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Maybelline Colossal Kajal NEW – 12 hour formula Review and Swatches

Well, it is a co-incidence that I see myself reviewing the same product back to back 🙂 . The last post saw me reviewing the regular Colossal Kajal, which I have been using for past two years and in this post, I am reviewing the all new Colossal Kajal, which claims to last for 12 hours.



The Product: The New Maybelline Colossal Kajal

The Packaging: Usual twist up stick , easy to use and no need to sharpen.

The Color: Very black and If I compare it with the older version, this is little more black.

The Pigmentation, Texture and finish: It is much softer and smoother than the older one, the finish is creamier which makes it look more intense and black.

The Lasting: Lasts for about five hours on my eyes without budging and then gradually fades away. Although, It doesn’t last for twelve hours as it claims, it doesn’t matter to me because it is an excellent kohl at a great price.



My Take: I am a ardent fan of the Colossal Kajal, for you can see it if you have read my previous post 🙂 . The new version is softer, smoother and more intense than the old kajal. Also, it glides on smoothly and applies dark to give a more feminine finish. The not so good factor is it tends to smudge slightly after few hours of wear, unlike the older version. This might be because the texture is softer and smoother than the earlier version.

Moreover, the price is great and would be an attractive bet for college goers and beauties on a budget. I absolutely recommend it!

So, far I am loving it and wearing it everyday 🙂


  1. Smooth texture
  2. Ease of application
  3. Intense pigmentation
  4. Give a dark and feminine look
  5. Easy on pocket
  6. Decently long wearing


  1. Tends to smudge slightly after few hours of wear

This is how it looks on my eyes ………..



Price: INR 175

Product Score: 4/5

Summary: A must have kajal especially if you are on a budget. The texture, finish and pigmentation is great and it doesn’t irritate the eyes. It lasts fairly good enough  , upto 6 hours , though not twelve hours as it claims. This should not deter one from this because, the quality is great for the price and it is comparable to high end kohls in the market.

Product sent by brand but its an honest review.


VOV Liquid Liner Waterproof Review

You Know the price of this ?? errrr…………. dirt cheap ! INR 85 only and all the more you would be surprised by its pigmentation, lasting and over all performance.




My Take: I am not a fan of liquid liners, as I find them difficult to apply and also, for the harsh look the lend to the eyes. This one impressed me by its super fine applicator wand. The tip is really fine and enables a flawless application. It has great pigmentation and lasting ability 🙂 So, if you are looking for a decent budget eye liner , go grab this. I would say this is far better than the Lakme or Maybelline liquid liners.

It is easily available in small fancy stores.







Price: INR 85

Product Score: 4/5



Eye Lining Contest : Entry 17

So here goes the seventeenth entry :)

To participate, Click HERE 


Products Used: 

  1. I created a custom yellow eyeliner by mixing Inglot DS 474 (a bright yellow with golden shimmer) with Inglot’s duraline.
  2. Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black
  3. Lakme Absolute shine line

Agni says………………….

“I am liking this contest so much only because I’m getting to explore my creative side a bit..I’m usually very conservative in my eye lining styles and it’s mostly a pencil for me but for this contest on your blog, I’m using gel and liquid liners too , and today I created a custom yellow eyeliner by mixing Inglot DS 474 (a bright yellow with golden shimmer) with Inglot’s duraline.”

Eyelining Contest fro Tanmayee's Blog


…………. And I must say, I am really impressed and motivated………


Eye Lining Contest : Entry 16

So here goes the sixteenth entry :)

To participate, Click HERE 


Products Used:

  1. Maybelline Colossal Kajal
  2. Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Sharp Eyeliner
  3. Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara Washable
  4. Urban Decay 24 by 7 Glide-On eye pencil (radium)

Dressnmakeup@gmail.com Black-Aqua Blue EyeLiner 11



I like the graphic style Shikha 🙂 Thanks for the entry .


Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner “Black” Review and Swatches

This is an established name when it comes to make-up and one can find infinite reviews of the same in the beauty domain. Still, this is my favorite liner, I just cannot do without it. This is a versatile, high precision product and can be used to line, tightline as well as a very good eye shadow base for black smokey eyes.

download (3) download (2)

The Color: Stark Black

The Texture: Very smooth and soft, applies hassle free to give beautiful lined eyes.

