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Make-Up Bits and Bytes : What are Make-Up Foundations ?


Finally it is 9.30 Pm, Friday night  and I have started drafting the post……. A hectic day in fact !

Foundations are meant to provide a base to apply make-up, hide fine lines, even out the skin tone and hide blemishes if any, but that depends on the amount of coverage it provides.  They also protect the skin from environment, harsh lights and also the sun light. There is a lot of variance in texture and consistency among various types of foundations. The color, coverage and consistency are the main deciding factors when it comes to selecting foundations for different situations and skin types.

The Various Types of Foundations can be…

  1. Tinted Moisturizers
  2. Liquid
  3. Cream
  4. Cake
  5. Stick
  6. Cream to Powder
  7. Powder


Also, ingredients of a foundations should be a deciding factor when it comes to selecting foundations according to skin type. Some of the variations in this category are emollient based, water based or mineral based foundations. One important aspect of foundation is that, it is meant to enhance the skin appearance and if the skin by itself is good, the effect of foundation can be magical. So, Good skincare is where beauty should begin 🙂

Now , let us delve deeper into the various types of foundations ……..

Tinted Moisturizers : They are of use when we need minimum coverage as they are sheerest of them all. They add a little of color and even out the skin tone. When you have very good skin, I guess one can avoid the foundation altogether on a daily basis and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead.

Good TM brands are laura mercier, Stila, The balm, etc…

Liquid Foundation: It gives a coverage that can be sheer to maximum and are easy to apply with a brush or finger tips. They need to be blended properly into the skin, so as to avoid any uneven texture. They are good to suit all skin types and are available in formulas ranging from emollient to mineral based ones. They are easy to mix and are widely used by make-up artists. It is advised to choose the liquid foundation according to ones skin type, hydrating ones are good for dry or mature skin and water based one are perfect for oily skins.

Some good foundation brands are Bobbi Brown, MAC, MUFE-high defination, Estee Lauder etc..

Mineral Foundation: They are great for sensitive skin types, like skin that is prone to allergies, acne, redness etc as they breed less bacteria. It gives long lasting coverage and almost flawless finish without irritating the skin. They are best applied with a brush or sponge and come in liquid and powder form. They are water resistant and contains no talc or parabens.

Some good brands are Bare Escentuals, ColorScience etc..

Cream Foundation: They are good for all types of skin generally, but wonderful for dry skin types and impart great coverage.They can be easily applied with a brush or sponge and imparts rich tone and coverage. They are available from sheer finish to heavy coverage ones and can be layered over liquid foundations to provide more flawless finish, but care should be taken to blend them properly else it might appear as a artificial film on skin. It should be set with powder for a neat and flawless application.

Some standards in the market include Bobbi Brown, Black Opal etc..

Powder Foundation: According to me they are the most convenient and offer a two-for-one benefit 🙂 . They should ideally be applied with a brush or sponge and in case one wants more coverage, a damp sponge can be used for application. They are not suited for all skin types especially dry skins and work best on oily acne prone skin, and also on normal to combination skin types. They are good for usage during summer and high humidity conditions.

Some good names include MAC, Lancome Dual Finish….

Cream to Powder Foundation: They work well on all skin types but are best suited for combination skins. Benefit’s Some Kinda Gorgeous is a well known name in this segment, Sleek Make-Up also has these foundations comprising of thirty shades.

Cake Make-up:  They come in the form of a cake and best applied with a damp sponge. They are best suited for body make-up and for use in stages. Kryolan is a brand that has good cake make-up.

Whoa … that was quite long 🙂 and I am posting it a day late …  ! I have started this series concentrating on the theoretical aspect of make-up and as a general know how on this subject. I hope this post added some more to existing knowledge and find this useful.

Do not forget to share your inputs, suggestions, criticisms in the comment section, would love to learn from you as well 🙂




MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

Well, I guess one of the much raved about and fast moving product that MAC has to offer 🙂 . I have always wanted to use this, the only deterrent being its grossly high price tag, at least for me who doesn’t believe in splurging on redundant make-up items.  So after a lot of calculations, I went ahead and this is mine. And…. you know what…. I absolutely do not regret it.



