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Maybelline Colossal Kajal “Turquoise” Review, Swatches and Look

I received this about ten days back, but sorry for being late in posting, owing to health issues. This is the latest offering from Maybelline, which is famous for its innovative new launches in the beauty bazaar 🙂 and is no less pretty than the original colossal kajal. The color is striking yet wearable with exquisite quality and performance.



The Look : A pure turquoise blue colored kajal, that makes the eyes look dreamy and beautiful.

The Pigmentation, Lasting and texture: It has a very soft texture and glides smoothly without being harsh on the lids and the pigmentation is noteworthy, and goes fully opaque in about two swipes. It needs to be applied with light hands, as the kajal is very soft and too much pressure might break it. It lasted easily on me without smudging for about six hours on my primed eye lids.

My Take: I wear contact lenses and the kajal did not irritate my eyes at all, though I did not wear it on my water line. The color is really beautiful and would flatter medium complexions the most, I feel :). It might seem loo loud, but when I wear it it looks really pretty on my eyes and I can wear it all day through. A must have for me, and can be used to create various looks like, it can be applied all over the lid smudged to make it appear like an eye shadow.

Highly Recommended ! A versatile product, which can be used as a liner and eye shadow as well. The color should suit all complexions, but would flatter medium complexioned beauties the most.


  1. Pretty color
  2. Lasts long
  3. Doesn’t smudge for long, when applied on primed eyes
  4. Non- Irritating
  5. Smooth texture
  6. Decently pigmented


  1. Only one, that it is soft in texture and has to be applied with light hands to ensure that it does not break.




Eye Make-up : I have lined my eyes with the turquoise kohl and then tight-lined with the black colossal kajal. So, It is a COLOSSAL SHOW !


I have worn it with MAC Crosswires lipstick and Sleek Blush By 3 “lace” , the blush name is “guipure” from the palette. The foundation is MAC studio Fix Powder over Maybelline BB cream.



Price: INR 250

Product Score: 4/5



Pr Sample. honest review.


Loreal Kajal Magique Review and Swatches – Supreme Black

I am rather late in reviewing this 🙂 The beauty market has seen the advent of quite a few kohls of late and this is brought to you by Loreal, which claims to be smudge proof, water proof and have greater lasting power.

More Info : http://www.lorealparis.co.in/cosmetics/eyes/kajal_magique/kajal-magique.aspx




The Shade: Black

The packaging and application: I am impressed, very attractive and fuss free application.

The Texture: Very soft and smooth, glides like butter.

The Pigmentation : Actually the pigmentation could have been better and more intense. It needs building up for up to three swipes, and after built up it looks intense and black.

The Lasting: It lasted for up to four hours on my primed lids, and smudged quite a bit. I feel it would not last much on oily lids and during the summer season.



In the above picture, I have applied the kajal on my eyes and also have no mascara on. Actually, I forgot 🙂

My Take: I am very much happy with the packaging , it enables a fuss free precise application and would recommend it to those who prefer their kajal to appear more natural.  It lends a natural look to the eyes and in a way I feel my eyes look softer and elegant. I wear it on those days , when I do not require it to last very long and do not want to look made-up. Also it is  very easy to take off. I would have been happier if it lasted longer and had been more pigmented.


  1. smooth texture
  2. fuss free application and doesn’t tug or pull
  3. glides smoothly
  4. non irritating
  5. Easy to remove
  6. Looks very natural, best aspect 🙂


  1. Could have been more pigmented
  2. Lasting could have been longer

Price: INR 245

Product Score: 3.5/5

Product sent by brand but review is honest to my experience.


Maybelline Colossal Kajal NEW – 12 hour formula Review and Swatches

Well, it is a co-incidence that I see myself reviewing the same product back to back 🙂 . The last post saw me reviewing the regular Colossal Kajal, which I have been using for past two years and in this post, I am reviewing the all new Colossal Kajal, which claims to last for 12 hours.



The Product: The New Maybelline Colossal Kajal

The Packaging: Usual twist up stick , easy to use and no need to sharpen.

The Color: Very black and If I compare it with the older version, this is little more black.

The Pigmentation, Texture and finish: It is much softer and smoother than the older one, the finish is creamier which makes it look more intense and black.

The Lasting: Lasts for about five hours on my eyes without budging and then gradually fades away. Although, It doesn’t last for twelve hours as it claims, it doesn’t matter to me because it is an excellent kohl at a great price.



My Take: I am a ardent fan of the Colossal Kajal, for you can see it if you have read my previous post 🙂 . The new version is softer, smoother and more intense than the old kajal. Also, it glides on smoothly and applies dark to give a more feminine finish. The not so good factor is it tends to smudge slightly after few hours of wear, unlike the older version. This might be because the texture is softer and smoother than the earlier version.

Moreover, the price is great and would be an attractive bet for college goers and beauties on a budget. I absolutely recommend it!

So, far I am loving it and wearing it everyday 🙂


  1. Smooth texture
  2. Ease of application
  3. Intense pigmentation
  4. Give a dark and feminine look
  5. Easy on pocket
  6. Decently long wearing


  1. Tends to smudge slightly after few hours of wear

This is how it looks on my eyes ………..



Price: INR 175

Product Score: 4/5

Summary: A must have kajal especially if you are on a budget. The texture, finish and pigmentation is great and it doesn’t irritate the eyes. It lasts fairly good enough  , upto 6 hours , though not twelve hours as it claims. This should not deter one from this because, the quality is great for the price and it is comparable to high end kohls in the market.

Product sent by brand but its an honest review.


Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review and Swatches

The Kajal that needs no introduction !

I love this kajal, the only Kajal in my stash as of now 🙂 you would be surprised to know ! I used MAC smolder before this and once I used the colossal kajal, I have been using this every single day I wear kajal 🙂



The Pigmentation: Very very intense and black 🙂 Very good quality and that too at a very low price tag .

The lasting: It lasts whole day on me without smudging , though the intensity fades with time but the difference is inconspicuous.

The texture and application: Very smooth and intense ! Though, there are feedbacks that it is hard and tugs the lid area .

My Take : As I said, I have been using this frequently and it is the only black kohl in my stash 🙂  I really like it and the intense, non-smudgy effect it gives to my eyes. Also , it can be used to line the lash line, waterline and create smudgy eye looks.  I use contact lens but this never irritated my eyes or had any side – effects . Over all a great kohl on budget.




Price: INR 150

Summary: Go grab it! A great kohl at a great price. Though there are better ones available in the market, this won’t disappoint you either.

Product Score: 4/5

Looks created with this kohl 🙂




“This Valentine’s Day, EYE AM falling in love!”

This post is about the limited edition Colossal Kajal from Maybelline Newyork. This is also one of my most used kajal 🙂

Maybelline  asked girls on their Facebook  page to show  their creativity and send in their designs for this special pack.

With over 150+ entries received, the Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Colossal Kajal is now all ready, and waiting to be bought by millions of girls in India! It’s Black. It’s Bold. It’s Smudge free and guess what? It’s now available at select Maybelline New York counters!

So grab one for you today !

Visit this link for more info:


Stay Gorgeous, get Colossal!

PR info!

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