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Auravedic Pulpy Facewash with Neem and Tea- Tree Review

Auravedic is a botanical brand thats specializes in making cosmetics devoid of harmful chemicals like SLS, Colors, Parabens etc. I am impressed with this brand and it seems to deliver what it claims. I have reviewed two other products from this brand HERE and HERE.






The look: A green colored gel

The texture: It comes in a jelly form and a little amount can be worked up into a lather and then applied to face.

The smell: Nothing that Irks.

My Take: The facewash cleanses the skin with aplomb and would suit oily to combination skin types. It gives a squeaky clean feeling to the skin and reduces the occurrence of acne over time. Also, the skin looks brighter and glowing after its use.

It might have a drying effect on normal to dry skins, and it is better they stay away from it. Also, depending on the skin,  one might feel a urge to moisturize after its use. A very little amount. about the size of a pea drop works up a rich lather and cleanses very well. Over all, a thumbs up from me 🙂

Usage: Moisten face with water and gently massage a small amount of face wash in circular motions. Continue for approximately one minute and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES. Incase of eye contact rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Test a small amount on clean skin on forearm 24 hours prior to use.


  1. cleans very well
  2. reduces oilyness
  3. reduces blemishes
  4. fights acne
  5. keeps skin clear and glowing
  6. brightens the skin after use


  1. It is drying on skin, so not meant for ladies having dry skin type. Also, a follow up moisturizer is essential.


Price: INR 150

Product Score: 4/5



pr sample. honest review.


Lakme Deep Pore Cleansing Milk Review

Does this image evoke the nostalgia in you ?


It did for me , when I saw it perched on the Heath and Glow counter, at an instant, reminiscence of my childhood stood before me. Do I sound melodramatic? 😛 Well, then I was engrossed in deep nostalgia.

When I was a girl, about 10 years old, the earliest I can remember 🙂 I saw my mother using it daily in the morning and evening. Also, she used it on me occasionally to clean my neck and shoulders 🙂 pouring a significant amount on a large cotton wool . So, the whole memory came alive for a moment.  The packaging of the product was different then, a plain white bottle with a deep green cover, which even smelt different than what how it is now.

So, nostalgia relieved and I bought it !

The Look: A plain runny white liquid cleansing lotion

The smell: Nice and mild.

Usage: I usually massage it all over my face and wipe it off with a damp cotton wool then wash my face with plain water.



My take: An effective cleansing milk that suits my oily-combination skin without leaving me in breakouts. That is quite a surprise in deed. Ideally takes off dust, grime and make-up at the end of the day.  Also, takes off mascara which is not waterproof, but doesn’t remove long staying kohl. Well, I am very much happy with its performance, for long staying kohls and eye-makeup, I have make-up remover. The skin feels clean , refreshed and is ready for toning and moisturizing, before you wind up for the day.

Price: INR 120, I think.

Summary: Over all, a great cleanser for normal to dry skins. But to mention, it works wonderfully on my oily-combination skin too. Very cheap and affordable.

Product Score: 4/5



The Nature’s Co. Mixed Fruit Cleansing Cream

I love this brand for its earthy initiative and have liked its shower gels especially. Recently, I got couple of products from them for review and this is one among them.



The Product Usage: A cleansing cream , which has to be massaged all over the face and washed off with water or wiped off with a moist cotton wool.

The Look: An emulsion which tends to be runny

The feel and aroma: It soothes the skin and the aroma is very berry like, which I adore. The smell is very natural and not over the top.




My Take:  This is my current HG cleansing product. I usually massage it all over my face and prefer to wipe it off with a cotton wool. It cleans effectively, the result is very much visible on the used cotton swab 🙂 . Also, it works well on makeup removal too and leaves the skin squeaky clean, though it doesn’t remove eye makeup completely.


  1. Cleans very well
  2. Soothes the skin
  3. Has a hydrating effect on skin
  4. Shall suit all skin types though people with very oily skin should excercise caution


  1. Doesn’t remove eye makeup completely

Price: INR 395

Summary : A great cleanser  for most skin types and does its job effectively. I don’t really mind that it is not as tough on eye make-up, keeping in mind the wonderful job it does otherwise.

Product Score: 4/5

PR Sample. Honest review.


Just Herbs “Silk Splash” Neem Orange FaceWash Review

Just Herbs offers pure and natural ayurvedic  products which are holistic and gentle on skin. I recently tried some of their products and found them decent. Today I am reviewing the Neem Orange facewash.

The look and texture : Its a semi runny gel which is orange-ish yellow in hue. Its easy to use and lathers well. Only a pea drop amount is required to clean the skin.

The Aroma: Smells of sandalwood oil which is bearable and not OTT.

The Packaging : Travel friendly, comes with a pump dispenser with a cover. No risk of it spilling around.

