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Maybelline Dream LumiTouch Highlighing Concealer Review

This has become an indispensable part of my make-up regimen, for it conceals and brightens in one step. I have been using this for last three months and I feel, it is worth the adulation. A great product at a great price.



The look : A creamy emulsion that comes in a pen dispenser form. The back of the pen has to be pressed to eject the content. The applicator brush that comes attached with it, helps in precise application, then it can be blended to cover and highlight. The shade name is “buff”

The Smell: Not bothersome.

The pigmentation : Well, it provides medium coverage and covers minor flaws. If you need very high coverage, this product is not for you.

before blending

before blending


after blending

after blending

How it works: It works as a great eye and under eye area concealer, and also as a good eye primer. After applying the foundation, I apply it around my eye socket and blend it in, also around the corners of the mouth and nose. It does not have any conspicuous glitter or high shine, and imparts a very naturally emanating glow. One cannot expect it to cover major acne marks and blemishes. It is a product tailored made for skin that does not require much coverage.

Highly Recommended ! It is a holy grail product for me, and I shall buy it again 🙂


  1. Decent highlighter
  2. Not glittery and artificial
  3. Imparts a natural glow
  4. Works as a great eye primer
  5. Brightens the under eye area and also corners of nose and mouth
  6. Not harsh on skin


  1. Not for high coverage requirements
  2. limited Shades available

Price: INR 475 for 1.5 ml

Product Score: 4/5



pr sample. honest review.





Make-Up Bits and Bytes : Highlights and Contours

What for are highlights and contours actually? I seemed to have asked this question to myself quite sometime , when I was a make-up novice 🙂 Gradually I came to know that, highlights and contours are basically enhancers and also they can be done away with in daily make-up situations.


Highlighting and contouring lends a three dimensional effect to the whole make-up canvas rather than making it look flat. Also, some lighting situations can make the make-up fall flat, this is when the highlights and contours come to rescue. Highlights are basically applied to those areas of the face where the make-up artist wants to stand out and contours are applied to the areas of the face where the make-up artist wants to shade it back. With Proper blending the highlighting and contouring can lend a beautiful flawless look, without the make-up being visible. It is always advised to either highlight or contour at one time, as because, if you imagine that a lighter shade is applied on the high of the cheekbones, it automatically shadows the contours of the face and vice-versa.  Also, it is very important to figure out where the light falls on the face as well the naturally shadowed areas.

The correct use of colors for highlights and contours are important. If the highlight is applied with a heavy hand or if the shade is too light, then the make-up finish would appear harsh and over done. Highlight shades in off-white, cream, gold, yellow or pink works across various skin tones. The usage of pure white color as a highlight is discouraged as it appears too harsh. Similarly, one should not use pure black to contour.  Good colors for contouring are brownish pinks, reds, oranges etc , basically the shades which are little bit darker than the skin worked upon.

So, with this little knowledge on highlights and contours, to make them work magically the art of blending works like magic. Blending basically refers to the art of applying make-up seamlessly without any harsh lines or edges visible. It is always advised to blend from light to dark areas  for a seamless effect.

Blend ………..Blend…. ………..Blend ! is the mantra to achieve a  flawless finish to any make-up.

So dear friends, share your inputs on my attempt to explain the art of make-up 🙂


Essence Single Eye Shadow “Mystic Lemon” Swatches and Review

Again Essence 🙂 🙂

This time it is their single eye shadow, shade “Mystic lemon”.

The color is a creamy very very light yellow, which when blended lends a beautiful sheen to the skin. It is not shimmery or chalky and blends like a dream. The finish is kinda Satiny.

Ideal highlighting shade especially for the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.  Essence says it belongs to the holographic range, but I could not undermine any holographic effect of it 😛 :). It lasts for about six hours on primed eyes and without primer it fades off real soon. Highly pigmented shade, one swipe picks up sufficient amount of the ES.

Now coming to the best part of this shade, its touted to be a close dupe of the NARS “Albatross” blush. I use  this shade mostly for highlighting my face, the areas such as bridge of nose, the cheekbones below the eye socket, the cupids bow etc. When blended, this eye shadow makes the skin glow like satin, without being chunky glittery or shimmery. I have found my HG highlighter in this one :). The glow seems to emanate from within.  I am more than happy to have found a “Albatross” dupe for a dime :). Its a perfect highlighter for the yellow undertone  of my complexion.

The left Swatch is of essence ES “Disco Queen”, I reviewed few days back and the right one is of “Mystic Lemon”.

Price: Euro 1.55

Summary: Highly Recommended :). Please Please buy it if you get a chance. Its a Eye Shadow and highlighter combined in one, and is worth a dime. Very Versatile product. Awesome quality, finish, texture and lasting power, but yes your face should be primed and Prepared.

Product score: 4.5/5

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