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Jovees Revitalizing Avocado Night Cream Review

The Skin has its own cycle of renewal and rejuvenation and it is at its peak at night. So, a skin care regimen before sleeping at night is imperative for the skin. Regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing at night before sleeping is the key to a healthy skin, though the products have to be chosen as per one’s skin type. I advise all women over 25 to include a night cream in her beauty regimen, it helps the skin regenerate and pucker up after a hard day. Also, it helps in moisture replenishment and regeneration of new cells.

Today, I am going to review a night cream from Jovees, which I have been using for past four months.






The Look: White cream, somewhat stiff. I would have preferred it more creamier and little bit soft in texture. It is very stiff and is hard to blend it into the skin.

The Smell: Nice herbal smell , gentle and soothing.

My Take: I use it daily at night before retiring to bed, after cleansing and toning. The cream is somewhat stiff in texture, and  requires some time to sink into the skin, after being absorbed, the skin feels soft, moist and the effect lasts till morning. It does the job of moisturizing effectively and did not cause any breakouts on me.

Summary: Overall a decent night cream. It should suit normal to dry skin types. Oily skinned women should stay away  from it, as it might cause clogged pores. If you want a good moisturizing night cream , then go for it.

Product Score: 3.5/5

Price: INR 195 for 50 gms




Jovees Ayurvedic De-Tan Scrub

I thought, it would not be a good beginning to my post, if It is not preceded with my due apology for being MIA( missing in action) for long. I hope you would forgive my sporadic way of post publishing… as I have re-located abroad and resultant uncertainties, have had their impact on my blog.

I hope you are patient and put up with me, until I try to steer my blog, back to its normal track 🙂

The Product: A ayurvedic de-tan scrub from Jovees.


The Look:  White and creamy with suspended granules.

The Aroma: Classic, little strong ayurvedic smell , not irksome .


My Take: Well it is very mild, yet strong enough to slough dead skin cell and for this attribute, I might end up using it forever. Well, a call for those who like mild scrubs! It does not irritate the skin and at the same time does its job well.

As for the de-tan effect, I cannot actually comment as, I expected it to be a great scrub and brightener. Also, I did not have any sun tan to begin with. It does have a polishing and brightening effect after its use though, and effectively removes superficial white and black heads, rendering a smooth and soft skin with a mild after glow.

Overall, a good scrub suited for all skin types including sensitive skin types. Also, it is very cheap In India and definitely worth a try.


Product Details :

Jovees Ayurvedic de-tan scrub is very special ayurvedic recipe and carefully processed so that the herb and precious natural ingredients do not lose its potency. It has high quality scrubbing granules that have been processed to make sure it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, helps remove tanning, stimulates skin micro circulation, and helps mitigate blemishes and superficial white and black heads. It shall give fair and radiant look to the skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Method of use : Moisten face and neck. Apply all over the face and neck. Massage gently with fingertips for 2-3 minutes. Leave on for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly and put dry.

Ingredients : Walnut Shell Powder, Wheatgerm Oil, Black Plum, Carrot Seed, Aloevera, Turmeric extract, Lemon Peel extract, Rose Petals extract.

Product Score: 4/5

Price: INR 145


Chicco BabyMoments Rich Cream Review

Chicco is a well known name in the world of baby care and I am a avid lover of products from this brand. I use their body lotion, cream and baby wash for my son and it has always made me and my kid happy 🙂 . I would suggest this brand to all mothers to use it for their little angels.







The Look : A very thick cream which requires some effort to blend in.

The Smell: Very very mild.

My Take: Impeccable ! Highly Recommended for use on younger kids, especially newborns. The cream is highly moisturizing and stays on the skin for the whole day. It can be used as a facial cream or as a body cream, in case of severe dry skin conditions. It did not have any adverse reactions on my son’s skin and we are happy with it. Also, it can be used by adults who have dry skin, it would definitely alleviate the dryness.

Price: INR180

Product Score: 4.5/5





Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF50+ Review

A great sunscreen! A potion that works ! Oh, I am smitten over ………..yes , finally a sunscreen that I look forward to stick on to 🙂





The Look : A thick white cream, which spreads and blends into the skin with ease.

The Texture: Though it is thick , it blends into the skin effortlessly  revealing a glowing facial skin. Yes, it does impart a shine to the skin on application, which I like. The skin appears to glow from within and , it doesn’t look like a white cast.

