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Maybelline Dream LumiTouch Highlighing Concealer Review

This has become an indispensable part of my make-up regimen, for it conceals and brightens in one step. I have been using this for last three months and I feel, it is worth the adulation. A great product at a great price.



The look : A creamy emulsion that comes in a pen dispenser form. The back of the pen has to be pressed to eject the content. The applicator brush that comes attached with it, helps in precise application, then it can be blended to cover and highlight. The shade name is “buff”

The Smell: Not bothersome.

The pigmentation : Well, it provides medium coverage and covers minor flaws. If you need very high coverage, this product is not for you.

before blending

before blending


after blending

after blending

How it works: It works as a great eye and under eye area concealer, and also as a good eye primer. After applying the foundation, I apply it around my eye socket and blend it in, also around the corners of the mouth and nose. It does not have any conspicuous glitter or high shine, and imparts a very naturally emanating glow. One cannot expect it to cover major acne marks and blemishes. It is a product tailored made for skin that does not require much coverage.

Highly Recommended ! It is a holy grail product for me, and I shall buy it again 🙂


  1. Decent highlighter
  2. Not glittery and artificial
  3. Imparts a natural glow
  4. Works as a great eye primer
  5. Brightens the under eye area and also corners of nose and mouth
  6. Not harsh on skin


  1. Not for high coverage requirements
  2. limited Shades available

Price: INR 475 for 1.5 ml

Product Score: 4/5



pr sample. honest review.





Sleek Contouring Kit – Medium Review

Along with the blush that I reviewed in my last post, I also bought this kit. The kit consists of a contouring compact powder and a highlighter. According to me, this is a must have from Sleek Makeup for its awesome texture and performance at a very nominal price. The quality of this can be compared to high end brands.



The Look: A compact case with the powders side by side , easy to carry , strong and sturdy packaging.

The Texture: Immensely smooth and not over bearing on the complexion.

The Pigmentation: Adequate, and can be used as per one’s wish. I advise usage with light hands, else it might appear like a mark left behind after a tight slap 😛 , jokes apart, it is very good.

The Lasting: Good enough , lasted for about five hours on me without fading.



My Take: I love its texture and how I can build it up to my need and all the more, this was in my wish list for long :). I would suggest to use it with very light hands, else it would look harsh and artificial. Yes, It is very much pigmented. The highlighter has a very good texture and applies to a smooth and silky glow on the face. It is not gritty or chunky, and emanates a striking natural glow. Over all a must have if you are on the look out for a good quality contour powder on budget.

The shade “medium” is apt for skin dusky Olive skin tones . The contour powder is not too dark and this is the best thing I like about it and is a perfect match for most Indian complexions except very fair skin.

Price: $ 9.99 on Sleek’s website

Product Score: 5/5

And a picture with this……………..I just applied it sparingly with very light hands …..




Sleek Blush By 3 “Lace” Review and Swatches

After being in my lust list for over a year now, I am the happy owner of this beautiful blush palette 🙂 and those who follow me, might know how I had to beat around the bush to acquire them. Sleek Makeup is a UK based company that is renowned for its high quality, on budget products. Their eye shadow palettes and blushes are must haves.


crochet; guipure; chantily

crochet; guipure; chantily

The Shade: The shade is “lace”, a palette comprising of three blush shades namely crochet – a matte peachy coral, guipure – rose gold shade with shimmer finish and chantily – a matte pinkish coral. Out of the three, the shade “guipure” is a close dupe of Nars Orgasm and Sleek single blush “rose gold”. Also, the shade “crochet” is a dupe of Sleek single blush “pan tao”.

crochet; guipure; chantily

crochet; guipure; chantily



The Texture : Impeccable like all other Sleek Blushes. I guess I need not say more 🙂

The Pigmentation: The shades are highly pigmented and are best applied lightly, though can be built up as required.

The lasting: Lasts for up to four hours and then gradually fade.

The below pictures has me wearing the shade “crochet” from the palette ………. and the foundation is MAC Matchmaster and Lipstick is Colorbar “burnt orange”…




My Take: According to me this is the best of all the blush by 3 powder palettes, a optimum mix of shades suitable for day and night wear. Also, the shades are great for the Indian complexion, it would equally look good on light to dusky skin tones. The name “lace” appears as though the shades might be light and pastel type, but it is not, in fact such colors are the best for Indian skin tones.

I absolutely recommend it to everyone, the shades are universally flattering and suitable for all skin tones.

Price: $ 14.99 at their website, I feel it is worth the price.

