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Jovees Fairness and Glow Mini facial Kit Review

Actually, I am averse to the idea of facials meted out in parlors and the one time I did was before my marriage. I always prefer to do my facial at home, in my own way and the market today is flooded with options. Somehow, I feel an uncanny loyalty to the brand named “Jovees” for its products have never betrayed me. So, I thought of giving their mini facial kit a try 🙂 and I am very much happy with the results. If you follow my posts, recently I have been reviewing a lot of fairness products , the so called color changers :P. Actually, I want to fade a few age spots that have cropped up near my eye area, which I am desperate to get rid off.




About : So the kit comes as a small box with a tray inside having slots where the product tubes are kept. I find it really convenient to use and easy to carry without the risk of being messy. Also, the tubes have been marked with serial number with respect to their stage of usage. The tubes are 10 gm s each and I feel can be used for at least three times that is quite a good deal at the price. In comparison to the sum we spend in parlors, this saves us a lot. So, those on the look out for a budget facial , try it out.


My Experience: I am very happy with the results, it effectively cleans the face and the skin does look relaxed and bright after its use. The step by step procedure is described as follows:

  1. Citrus and Blackberry Cleanser – It needs to be massaged on to the face for few minutes and the wiped off with a moist cotton or washed off with plain water. The cream is hydrating and can be used by all skin types.
  2. Apricot and Almond Scrub – The scrub is also very good and gentle , in fact the harsh granules are very less when compared with other scrubs. So , I guess it is less abrasive yet effective and can be used by all skin types.
  3. Wheatgerm with Vitamin E facial cream – The cream is really good and one can feel its effect while massaging. It needs to be applied to moist face and massage with wet hands for about 15 – 20 minutes. It can be used by all skin types.
  4. Bearberry and Liquorice clay pack –  The pack is also good and one can feel a mild burning sensation in the eyes while using it for about two minutes after use. It does brighten the face. It also can be used by all skin types.
  5. Saffron and Bearberry fairness cream – This is the last stage and the procedure end with its application. It also can be used by all skin types.

Overall a great facial kit, which can be used conveniently at home. Do go for it 🙂 My skin is oily-combination type, and it did not have any adverse reactions on my skin. This doesn’t lighten your skin over night but it does brighten and relax the skin.

Price: INR 155

Product Score: 4/5





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