The Smell: Very mild floral smell.

My Take: Finally I found a sunscreen that works on my skin. It protects the skin from tanning and the result is miraculous. I have been wearing it to my swimming exercise for over 15 days and I could actually see the difference.  To put it to test, I went with bare face for two days and was badly tanned, which made me realize that it was the sunscreen that prevented my skin from being tanned. It did not have any adverse reactions on my skin and makes the skin feel light and easy. Also, it is water proof and is ideal for sweaty summers and for beach vacations, it would act like a protective shield against tanning.

Highly Recommended ! Protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun.  This would suit all skin types, though oily skin types might find their skin more shiny after its usage.

Price: INR 495 for 100ml

Product Score: 4.5/5






Arish Sandalwood Face Toner Review

This is for the first time I came across a toner which has extracts of Red Sandalwood. I rememberer using red sandalwood on my face during my teenage days to soothe acne and other blemishes. This toner is from the brand called “Arish”, which is a Kolkata based brand and is quite famous there. I bought it from Kolkata.



The Look: A light watery transparent liquid

The Smell: Herbal smell of Sandalwood

My Take: It hydrates and soothes oily skin to restore moisture balance and it has a pore tightening effect too. It doesn’t dry the skin out and the skin feels soft and supple after its use. I recommend it to people with oily and acne prone skin.

I wish it were more widely available across the country :).

Price: INR 185 for 100 ml

Product Score: 4.5/5



Olay total-effects 7in1 Anti-Aging Night Cream Review

I was quite oblivious to night creams until last year, the thought occurred to use them regularly 🙂 , until then I was very happy with my Dermadew Caloe cream and used it regularly as a night cream. It is imperative to use night creams when one crosses the age of twenty-five, they hydrate and repair the skin the whole night through when the skin tries to replenish itself naturally. Hence, one wakes up to a new fresh face everyday and actually I have felt the difference.





The Look: A white creamy emulsion

The smell: Very mild, Olay kind.

My Take: I have using this past five months and I must say I am quite happy with it. The texture is light, non-greasy yet hydrating and replenishes the moisture lost during the day and the next morning my skin looks bright and smooth. Also, I feel my skin is smoother and has also reduced minor imperfections and pores to a great extent. I would not say that it makes one fair, but does brighten the complexion with long term use. The only con, I feel is that it doesn’t work on dark spots/ age spots. I have few small age spots around the eye area, but it has done nothing to reduce them. It should suit all skin types, it did not have any adverse reactions om my oily-combination skin, but oily skinned beauties need to be sure before usage.

To summarize, a decent night cream that delivers most of its claims. If one is not allergic to the ingredients, it is definitely worth a try.



Price: INR749 for a 50 gm jar.

Product Score: 4/5


product sent by brand, but the review is honest.



Jovees Fairness and Glow Mini facial Kit Review

Actually, I am averse to the idea of facials meted out in parlors and the one time I did was before my marriage. I always prefer to do my facial at home, in my own way and the market today is flooded with options. Somehow, I feel an uncanny loyalty to the brand named “Jovees” for its products have never betrayed me. So, I thought of giving their mini facial kit a try 🙂 and I am very much happy with the results. If you follow my posts, recently I have been reviewing a lot of fairness products , the so called color changers :P. Actually, I want to fade a few age spots that have cropped up near my eye area, which I am desperate to get rid off.




About : So the kit comes as a small box with a tray inside having slots where the product tubes are kept. I find it really convenient to use and easy to carry without the risk of being messy. Also, the tubes have been marked with serial number with respect to their stage of usage. The tubes are 10 gm s each and I feel can be used for at least three times that is quite a good deal at the price. In comparison to the sum we spend in parlors, this saves us a lot. So, those on the look out for a budget facial , try it out.


My Experience: I am very happy with the results, it effectively cleans the face and the skin does look relaxed and bright after its use. The step by step procedure is described as follows:

  1. Citrus and Blackberry Cleanser – It needs to be massaged on to the face for few minutes and the wiped off with a moist cotton or washed off with plain water. The cream is hydrating and can be used by all skin types.
  2. Apricot and Almond Scrub – The scrub is also very good and gentle , in fact the harsh granules are very less when compared with other scrubs. So , I guess it is less abrasive yet effective and can be used by all skin types.
  3. Wheatgerm with Vitamin E facial cream – The cream is really good and one can feel its effect while massaging. It needs to be applied to moist face and massage with wet hands for about 15 – 20 minutes. It can be used by all skin types.
  4. Bearberry and Liquorice clay pack –  The pack is also good and one can feel a mild burning sensation in the eyes while using it for about two minutes after use. It does brighten the face. It also can be used by all skin types.
  5. Saffron and Bearberry fairness cream – This is the last stage and the procedure end with its application. It also can be used by all skin types.

