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Sebowash Shampoo From Cipla Review

Acute hair fall! Hair falling in clumps ! A situation near to aloepecia?

Read on, check out and see if this shampoo solves your issue.

This shampoo was prescribed to my mother-in-law, by the dermatologist as she was going through severe hair fall. Her hair was falling in clumps, whenever she used to comb. After trying numerous solutions, she stuck to this shampoo, I am reviewing today. Perhaps, It might help some woman in distress, of course on the condition that it suits her. Each skincare product especially if it is medicated need to be tried with care, it is well and good if it suits a person and if not, it might be worse.

The Look and Texture: A white colored opaque fluid, which is moderately runny. Lathers luxioriously while shampooing.

The Aroma:Has a pleasant floral smell which stays for about 5 -6 hours after the wash.

How it fared: Initially it worked a miracle, the hair fall was arrested within days of usage. Also very few hair fell during the washing process. While combing, very few hair strands were uprooted. The hair fall had decreased considerably for about six months after its use, when it was used consistently twice a week. Does not dry out the hair or makes it rough. The hair feels soft and shiny after the wash.

But now the grim part is, that with gradual use its effectiveness decreased. After six months of use, gradually the hair fall seemed to return back, though not massive but yes more than it used to be after the shampoo was first used.

Price: INR 120 for 100 ml

Summary: Well, miraculously arrests hairfall with initial use but, with gradual use the effectiveness seems to decrease, which is the con . People suffering from acute hairfall might try after a consultation with the Derma.

Product Score: 3.5 /5


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