The Product: A powder foundation which comes in a compact form

The Shade:  NC 42




How to Use: I use it with a large powder brush and prefer it this way. You can also use a Stippling brush or Kabuki brush. Lightly sweep the brush on the pan and take care to gradually build it up. I would recommend using a primer or moisturizer prior to its application else, it might end up looking dry and cakey. If you require a concealer, apply it after priming and the pat the face with the studio-fix powder.

Pigmentation, texture and blend ability:  It is decently pigmented and can be built up to cover minor to moderate imperfections such as large pores, light spots etc. The texture is soft and silky , blends in with the skin to disappear and give very natural finish.

My Take: Highly recommend ! The price is steep but it shouldn’t deter you from buying this and I am sure you would be happy with this 🙂 . Ladies with dry skin, should try it with care as it might feel dry due to the powder texture. The coverage is awesome and can be built up as per one’s requirement and transforms to a most natural of looks. It is best applied with a brush, though it comes with a sponge applicator, I advise using a brush.

Price: INR 1800

Product Score: 4.5/5


Reader Query: Suggestion For A Good Base Makeup

Pinky asks………………..

“hi tanmayee…am pinky from Hyderabad…I need your help…my skin tone is little dusky(not so dark)…I need your suggestion for a good foundation and compact which perfectly blends my skin…I use maybelline bb cream(nude) which suits me but it doesnt stay for a long time…pls dooo reply..”


Pinky , thanks for the query 🙂

If budget is not a constraint for you, you could try the MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation. Also, if your skin is not extremely dry, the studio fix powder is the best bet. It lasts long and gives good coverage. The price: INR 1800, but one pan would last really long.

Some good products on budget would be the Maybelline “Dream Matte Mousse Airbrush Finish” Foudation, which is reviewed on my blog. This lasts long and only a little quantity gives you enough coverage. Also, the Maybelline “BB stick” is a great bet topped with Rimmel “Lasting Finish Stay Matte” compact.

Also, your skin type matters here and do not forget to cleanse and moisturize your skin prior Make-up application. A good moisturizer suited to your skin works best.

Hope it helps and any more queries, do leave it in the comments….. 🙂


Reader Query: How to Choose Correct Make-up

Pallavi Agicha asks …………

Hey tanmayee I’m lik a realy big fan of us. Love the way u wear ua make up. I v actualy followd all of your reviews on ‘jus for girls’ n its helpd me a lot. I jus need a lill help fm u bt. Weneva I wear make up it lands up lookin powdery. help. I’m an amateur wen it cums to makeup so hav jus been usin it the way mom does. 
I use garnier bb cream ten maybelline dream matte mouse ten the eye make up the lip make up n cover girl compact at d end. I don’t no y it alws jus lands up lookin powdery. Hw to get tat shiny creamy look n nt d powdery caked look?? Pls guide me. Thanx



Thanks a lot Pallavi for your sweet words and that you find my posts helpful . This is a great encouragement for me as a beauty blogger 🙂 .

First of all my question is which Maybelline dream mousse you use? Do you use the liquid foundation airbrush finish ??

Secondly, It is very important to know your skin type before going forward with make-up or anything beauty related. If you have dry skin, a moisturizing liquid foundation would suit you well else if it tends towards being oily, you could use a foundation which is matte finish and lends a more matte look. Also it is very important to moisturize your face before applying makeup. This would help the make-up get absorbed better and lend a dewy finish.

So basically what is your skin type? normal to oily ?? or normal to dry?

I always use a moisturizer, mostly I use baby lotion before starting with putting anything else. Then I apply a stick foundation/concealer like Maybelline BB Stick and then blend it properly followed by light swipe of compact powder with a powder brush.. If I wish to go for heavier coverage, I apply Maybelline Dream matte mousse foundation airbrush finish  on top the BB stick and then set it with powder.

