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Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo Review

Biotique is a pro nature brand encompassing ranges of beauty potions from skincare to make-up. The entry into make-up cosmetics domain is quite recent though. Bioqtiue, has had a sweet sour relationship with me, as in, some products just conjured up magic for me, while some let me down miserably.

I am reviewing the Henna Leaf Shampoo from biotique, the only shampoo from this brand which works magic on my tresses. To mention, I have tried their walnut bark and neem shampoo and they did not live up to my expectations.


The Look : A light reddish brown gel like appearance, with a runny consistency .

The Smell: Very much herbal or ayurvedic sort of 🙂

My Take: The shampoo lathers luxuriantly, and yet maintains moisture balance on my normal hair. It cleans exuberantly and leaves a lingering herbal smell.  Also, it highlights the hair with a burgundy tinge and even covers grey hair with a reddish hennalike hue. I  love this shampoo for this very fact, as it painlessly imparts a henna tinge to my hair, without the hardwork. Also, it reduces product build up, cleans the hair of dirt and grime, to some extent works on dandruff too. It did not cause any adverse reactions on my hair.

But, I have a warning as it might dehydrate dry hair and it is better that people with dry hair stay away from it.

Summary : A great shampoo for normal to oily hair 🙂 that colors, cleans and conditions in one go. Not recommended for dry hair.

Product Score: 4/5

Price: 180 for 200 ml, also available online.






Green Tea For a Healthier Mane

Beauty Glimpse is a newly launched beauty, health and lifestyle portal, which is sure to cater to your grooming issues and be a one stop solution to your health and beauty queries.

In this article I share the benefits of Green Tea for a healthier mane. The information has been exclusively shared by http://www.beautyglimpse.com/ for the benefit of readers 🙂


Can Green Tea Help With Hair Loss?

Green tea is the new age craze among modern people who want to stay fit and healthy in a comprehensive manner. Known to be an herbal solution that is rich in dietary benefits, green tea is the best help for all who want to lose those extra fats without rigorous workout at the gym. Not only for good health, green tea is equally amazing in hair care and protection needs. Confused? Well, here we will give you all the benefits and profits that you can extract from green tea for your tresses.

Green Tea and Its Components for Hair Health

To start with, let’s know more about green tea and its various aspects for maximum benefits. Green tea is mostly available from the sinensis of Camellia which is processed and extracted according to medical process. Though originally green tea was found in regions of China, nowadays as its demand grows by leaps, green tea is cultivated in other parts of the world simultaneously.

Studies have revealed that green tea contains several components which are significantly beneficial for hair growth and repair requirements. The prominent compounds that you get to find in this herbal tea include polyphenols and flavonoids which are rich in antioxidants and anticarcinogenic properties, thus ensuring maximum health profits. It also contains several other nutrient values such as zinc, vitamin, ascorbic acid and many more which are proved to be great hair repair remedies.

Also read how to use green tea to deal with acne and breakouts in this article.

How Green Tea Repairs Hair Loss Problems?

• The first and foremost benefit that you get to enjoy with green tea is that it is loaded with multiple skincare and healthcare advantages. As it cleans your body toxins from within, your hair root also gets improved and prevented from frequent hair loss problem.

• The prime element found in green tea is antioxidant – a crucial ingredient in skincare and hair repair method. Antioxidants largely help in repairing dead skin cells and enhancing the blood circulation process, thus evacuating clogging and dryness on the scalp.

• Green tea also helps in regulating hormonal changes in human body, especially among women.Therefore, again it acts as prevention in hair loss or scalp baldness which is better known as Alopecia.

• Green tea also adds nourishment and supplements to dry and frizzy hair, giving birth to new hair follicles.

With help of a cup of green tea daily, you can beat all the above stated hair loss problems with ease and effectiveness.


Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + Flatliner Heat Protectant Hair Spray Review

Well, I bought this along with my Phillips Straightening Iron that I acquired around four months back. This is the first heat protectant spray I am using and I am quite satisfied with the results. Before, I bought this I ironed my hair without any protectant and I felt it did damage it to some extent and so the difference after using this was quite obvious.

Also, I am not keeping well for past week and hence the slag in blogging pace 😦 .

The Look: It is a light liquid, which comes in a spray form in a metal bottle. The packaging is quite sturdy and easy to carry as it comes with a spray lock option.


My Take : I usually part my hair in sections and spray it along the hair shaft avoiding the roots and then start ironing my hair. The hair looks smooth, tangle free and much softer with its use. Also, the hair stays without freeze for longer time. The smell is quite funny and some of you may not like it, barring that it is a great heat protectant spray available in the Indian market. i bought it from  http://purplle.com/ on 15 percent discount. I am very much happy with the service provided by them.

Quick overview ( taken from purplle.com):

Give hair a boost of moisture and strength with hydrolised silk and wheat proteins.