Product Score: 5/5



The Body Shop Camomile Eye and Lip Make-up Remover Review

If you are a make-up lover, make-up remover is something that is indispensable for you. The importance of proper make-up remover cannot be emphasized more and it should be delved into a habit to remove all the make-up before you sleep. A beautiful make-up needs a decent canvas , and make-up removal helps us to achieve it. Nothing can do more harm to the skin, than to sleep with the make-up on, resulting in acne and other kinds of blemishes.



The Look: The make-up remover is bi-phased with a optimum mix of oil and water.

How to use: It has to be shaken well before use and then poured on cotton wool and wiped all over the face. Though it is a eye and lips make-up remover, I have used it all over my face and loved it.

My Take: It removes all traces of make up, even waterproof ones, as claimed. Also, it is mild on the face and doesn’t result in allergy or reaction on the skin. I always use it with a cotton wool and wipe off the entire face with it. Also, after that I cleanse with my Cetaphil lotion for sensitive skin and then with face wash.

It is gentle for use on the eyes and doesn’t sting my eyes. A good makeup remover that is available in India.

Price: INR 650

Product Score: 4.5/5


Make-Up Bits and Bytes : Highlights and Contours

What for are highlights and contours actually? I seemed to have asked this question to myself quite sometime , when I was a make-up novice 🙂 Gradually I came to know that, highlights and contours are basically enhancers and also they can be done away with in daily make-up situations.


Highlighting and contouring lends a three dimensional effect to the whole make-up canvas rather than making it look flat. Also, some lighting situations can make the make-up fall flat, this is when the highlights and contours come to rescue. Highlights are basically applied to those areas of the face where the make-up artist wants to stand out and contours are applied to the areas of the face where the make-up artist wants to shade it back. With Proper blending the highlighting and contouring can lend a beautiful flawless look, without the make-up being visible. It is always advised to either highlight or contour at one time, as because, if you imagine that a lighter shade is applied on the high of the cheekbones, it automatically shadows the contours of the face and vice-versa.  Also, it is very important to figure out where the light falls on the face as well the naturally shadowed areas.

The correct use of colors for highlights and contours are important. If the highlight is applied with a heavy hand or if the shade is too light, then the make-up finish would appear harsh and over done. Highlight shades in off-white, cream, gold, yellow or pink works across various skin tones. The usage of pure white color as a highlight is discouraged as it appears too harsh. Similarly, one should not use pure black to contour.  Good colors for contouring are brownish pinks, reds, oranges etc , basically the shades which are little bit darker than the skin worked upon.

So, with this little knowledge on highlights and contours, to make them work magically the art of blending works like magic. Blending basically refers to the art of applying make-up seamlessly without any harsh lines or edges visible. It is always advised to blend from light to dark areas  for a seamless effect.

Blend ………..Blend…. ………..Blend ! is the mantra to achieve a  flawless finish to any make-up.

So dear friends, share your inputs on my attempt to explain the art of make-up 🙂


Make-Up Bits and Bytes : Concealers in Make-up Art

 Concealers in Make-up Art

So, I realize it every Friday that time flies away … really .. I am going to talk about concealers today .


Concealers as they are named are meant to cover up flaws in the skin such as dark spots, discolorations, scars, under eye dark circles, puffiness etc. Their composition is heavier than foundations and are available in liquid, cream, packaged in tubes, pots , bottles etc. Concealers that are highly pigmented can provide unexpected coverage to cover up even the tattoos on skin. The concealers need to be blended properly into the skin and can be used by itself or along with foundations.

Concealers for face can be used under or over foundations depending upon the type of foundation applied on the skin. If the foundation is a powder foundation or something with less moisture content, it is advised to use the concealer underneath, while in case of a liquid or cream foundation, they are best applied over.

Some renowned brand names when it comes to concealers include Ben Nye, Kryolan Dermacolor, YSL Touche Eclat etc… Also, MAC has some good concealers.

The concealers for the under eye area are best when they are creamy in texture with light to medium pigmentation. This is because the skin around the eye is delicate and sensitive, hence the product also ought to be chosen with care. If the concealer is too heavy, it would lead to pulling and tugging of the delicate skin leading to premature wrinkles. It is imperative to choose a shade lighter when it comes to selection of under eye concealers. In case, you are using a stick concealer, ensure that you apply the pigment with your finger tips from the stick rather than direct application.

Two other previous post on primers and foundations in this series are HERE and HERE .

So, please free to share your thoughts and inputs on the same 🙂 .

By the way , Happy Weekend ……


Note : Image taken from the internet, if the owner has any issues, I shall take it off.


Make-Up Bits and Bytes : What are Make-Up Foundations ?


Finally it is 9.30 Pm, Friday night  and I have started drafting the post……. A hectic day in fact !

Foundations are meant to provide a base to apply make-up, hide fine lines, even out the skin tone and hide blemishes if any, but that depends on the amount of coverage it provides.  They also protect the skin from environment, harsh lights and also the sun light. There is a lot of variance in texture and consistency among various types of foundations. The color, coverage and consistency are the main deciding factors when it comes to selecting foundations for different situations and skin types.