It is very important to choose a foundation color close to your skin tone, and blend it properly. you can use your finger-tips or a foundation brush, preferably after wetting it with water/rose water.

Hope this helps you 🙂 and do drop further queries on the comments section.





Maybelline “BB Stick” Review, Swatches and How to Apply!

My Last blog post left you reading, speculating, or may be musing about the newly launched BB Stick, by Maybelline. To read the product specification, please visit this link:


I received the product for review the day before yesterday and I just could not wait to try this :). It comes packed in the form of a bullet stick, which is very much similar to the Lotus Natural Blend 4 in 1 makeup stick. Only two shades are launched in this range, they sent me the shade “Fawn” which I felt is very much suited to my NC42 skin tone.

download (24)

The Shade: “Fawn”, a golden beige color , which would suit most of the Indian skin medium skin tones.

The Texture:  Very soft and silky, one is left with a airbrushed kind of feeling. It is moisturizing and does not feel overtly oily on my oily-combination skin. Blends easily and is very light on skin. I guess it might be oily for people with very oily skin, especially in summers.

download (20) download (1)

The Lasting: Lasted on me for an evening out, that is for about five hours. I cannot comment more on this because, I wore it only for the mentioned time period only.

The coverage: Medium, it is something which would lend a very natural look, and is n ideal daily wear product. It would not cater to those seeking heavier coverage.

The aroma: Nothing overbearing.

download (22)

download (19)

My Experience: I am impressed with its performance, this one is really good, apt to its nomenclature “BB Stick”.

It does, smooth out the overall persona of skin and minimize the appearance of pores to a great extent. The shade “Fawn” disappears into my skin to give me a very natural look, and at the same time covers minor flaws. Overall, a great product, especially for working women and students. The coverage is medium, it would not cover major imperfections.

Those who are concerned regarding the shade, I guess this particular shade would suit skin tones, above MAC NC 40. It is not so heavy in texture and very easy to blend, hence it easily disappears into the skin without any patches or un-uniformity.

Below, I have explained on its application procedure. I have applied this on bare moisturized face. Some product has stained my lips, sorry for that !

To apply, twist out the stick and swipe all over your face. Horizontally on the the forehead, on the bridge of nose, on the cheeks outwards and around the mouth.

To apply, twist out the stick and swipe all over your face. Horizontally on the the forehead, on the bridge of nose, on the cheeks outwards and around the mouth.

Blend nicely so that it disappears into the skin.
Complete Look with this stick!

Complete Look with this stick!


  1. Blends easily and gives natural finish.
  2. Disappears into skin, without any patches
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Feels light on skin
  5. Ideal for working women  and daily wear
  6. Covers minor imperfections and reduces pores to a great extent


  1. Might be oily for oily skinned beauties
  2. Shade selection is small

Price: INR 250, which I feel is justified!

Summary: A great base to cement your make-up with, Go for it!!

Product Score: 4.5/5

Product sent by brand for review, but it is totally based on my experience!


Maybelline Presents the “BB Stick” !!

So the all new BB cream ??????????? Nope ….. The “BB Stick” has hit the market !

Get set for the product Information below!

Press Release :



The world’s no.1 make-up brand, Maybelline New York, brings you our newest revolutionary product; BB Stick!

Here’s how the BB Stick is different from the BB Cream:

Flawless, radiant skin + 12hr shine control + 8 benefits in just 1 step!

  1. Mineral clay formula guarantees 12hr shine control.
  2. Contains Salicylic acid to manage combination & oily skin.
  3. Provides a soft, matte and radiant finish
  4. Sweat-resistant and sebum – resistant formula leaves skin fresh all day.
  5. Hides appearance of pores & imperfection.
  6. Contains SPF 21/PA+++ that protects skin from sun damage.
  7. Instantly evens skin tone. 
  8. Provides a power-light feel on skin.

Check it here: http://www.maybelline.co.in/products/face/cream/bb_stick_india.html

Price: Rs. 250.

