soon :).

1. The Foundation Brush : The brush I use is a basic liquid foundation brush from a brand called “Ebelin”, bought from Germany. Its a pretty decent brush, with soft bristles, which help in smooth blending of liquid foundation. Also, its washable and I have washed it many times without any loss of bristles. I took its snap after washing, so the pic look bit weird.

2. The Blush Brush : The blush brush I am using is from Dubai, a brand called “Editors Picks”, Its pretty decent, helps in applying the blush effortlessly and also picks up very little amount so that I do not go overboard.  Sorry, its looking dirty with all the blush on it 😦

3. The Eye Brushes : The first two brushes from the left are flat shader brushes. The first one is from Faces and the second is from a German brand called “For your Beauty”. I own two flat shader brushes from Faces.

I love both of them, very convenient and easy to use. The third brush, that is the tallest one here, is a blending brush from Oriflame, which is not that good, it has a very long handle, which I find difficult to use. The Purple brush is a crease brush from Essence which I adore, very useful for smokey eye looks.

4. The Angled eye brush and the lip brush : Both the brushes are from Vega. They are good for beginners actually. I do not like the lip brush much as it feels very hard on the lips. The angled brush is decent as per the price its comes for though some of the bristles get disintegrated with use.

Do share your thoughts on your favourite brushes ! Hope you liked reading my post 🙂

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