Overall a great facial kit, which can be used conveniently at home. Do go for it 🙂 My skin is oily-combination type, and it did not have any adverse reactions on my skin. This doesn’t lighten your skin over night but it does brighten and relax the skin.

Price: INR 155

Product Score: 4/5





Biotique Advanced Fairness Treatment Cream Review

Another addition to the so called FAIRNESS bandwagon ! I feel, such products should be rechristened as brightening or spot minimizing creams. I bought it because the tube mentions it works on pigmented spots, as I have few around my eye area. Well, let see how fair this makes us 🙂




The Look: A white cream , comes packed in a squeeze tube with a flip open cover.

The Smell: Very much fruity, herbal that is nice .

The texture: Very light, non-greasy and sinks in to the skin to disappear

IMG_2722 IMG_2723


My Take: I like this cream because it gets completely absorbed in the skin without casting a film on the surface. This cream doesn’t have any sun protection factor, so I advise to use it in the evenings. I really did not feel any difference after using it 😛 . The product claims to work on pigmented spots to lighten them, and with this hope, I applied it religiously in the morning and evenings for over a  month with no improvement whatsoever:)

so, if you like to use a no fuss creams that keeps your skin non-greasy, you can try it.

Price: INR 80

Product Score: 3.5/5


FACE It Magic Cover BB Cream Review

Well, I love BB creams and also, like to try out offerings from various brands. The one I am reviewing in this post is a Korean BB cream from the brand “Face It”, which I had asked a fried to get for me and ultimately she gifted it to me 🙂 . Supposedly, BB creams were invented in Germany to treat post surgical stitch marks and then they traveled far east where they are used widely now.




The shade: A beige emulsion with Grey undertones

The packaging: Comes in a tube with a pump dispenser, so quite convenient to use and travel friendly.

The Texture: Very very thick and intense. I just use a dot sized amount and mix it with my daily moisturizer. The cream cannot be used on its own my NC42 skin tone, and if I do, it appears as though I have painted my face with something beige 🙂


My Take: When I used it for the first time , I used a pea sized amount and when I tried to blend, it refused to disappear that I had to wash off my face and start afresh. The best way to use it is to mix a minuscule amount with a moisturizer and then blend it in. When used this way, the face appears naturally illuminated and smooth which lasts really long, and even after five hours, the face looks bright.

Shall suit all skin types. This should be available in Sephora, Delhi.

Product Score: 4/5


Auravedic Ritual Skin Lightening Mask Review

You saw me reviewing another product from this brand here , and today, I find the leisure to review one of their facial masks. The skin lightening mask claims to have lightening effect on the whole visage and also on concentrated dark spots.

The Look : Looks like mustard paste 🙂 yellow with some brown bits all over. It is because of the turmeric in its content.



The Smell: Smells like a herbal mixture of oil, turmeric and clay. It doesn’t bother me, but it might to those who have sensitive nose.

The Texture: Very sticky and oily and it is very difficult to apply with our fingers 🙂 yes , it requires some effort to spread it all over the face. I do not mind it as I am very happy with the results.


My Take: It does really make the skin glow after its use and it feels smoother than before. Overall, the experience is unlike those face packs, which you expect to dry out with time after application. It doesn’t dry on your face and doesn’t even pull or tug your skin. So, I keep it for about twenty minutes and then wash it off. It feels very wet on the face and heavy too. I shall recommend it to dry skinned ladies, as it shall not have a drying effect on the skin due to its oily nature.  It did not have the miraculous effects of lightening the skin or spots, but it does lend some glow to it and overall the skin looks bright. Moreover, it can be applied daily without the risk of over drying the skin.

It has to be applied on cleansed face. The ingredient list comprises of natural and plant extracts.

Price: INR 200 for 50 gms

Product Score: 3.5/5

Summary:  It does brighten the skin to a great extent and the skin feels smooth after application. A decent face pack that did not have adverse reactions on my skin.It might feel sticky and oily on oily skin types.

Product sent by brand. Honest Review.

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