Available in 2 shades: 

  1. .Radiance
  2. Fawn

A step by step picture/video review explaining how to use the product, it’s application.

Here is a reference video for the same: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBfUhz1d9u8































Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Liquid Foundation, Airbrush Finish Review

Well yes, Finally a foundation that is within a decent price range, from a reputed brand, offering excellent finish and coverage, which photographs well too! A complete foundation with almost no cons, within your budget. I have been using this in almost all of my makeup looks that I post here, the forte being it photographs really nice without leaving any whitish cast or ghostly look.

download (1)

The shade : Pure Beige, medium 2 , just disappears on my skin 🙂

The packaging: It comes in a pump dispenser which can be turned to lock and open.

The texture and finish: Mousse like liquid, seems like a lot of air bubbles has been trapped in. Light and smooth, blends miraculously well and disappears into your skin.  Though, you have to get a shade closest to your skin tone, this rule applies to all foundations universally 🙂

The lasting : Lasts effortlessly on my combination skin for 6 to 8 hours. I am happy!

The coverage: It provides medium coverage which can be built up. Fits my requirements perfectly.Also, it works as a good eye shadow primer 🙂 when I use this, I also prime my eyes with this. So, its hassle free, once product for all face over !

The right image shows, how it covers  the fine lines on my hand.

The right image shows, how it covers the fine lines on my hand.

My Experience : So I have been using this since last five months and I am so so satisfied ! A all in one product, which covers up minor flaws, and also acts as a great eye lid primer. Its smooth and very easy to work with, and only one pump full is enough to cover my whole face, including the eye lids. Yes, a very small amount is more than enough. Blends effortlessly to impart a smooth base , which looks dewy and airbrushed 🙂 . Its not that matte finish and I love it for this, lends a beautiful dewy look to the face. This did not break me out, and is not at all oily for my  combination skin, though girls with very oily skin might find it bit greasy. I definitely recommend this!

Price: INR 575 for 30 ml

Summary:  A complete foundation, that does what a foundation is supposed to do. It lends a perfect natural, airbrushed look to the skin and covers minor flaws. Acts a eye lid primer too 🙂 . Though it may not be a great coverage foundation for those requiring heavy coverage. I am happy with its deliverance and price.

Product Score : 5/5



The Make-Up Brushes, I Generally Use

I have been thinking about doing a post on makeup brushes since quite a while . These brushes are collected over a period of time. I was not much into eye make up until I started my blog, but even then I  had a few eye make up brushes, all of which are about a year old.  All of my brushes are bought singly, at random shopping escapades and I do aspire to order a sigma brush set or a Coastal Scents one soon :).

1. The Foundation Brush : The brush I use is a basic liquid foundation brush from a brand called “Ebelin”, bought from Germany. Its a pretty decent brush, with soft bristles, which help in smooth blending of liquid foundation. Also, its washable and I have washed it many times without any loss of bristles. I took its snap after washing, so the pic look bit weird.

2. The Blush Brush : The blush brush I am using is from Dubai, a brand called “Editors Picks”, Its pretty decent, helps in applying the blush effortlessly and also picks up very little amount so that I do not go overboard.  Sorry, its looking dirty with all the blush on it 😦

3. The Eye Brushes : The first two brushes from the left are flat shader brushes. The first one is from Faces and the second is from a German brand called “For your Beauty”. I own two flat shader brushes from Faces.

I love both of them, very convenient and easy to use. The third brush, that is the tallest one here, is a blending brush from Oriflame, which is not that good, it has a very long handle, which I find difficult to use. The Purple brush is a crease brush from Essence which I adore, very useful for smokey eye looks.

4. The Angled eye brush and the lip brush : Both the brushes are from Vega. They are good for beginners actually. I do not like the lip brush much as it feels very hard on the lips. The angled brush is decent as per the price its comes for though some of the bristles get disintegrated with use.

Do share your thoughts on your favourite brushes ! Hope you liked reading my post 🙂

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