The Various Types of Foundations can be…

  1. Tinted Moisturizers
  2. Liquid
  3. Cream
  4. Cake
  5. Stick
  6. Cream to Powder
  7. Powder


Also, ingredients of a foundations should be a deciding factor when it comes to selecting foundations according to skin type. Some of the variations in this category are emollient based, water based or mineral based foundations. One important aspect of foundation is that, it is meant to enhance the skin appearance and if the skin by itself is good, the effect of foundation can be magical. So, Good skincare is where beauty should begin 🙂

Now , let us delve deeper into the various types of foundations ……..

Tinted Moisturizers : They are of use when we need minimum coverage as they are sheerest of them all. They add a little of color and even out the skin tone. When you have very good skin, I guess one can avoid the foundation altogether on a daily basis and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead.

Good TM brands are laura mercier, Stila, The balm, etc…

Liquid Foundation: It gives a coverage that can be sheer to maximum and are easy to apply with a brush or finger tips. They need to be blended properly into the skin, so as to avoid any uneven texture. They are good to suit all skin types and are available in formulas ranging from emollient to mineral based ones. They are easy to mix and are widely used by make-up artists. It is advised to choose the liquid foundation according to ones skin type, hydrating ones are good for dry or mature skin and water based one are perfect for oily skins.

Some good foundation brands are Bobbi Brown, MAC, MUFE-high defination, Estee Lauder etc..

Mineral Foundation: They are great for sensitive skin types, like skin that is prone to allergies, acne, redness etc as they breed less bacteria. It gives long lasting coverage and almost flawless finish without irritating the skin. They are best applied with a brush or sponge and come in liquid and powder form. They are water resistant and contains no talc or parabens.

Some good brands are Bare Escentuals, ColorScience etc..

Cream Foundation: They are good for all types of skin generally, but wonderful for dry skin types and impart great coverage.They can be easily applied with a brush or sponge and imparts rich tone and coverage. They are available from sheer finish to heavy coverage ones and can be layered over liquid foundations to provide more flawless finish, but care should be taken to blend them properly else it might appear as a artificial film on skin. It should be set with powder for a neat and flawless application.

Some standards in the market include Bobbi Brown, Black Opal etc..

Powder Foundation: According to me they are the most convenient and offer a two-for-one benefit 🙂 . They should ideally be applied with a brush or sponge and in case one wants more coverage, a damp sponge can be used for application. They are not suited for all skin types especially dry skins and work best on oily acne prone skin, and also on normal to combination skin types. They are good for usage during summer and high humidity conditions.

Some good names include MAC, Lancome Dual Finish….

Cream to Powder Foundation: They work well on all skin types but are best suited for combination skins. Benefit’s Some Kinda Gorgeous is a well known name in this segment, Sleek Make-Up also has these foundations comprising of thirty shades.

Cake Make-up:  They come in the form of a cake and best applied with a damp sponge. They are best suited for body make-up and for use in stages. Kryolan is a brand that has good cake make-up.

Whoa … that was quite long 🙂 and I am posting it a day late …  ! I have started this series concentrating on the theoretical aspect of make-up and as a general know how on this subject. I hope this post added some more to existing knowledge and find this useful.

Do not forget to share your inputs, suggestions, criticisms in the comment section, would love to learn from you as well 🙂




Make-Up Bits and Bytes : Primer and its use

                                                                                            Primer and its use

I kick off the series with a descriptive post on Primers . So, for the readers who came across this term for the first time, Primer is a cosmetic component of Face Make-Up items, which basically sets the make-up or can be considered as the primitive step of the entire process of doing make-up.

Description :

Also, known as foundation primers, the basic functions of a primer include :-

  1. Primers even out the skin particularly its texture
  2. Helps in flawless application of make-up
  3. The make-up appears smooth and fine
  4. Increases the longevity of the make-up
  5. Protects the underlying skin

Most of the primers contain silicones as their main ingredient and they help in filling up scars, wrinkles, fine lines, pores etc. They are applied before foundation and are best dabbed into the skin with clean finger tips and ought not rubbed into the skin. Also, Primers need to be selected keeping in mind the skin type to yield best results.

Some of the well known Primers Brands are –

  • Smashbox
  • MUFE
  • MAC
  • FaceIt – a Korean Brand
  • Laura Mercier
  • Elf
  • NYX
  • Colorbar
  • Loreal etc ……….

This is what I had to share of my  knowledge on Primers and I hope you have some takeaways from it :). Please share your thoughts, doubts, criticisms and any additional information in the comment section and let us make this discussion fruitful :).



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