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Dove Elixir “Rose and almond oil” Review

I was floored, rather carried away by its packaging and inspite of dull reviews went ahead with it . I ordered it online on Flipkart.com and along with few other books. The bottle is fragile and I must mention, Flipkart packed it with utmost care and wrapped it with big bubble wrapping plastic.



This is one of the worst products I have used in the past few months . A dud for sure!

The texture is light and non-greasy, the credit goes to oodles of mineral oil in the ingredients. When I apply it to my hair, I feel I have applied something artificial and this fact SCREAMS ! I did not notice any difference in my hair with its usage and I am happy that I did not face any adverse effects as well 🙂 . The aroma is quite strong and doesn’t favor my taste.

The oil comes packed in a heavy glass bottle with pump dispenser and the so called “herbal” ingredients are seen suspended in the oil. This imparts a very beautiful and classy look to the whole thing, barring that, I do not find any reason to fancy this.

IMG_5834 IMG_5840


Price: INR 180, total waste for me

Summary: Not recommended at all


Patanjali Almond Oil Review

You might be surprised why I did not write the full name of the product on the main header, yes I was lazy to write the complicated name 🙂 . So, I am going forward and reviewing it as patanjali Almond Oil. This is an amazing product like most other Patanjali products I have used .

download (9)

The Look : A simple plain Almond Oil, which is pure and untouched. It has no apparent aroma and is light and non greasy in texture.

My Say: I love it 🙂 . Its an all purpose oil which can be used as a hair oil or nourishing skin oil. An an hair oil, it makes the hair soft and shiny , keeps the tresses nourished. Also, it moisturizes the hair ends to a great extent. I generally tend to get split ends, when My hair grows beyond a particular length, this time I did not notice any. But, I am not quite sure, if it is its effect :). Oiling the hair with warm almond oil and then massaging gently following it up with a turban therapy, really keeps the hair glossy and shiny.

As a skin nourisher, it makes the skin smooth and soft. I have oily-combination skin, and I used this daily on my face before sleeping since the past one month. I have seen a change in the way it looks, its more soft and glowing. Also, keeps the dark circles or tiredness around the eyes at bay. I do not have issue of dark circles though.  To mention, it never broke me out. But, I would advise you to exercise caution if you have oily/acne prone skin.

On the bottle its is mentioned it acts as a good stress reliever when used on nose and ears, only few drops. Also, it is good for the brain when used with milk. Overall, its a great oil to have in one’s house.

download (1)

Price: INR 100

Summary: Highly recommended! Do get this  for your hair, you would not regret. For people with acne prone skin,or oily skin , I would advice for use with caution.It is good for dry skin though. Also can be used as an under eye oil.

Product Score: 5/5

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Patanjali Tejus Tailam Review

Well, Patanjali products need no introduction. I swear by their Aloevera gel reviewed here : http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/07/20/patanjali-aloe-vera-gel-review/ and the rose water reviewed here: http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/08/01/patanjali-rose-water-review/ . Here, I am writing about their all purpose oil called “Tejus Tailum”.

The Look: Its a golden orange-ish colored oil which is light in texture and easy to spread all over and use.

The purpose: Its a all purpose oil which can be used for both hair and body.

The aroma: It smells of incense sticks , yes actually it is as such 🙂  also has a hint of garlic to it, awful. I detest this smell, induces kind of headache in me. If you can bear this smell, it is definitely  going to do some good to you.  The aroma fades away after sometime, but it leaves a hint on the clothes.

My experience: Okay I am happy with this :). I used this as a body oil for my child and it kept his skin soft, smooth an glowing. I did not like the smell, so I used it only thrice a week and also used a baby lotion after his bath to combat the aroma. I also use it , and its ideal for adults too especially for use in winters when the skin feels dry and stretchy. Dry skinned ladies should definitely give this a try. I also, tried it on my hair weekly once and I vouch for it. It made my hair soft, shiny and reduced hair fall to some extent. I applied in the morning upon waking up and washed it off after two hours, putting up a tough fight with its aroma 😛 . Overall a very nice product, I recommend.

Price: I forgot actually, I think INR 70 for 100 ml which is quite economical for this quality

Summary: Go for it !! Ideal mixture of many good oils such as sesame, olive, almond and many other oils which are good for both body and hair.

Product Score: 4/5 , points deducted for the strong smell.


Johnson and Johnson Baby Hair Oil with Avocado Review

I am a mother and have accquired little experience being a mother, always thinking about little things which can make difference in my child’s life :). The brand Johnson and Johnson is the one I resort to when it comes to my child’s bodycare products. Today I am reviewing the J&J Hair Oil, I use it regularly for my son and it has been very good to my baby’s hair :). 

The hair oil comes in a strong plastic bottle, which is handy and easy to travel around with. It is very mild and contains extracts of avocado which is a natural moisturizer and is known to be good for skin and hair. It ideally keeps the childs hair nourished and manageable, its absolutely light and non-sticky. As its very light, it doesn’t weigh down the child’s hair  . The product smells awesome, very light and baby like , which I adore. It can be used on babies, toddlers and even bigger children, all in all a great product. I use it for my child on alternate days.

Price: Rs. 55 for 100 ml

Summary: Highly recommended! Great for babies, toddlers and bigger children. A must buy! It did not cause any adverse reactions on my child, has pleasant smell. It also helps in keeping the child neat, as its non-sticky and lite. You can use it as per your need, can be used daily.

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