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Oriflame Exfoliating foot Scrub Review

This is the one and only foot scrub which I have used and re-used and have been using. I bought it for the third time. A product which has been my companion since long and I adore it. A regular foot care ought be a part of every woman’s skincare regime. Foot scrubs play an important role in maintaining the over all appearance of our feet, so that they remain forever “Happy Feet”.

Today I shall review the Oriflame foot scrub which I am in love with, it has almonds as one of its ingredients.

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The Look: Loads of micro, macro granules embedded in a transparent jelly base. The granules are larger and more abrasive than those of regular facial scrubs.

The Aroma: Has a fresh, minty smell which I like.

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My Experience: I use this after a foot bath and scrubbing with a pumice stone. I generally apply it in circular motion all over my feet. A small amount is required which gradually foams with gradual circular and scrubbing becomes an easy affair. Its abrasive yet gentle, due the smooth movement enabled by the foaming of the gel. Then I let it dry for about five minutes and the scrub it again and wash of with water. After the whole process, the feet appears smooth and soft, with gradual usage the tan of the feet gradually disappear. This is from my experience :). I had sandal marks on my feet, that it the areas of the feet which are covered were lighter than the exposed parts, which gradually went off with my weekly one foot procedure.

Price: INR 160 on offer.

Summary: Worth trying! It is gentle yet abrasive and gradually improves the look of the feet. Its not drying or harsh on skin.

Product Score: 4/5






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