Details of Schwarzkopf Osis+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum (200ml)

  • Schwarzkopf Osis+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum gives you long lasting flat and shiny looking hair
  • Osis+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum smoothes and reduces frizz on your curly and wavy hair
  • Flatliner has 200°C heat proof ingredients and will also protects against humidity
  • It gives you even results also on varying degrees of porosity
  • The serum has hydrolyzed silk and wheat proteins to provide a smooth silky finish
  • Suitable for dry hair

Additional Information  

On your dry hair, spray over individual sections prior to using hot irons. Alternative is to use it on your damp hair. Spray evenly over your whole hair prior to blow-drying, then straighten your dry hair

The Link : http://purplle.com/product/schwarzkopf-osis-flatliner-flattening-iron-serum-200ml?stracker=search&sqid=2256642

Summary: The heat protectant effectively smoothes and protects the hair, without drying the hair out. Also, it keeps the straightening effect frizz free for a longer time. Overall, I happy with it and would recommend it to my readers. Also, it might weigh down oily hair , so I advice caution to people with oily hair before buying this.

Price: INR 744 for 200ml from Purplle.com
Product: 4/5

Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil Review

I received this oil for review and I have been using this for about a month and half. The oil claims to contain olive oil, almond oil and aloevera.



The look: Light olive green colored

The Smell: Moderately strong herbal smell, which is somewhat sensitive to my nose. It might vary from one individual to another. One of my friend tried it and she said she likes the smell.

The Texture: It is much similar to olive oil in consistency and is a good treatment oil. I advise to keep it for a couple of hours and then shampoo it off.

My Take: The oil has a softening effect on the strands, and is very good for people with frizzy hair. It makes the hair manageable and visibly shiny. I have used it bi-weekly as a over night treatment and washed the hair off the next day. I have tested this oil on me and my friend , even she has the same feedback on it. The oil makes the hair manageable, soft and shiny. I could really feel the difference. The only con for me is the smell, it was bit strong for my liking and I hope Dabur could make it milder. As I said, my friend did not find the smell bothering. So, it may vary across individuals.


  1. Makes hair Shiny
  2. Makes hair soft
  3. A good treatment hair oil, better than many costlier options
  4. Also combats dryness.
  5. The hair becomes manageable
  6. I like it that it actually looks like olive oil and doesn’t have the light mineral oil like texture.


  1. The smell, but it might vary across individuals
  2. Has silicones
  3. Might not suit oily hair

Price: INR 110 for 200 ml

Summary: I recommend it ! Very nice hair oil. The oil is heavy,  so I advise to massage the hair with it  and keep it overnight or for few hours and then wash it off.

Product Score: 4/5


product sent by brand for consideration.







First Impressions: Love Long Hair Range


So, the very first impressions on the blind review ………

Well, I tried it three times since I received it and I feel it softens the hair a lot, in a way the mane glistens 🙂 . It feels cleaner and shinier after every use. Also, my hair seems to retain the effect for atleast four days, which is quite a great thing for my normal to oily hair.

Also, it smells really good, very feminine, soft yet lingering aroma.

I shall post the swatches and a much detailed review in a weeks time from now 🙂 till then, hold up with your curiosity !


The Introductory post on this series is here.


Introducing : Love Long Hair Range


Just Yesterday, I received this product and…………..I’m really excited to find out what this range really is and can’t wait to know more about this product.……….

It is a blind review programme and I received a shampoo and a conditioner for review purpose 🙂 I look forward to try them out and review them in my upcoming posts 🙂 

The bottles are plain white in color with just the “love long hair” written on them….. The Shampoo claims not only cleansing but also promises to make it strong and shiny. The Conditioner promises to keep the hair soft, tangle free and moisturized 🙂 …………

As of now, only the pictures for you to satiate the curiosity, while it goes under the scanner :)…………..




Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I am trying a Sunsilk shampoo after a long time actually and it makes me nostalgic of my childhood days, when we always had the black Sunsilk perched on our bathroom rack. I saw the bottle undergoing many changes, leaving me awestruck every time with its new form 🙂 . Recently, it was sent to me for review and I am more than happy to try it.



The Look : The shampoo has a runny consistency, and has a glistening shine to it and the conditioner is moderately thick in consistency. Both of them are pale powder green in color.

The Smell: Very fresh and energizing yet not over powering. I am loving it 🙂

Product Claims: It is claimed to have natural ingredients free of parabens, also infused with Ginseng Root extracts for added volume and hair growth. It is a co-creation of Sunsilk with Jamal Hammadi, who is a natural haircare expert.

My Take on the Shampoo: It lathers luxuriantly, unless you have hard water, which minimizes the lathering effect. The water in my area is soft and has very low mineral content due to which I experienced a great cleansing experience with it. One of my friends lives in a area, where the water is mostly hard due to the frequency of water tankers there, She also tried this shampoo and feels it did not lather as expected. After usage, the hair looks voluminous and bouncy, which is a great factor for people with thin hair, as it would definitely add to the volume. Overall a decent shampoo 🙂 . I cannot comment on whether it arrests hair fall or aides hair growth, as I have used it for a short period of time. I feel it would be a great shampoo for normal to oily hair as it cleans thorough and dry hair might feel drier after its usage.