The Pigmentation: Very black and intensely pigmented.

The Packaging: Very sturdy and easy to carry , but might break if dropped from a height. My tub was dropped twice, but it didn’t break 🙂 . Also, comes with a applicator brush which is very useful and I mostly apply using it , I couldn’t locate it while writing the review. Sorry for this 🙂

The Lasting: Lasts as long as eight hours on me, which according to me is very good 🙂 It does not budge at all, if applied over a primer. Without primer it tends to wear off after three hours on my oily lids.

download (4)

download (1)

My Experience: This is my multi-purpose liner, kajal, eye shadow base , a all in one product for me. I put it to good use, by using it to line my waterline, it doesn’t irritate the eyes at all. I wear contact lenses and can vouch it as safe for contact lens wearers too. When doing black smokey eyes, I use it as a all over lid base, and then blend it with a eye shadow, which make the look really intense. A great liner, especially if you are not comfortable with liquid liners. Gel liners tend to be more forgiving and ensure easy rectification of mis-application, if any :). It is smooth, smudge free, intensely pigmented and a great device to dress up your eyes with. If you love doing winged lined eyes or graphic eyes, this is a product one can vouch for 🙂


Price: INR 410

Summary: Highly Recommended ! Especially If you are in India, where there is dearth of good gel liners on budget. Great in all respect except that I feel it dries up soon in the tub, still it can be used with few drops of Inglot Duraline or keeping the tub inverted while storing.

Product Score: 4.5/5

I have used it in a lot of looks on my blog!

IMG_4831 IMG_4472


Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner Review and Swatches ; Shade “Tangerine Orange”

Maybelline has been quite a name in the beauty blogosphere in recent times, attributed to its launch of  new and innovative products back to back.  It has carved a niche for itself in the drugstore arena, making affordable cosmetics available to the masses without compromising on quality. The youngest baby on the block is this hyper glossy pop liquid liner, one can already fathom its capabilities from the name itself.

download (7)

Guess ! shocking color , high shine ! Be assured of being the center of attraction !

I wore this today afternoon, and even met few of my friends and neighbors  and you know?? all of them were asking whats on my eyes ! Moreover I had my spectacles on, and my friends told, that the color is peering through them BOLD !

download (1)

download (2)

The shade: Tangerine Orange, true to its nomenclature. Very bright and pop summery orange. It definitely requires some thought and effort to carry. Ideal for wear to parties , or if you want to mimic a bohemian look. A color apt to suit fun infused environment.

The Finish: Hyper glossy, metallic orange ! This one is bound to make one the center of attraction, by dint of its shocking color and finish. So, all those who are open to experiment , do try this out. It shall not let you down. I am loving this.

The texture and pigmentation: It is very much pigmented, but applies a little streaky. One needs to build it up to intensity with repeated coatings.

The lasting: It lasted for full seven hours on me, on primed eye lids, it did not swerve at all. Without primer , it wears off easily on my oily eye lids. So if you have oily lids, you ought to prime before putting this on. I swatched it on my hands without primer, and it did not budge. So, I guess beauties with dry eyelids, can try wearing it without primer and expect it to last.

The packaging: It comes packed in a very small conical bottle , and the applicator is thin and easy to apply. But as with all liquid liners, it does need some practice for perfect application.

download (6)

download (3)

To sum up the positive and negative aspects :

Positives :

  1. Lovely , bold color, unleashes the rebel in you !
  2. Great pigmentation
  3. Love the glossy finish
  4. Lasts really long on primed eyes
  5. Great color for experimentation, first of its kind shade in India.
  6. Would suit a wide variety of complexions
  7. Great liner for those who wear spectacles


  1. Applies streaky, but it can be managed with multiple coatings
  2. Eyelids need priming, especially if they are oily


Price: INR 350

Summary: A bright and bold color, unleashes the rebel in you ! Very unique and offbeat shade 🙂 I am loving it and some looks with it are lurking in my mind. Yes, it does need due juxtaposition of thoughtful effort and hard work to rock this shade :). I guess one should go and get it .

Product Score: 4/5


Product sent by brand for review, but as usual it is based on my honest experience.


Maybelline New York presents the Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner

Press Release: 

Maybelline New York presents the HYPERGLOSSY RUNWAY POP LIQUID LINER for eyes that shine with the boldest design!