My experience: My skin type is oily-combination and this one cleans my skin really well. It removes all dirt and grime without stripping the skin of moisture. Only a liitle amount of the product is required, as it lathers generously and too much of it can strip the skin of its essential oils. My hubby has normal-dry skin and it had a drying effect on his skin, so I would recommend this for oily to combination skin type which is acne prone.  With regular use my skin seems to be clean and clear, with almost no break outs. Just herbs has changed the packaging of the same, and also the quality of the contents.  Overall its a nice product, I find it good.

Price: INR 245

Summary: Recommended ! Oily skin people might find their  HG cleanser in it. Keeps the skin oil free and reduces break outs. The con is that , it might dry out normal to dry skins. Just Herbs should have mentioned it specifically on the bottle “For Oily-Combination skin“.

Also the “cleansing based” mentioned in the ingredients list raises questions! Would like to know what it exactly is .

Product Score : 3.5/5

PS : Product sent by PR for consideration, but my review is honest.


Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin Review

Someday back I did a post on my current skin care regimen. The cetaphil cleansing lotion which I am reviewing in this post is my favorite cleanser, which I have been using since quite a while. I have also used the cream and moisturizing lotion from the same brand which I shall review in my coming posts. This one is easily available in pharmacies across the country.

The Look and Texture : Its a light translucent colorless liquid or fluid, which spreads easily over the face. It can be taken on the palm and then applied all over the face. Only a little quantity of the liquid is required.

The Ingredients : Though the ingredients comprise of alcohols, its not at all drying on the face.

The Aroma: It does not have any smell, which I really like.

My Experience: I love this cleanser ! Is it enough??

A cleansing lotion for sensitive skin is the one which attracted me towards it. My skin is sometimes graced by pimples which is when it becomes very sensitive, so I decided to try this about one month back.  I use it usually in the morning, just spread it over my face, massage for sometime and then wash off. My skin feels sqeaky clean and calm. Though it feels like a moisturizer when applied, but it does not feel greasy after washing off. Also, does not strip the skin of the moisture and keep the skin balanced. I also feel it reduces the appearance of zits. Overall a very good cleanser for all skin types.

Price: INR 136

Summary: Highly recommended! Very good cleanser for all skin types and it does so without striping the skin of its moisture. No cons for this :). Also, good for sensitive acne prone skin.

Product Score: 5/5


Nature’s Essence Neem and Aloevera Face Wash Review

Nature’s Essence is a very demure brand which offers some decent products such as the “Lacto Tan Clear” , review coming soon 🙂 and few others as well. Its not available widely but one can find them in local fancy stores. Few months back, I had a sudden bout of acne and an attempt to banish them landed me upon this one. So lets see how it fared.

The color an texture : A light green colored, runny gel which is way to runny to stay on your palms. It does not lather much , I mean  very minimally foaming that too when rubbed vigorously.

The smell :  Smells herby and its not over the top. I like it infact.

My experience: Okay, I must tell you that its still lying unused. I used it for about a week daily only to find it having no effect on the zits . It hardly foams and feels as though some dirt is still left on the face, even after washing off. I really cannot describe its effect, seemed too gentle to clean the skin. I am highly impressed by their “lacto tan clear” cream, but this one is way below.

Price: INR 45

Summary: Not recommended! Leaves the skin feeling unclean and also does not act on pimples. I am disappointed.

Product Score: 2.5/5


The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Cleanser

I am Green with TBS……!! No, definitely not with jealousy  🙂 .The color green is ruling my skincare regime now, I am writing about my tryst with The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash/cleanser.

Description: The Body Shop says its suitable for blemished skin. Intense daily cleansing, removes impurities for clearer looking skin. It also mentions, reduces excess oil without over drying the skin, breakouts are minimized with regular use.

Price: Rs. 475 for 250 ml,  I got it on 10%  sale.

My take on the product is that its a good product for oily to combination skin like mine, which are prone to breakouts. I sometimes do get a breakout or two and have observed that it doesnot let it grow in size. Also the very few breakouts I had have also stopped sprouting. I have been using this for over month and half and have found it true to its claims.  It appears green in the bottle,  on hand its like a gelly liquid with a hint of green. My skin is more prone to breakouts during summers, so I plan to use it during that time of the year. But its bit drying on my skin, I have the urge to moisturize after using this. Dry skinned beauties might find it drying and may have stretchy feel after a wash. But people with oily may go forward and give it a try.

Summary: May be a savior for acne prone and oily skin. Keeps oiliness at bay and also the zits. Product worth giving a try if you are having breakouts. Might be drying for normal-dry skinned beauties. The price may be a con factor but then its TBS and lives up to its claims. Also the quantity is huge, will last really long. So, I don’t mind the price.

Product Score: 4/5

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