Swatch of shampoo

Swatch of shampoo

My Take on the Conditioner: It is moderately thick in consistency and effectively de-tangles the hair. The hair becomes more manageable and tangle free after its usage. Overall a decent conditioner for normal to oily hair types. It may not be that hydrating on dry hair.

Swatch of Conditioner

Swatch of Conditioner

Overall Pros and cons of the shampoo and conditioner….. the first five points on the pros list describe the shampoo…..


  1. Lather well unless you have hard water
  2. Cleans well
  3. Smells great
  4. Gives bounce and volume to hair which lasts for few days, good for people with thin hair
  5. Good for normal to oily hair
  6. The conditioner de-tangles well
  7. The conditioner makes the hair more manageable


  1. Might not suit dry hair
  2. Ingredients list is not completely natural

Price : Shampoo 340 ml costs INR 219 and Conditioner 80 ml costs INR 64.

Product Score: 3.5/5

PR Sample. The review is honest to my experience.


Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener Review

” Grass is always greener on the other side”….. as goes the saying, I always felt if my hair were perfectly straight …. 🙂

My hair is wavy and I always dreamt of donning straight hair style someday, and permanent straightening is not something I liked. Gradually, the market saw the advent of various types of hair styling products and after reading a lot of reviews on them, I zeroed upon this hair straightener from philips.




Key Features

  • Extra Wide Plates
  • Easy Lock
  • 60 sec Heat-up Time
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Universal Voltage
  • Ion Conditioning
  • 210° C Professional High Heat
  • Swivel Cord

My Take: The straightening iron takes 30 seconds to heat up and has ionic plates which produces indirect heat to straighten the hair. The plates are extra wide and very good if one has long and thick hair. It takes 10 minutes to straighten my hair completely. It should be used on hair that is dry after shampooing and the straightening effect lasts until the next wash. We should be careful not to wet the hair in between. Also, it shuts off automatically when it reaches the threshold heat level. After usage, it has to be cooled and stored properly secure in the box that it came with. Also, the plates need to be wiped clean after every usage with a soft dry cloth.

It is advised to use a heat protectant spray or serum before flat ironing the hair to ensure minimum damage. Also, a smoothening and shine serum can be used before straightening to ensure extra smoothness. A great hair straightener and I absolutely recommend it.

Before straighteneing

Before straighteneing

And after using the straightening iron…………

after straightening

after straightening


Price: INR 1695 from Flipkart on 15% discount

Product Score: 4.5/5


Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum

A smoothing serum helps in smoothing the hair,  keep it tangle free and manageable. It is advised to use such serums only on the hair shaft and avoid the scalp. Most serum contain silicone as their key ingredient which imparts the detangling and smoothing effect. So, they are best used occasionally and sparingly. I have been using this over a year now and love the effect it has on my hair.



The Look: A transparent non-sticky emulsion which mimics oil buy is not oily

The feel: Has an intense smoothing and detangling effect on the hair which lasts for quite a few hours.

The aroma: It strong at first and then gradually mellows down to a nice floral smell

My Take: A serum that does its work perfectly. A little quantity goes a long way, if required, it can be applied again. If used after shampooing, it makes the hair really glossy and each hair strand appears separate.  This is in case of straight to moderately wavy hair, which is my hair type. If your hair is normal yo dry, this is the perfect serum for you. Also, it is  very much affordable. I would not recommend it for oily hair, as it might make your hair flat.

I take a little quantity on my palm, rub both hands and work it through my hair shaft.


Price: INR 295

Product Score: 4/5


Dove Elixir “Rose and almond oil” Review

I was floored, rather carried away by its packaging and inspite of dull reviews went ahead with it . I ordered it online on Flipkart.com and along with few other books. The bottle is fragile and I must mention, Flipkart packed it with utmost care and wrapped it with big bubble wrapping plastic.



This is one of the worst products I have used in the past few months . A dud for sure!

The texture is light and non-greasy, the credit goes to oodles of mineral oil in the ingredients. When I apply it to my hair, I feel I have applied something artificial and this fact SCREAMS ! I did not notice any difference in my hair with its usage and I am happy that I did not face any adverse effects as well 🙂 . The aroma is quite strong and doesn’t favor my taste.

The oil comes packed in a heavy glass bottle with pump dispenser and the so called “herbal” ingredients are seen suspended in the oil. This imparts a very beautiful and classy look to the whole thing, barring that, I do not find any reason to fancy this.

IMG_5834 IMG_5840


Price: INR 180, total waste for me

Summary: Not recommended at all

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