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Reader Query: Suggestion for Dry Hair



I’m Supreethi, I  use to follow your blog from past few months back, its really great one for the ladies, Thanks for giving very good review of the products
I would like to take a suggestion from u for my long dry hair…. I tried shampoos & conditioners of different brands but no use. Could you please suggest me one good shampoo for making my dry hair to soft even hair oil also.
Looking forward for ur reply.
Supreethi Raja
First of all, I am a blogger and I hold no medical degree in dermatology 🙂 , so, the suggestions would be very generic and you are to follow them at your discretion. So, apart from a protein and calcium rich diet, you need to drink lots of water and need to have clear bowel movements. Some tips are mentioned below:
  1. Bi- weekly oil massage with equal portions of warmed Almond Oil and Olive Oil is advised. The oil need not be kept over night and can be washed after four hours of application.
  2. Also, a hair pack made of Mashed Banana, Powdered Fenugreek and Olive Oil works wonder. This can be applied weekly
  3. Also, get hold of good professional shampoo and conditioner suited to dry hair along with a hair spa cream. I would recommend Javed Habib products or Loreal Professional Range.
  4. Also, a pack of Egg Yolk and Olive oil relieves hair dryness.

I hope you find the tips useful.



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