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Balea Urea Hand Creme Review

Balea is a German brand and offers great products that are affordable too. The product I am reviewing today is a hand cream which does its job really well.



The Smell: Very mild almost unnoticeable.

The Look: A thick creamy consistency which spreads and disappears easily into the skin.

My Take: The hand Cream contains Urea, which is an intensive moisturizer and helps restore moisture balance in the skin. I remember, my mother used to use a Urea based face cream when I was a child. Also urea moisturizes the nails and makes them smooth and strong. The moisturizing effect is quite long and one doesn’t feel the urge to moisturize for up to four hours in winter season.The main drawback is the availability and if you get the chance to travel to Germany or have someone there, do get a couple of these. They last really long and little goes a long way. I wish we has such good hand cremes in India 😦

Price: Less than 1 Euro

Product Score: 5/5


Balea Hand Cream Review

Have you heard the name of this brand before??

Okay, its a German brand which offers skincare, bodycare and cosmetics at really affordable prices , and it does so without compromising on quality. That is the best part with skincare there, we get really good stuffs at unimaginable prices. I have used Balea compact, body wash, facial wax strips and lots more, all of which were really good.

Now coming to the hand cream, its a hydrating, softening, smoothening, calming hand cream. I am addicted to it and this one is my last tube 🙂 and unfortunately, I do not have access to more of it. It has a light, water base texture which is thick and immediately has a calming effect on the skin. I so love this effect. I use it sparingly nowadays, as its going to get over soon. Its a must buy, if you have access to it.

Price: Dirt cheap, less than 1 Euro, I think around 80 euro cents.

Summary: Do get this if you get a chance. Very good hand cream and keeps the hands smooth and soft. Only con, not available in India.

Product Score: 4.5/5

Below is the swatch, the color is similar to the TBS olive body butter.


Beauty Tip: For super soft hands

I came across this line somewhere :

“He who beholds her hand forgets her face”

Beautiful hands are an important aspect of grooming. Our hands need attention with due importance to the fact that our hands reflect our age. We should devote few minutes daily along with our facial regimen to maintain their look and feel. Keeping this in view, our hands need to be moisturized daily. Its better to invest in a good hand cream. In the west, its an important aspect of daily skincare regimen which is gradually creeping in among us Indians.

Tip: Take some fresh cream, usually the layer which forms over boiled milk, and mix it with some sugar. Then take the mix and gradually rub both of hands together and scrub until the sugar granules melt off. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash off. The hands feel super clean and soft. This procedure keeps dead skin cells away from the hands and makes them glowing and young. After this procedure, moisturize the hands with a thick hand cream. I do it on alternate days but use the hand cream daily three times. Hope you find this tip useful.

Do let me know your view!!

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