It’s hot off the runway… and guess what? It’s easy to wear every day.



Dare to wear the glossiest vinyl line in the latest fashion shades this season! I am loving the one, which the model is wearing on the picture above.


How To TightLine Your Eyes

Tightlining is a trick, I learnt over the years 🙂 . When I first started doing it, I thought it was lining the upper and lower waterline. I continued doing it untill, I started writing this blog .

Gradually, after going in-depth into makeup and beauty, I realized a better way to do it, which I am sharing with you all in this post. Tightlining basically enhances the natural appearance of your eyes in a more real way. I always prefer natural make-up, so you would see, I never use false lashes etc in my eye makeup tutorials. Whatever you see in the looks I do is my natural eye.  For me Make-up is to be  aimed at enhancing one’s looks, God has made all of us beautiful in our own unique way. So, I advocate natural make-up and steer clear of plasticity.

Moreover, if we have honest and brave hearts, it would reflect from within, our inner beauty 🙂

How I do it :

I usually use the Maybelline gel liner in black to tightline my eyes. I hold the liner brush with the product on it, in my right hand and pull up the upper eye lid, so as to expose the root or base of the lashes. Then very carefully, try to fill in the gaps in between the lashes with dots with the help of the brush. This way our lashes seem to have grown from a thicker root and they appear more dense. I am blessed with very thick and curly lashes, and this really enhances them more. That is it ! 

If you want you may line the lower water line with the same liner, anyways with blinking some eye liner is bound to be there on your lower waterline.

I hope you get the technique. Do try and spot the difference. When you do it for the first time, avoid the mascara and see the difference :). When you wear it formally do complete the look with mascara. Also, I look forward to some wonderful notes from you, it makes my efforts worthwhile 🙂 .

As I mentioned in my previous post, my laptop keys are in jerky condition. I hope to get it fixed over the weekend. Till then, please bear with me:)

The top left pic, is my eye without makeup.



Manhattan Cosmetics Eye liner pencil Review and Swatches

Most of you might not have heard the name of this brand, this is quite famous in Germany. I happened to buy them while I was there. The usp of these brands like essence, P2, Manhattan is that they make decent products with a decent price tag.

The color: Its a turquoise blue with finely embedded blue shimmers.

The texture: Very soft and easy to apply, glides on smoothely without application of much pressure.

The pigmentation: Its decently pigmented and gives above average payoff color in one swipe, though I feel I could have been better.

The Lasting : Well it lasts about 6 to 7 hours on primed lids and 3 hours on unprimed lids.

My say : I like the packaging and ease of use. Its soft and does not tug the eye lids and glides smoothly. I use it whenever I am on the go, The pigmentation is above average, though not the best. One can always build it up. Good budget buy.  Its dirt cheap and for the price, I do not mind the pigmentation as it can be built up nice with two swipes.

Price: Euro 1.95 or INR 135

Summary: Good budget buy, you would not regret, though the pigmentation could have been better.

Product Score: 3.5/5







Jordana Single Eye Shadow “Total Blackout” Review and Swatches

I recently got this from Cherry culture and I am loving it. A black eye shadow ought to be a staple in every woman’s vanity, for its sheer versatility. One can create smokey eyes, fill their eye brows and can even line their eyes with it. The effect is much softer and classy and above all, neat. I had the NYX matte black , which is totally over, I used it till the last bit. This time also I wanted to order it , but it was OOS.

The Color: A black eye shadow

The Pigmentation and texture: Its not the blackest black, but not bad either. One can definitely draw a decent black line with it, which can be built up. I am pretty happy with it. The texture is soft, though not buttery soft and easy to blend.

The lasting : It fades away without primer and is also less conspicuous. One needs to use a primer with it for the color to be strong and lasting. With primer it lasts for good five hours on my eyes after which it gradually starts fading.

My Thoughts: I am happy with this one, though its not as good as the NYX matte black. Its worth buying and would not disappoint you.  The price and quality is commendable, I recommend. Though I feel the lasting power could have been better.

Here is a look I created with it. I just used a angled brush to line my eyes with it and finished off with mascara and kohl. Do give in your views 🙂 .

Price: $ 1.99

Product Score: 3.5/5

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