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The Body Shop Camomile Eye and Lip Make-up Remover Review

If you are a make-up lover, make-up remover is something that is indispensable for you. The importance of proper make-up remover cannot be emphasized more and it should be delved into a habit to remove all the make-up before you sleep. A beautiful make-up needs a decent canvas , and make-up removal helps us to achieve it. Nothing can do more harm to the skin, than to sleep with the make-up on, resulting in acne and other kinds of blemishes.



The Look: The make-up remover is bi-phased with a optimum mix of oil and water.

How to use: It has to be shaken well before use and then poured on cotton wool and wiped all over the face. Though it is a eye and lips make-up remover, I have used it all over my face and loved it.

My Take: It removes all traces of make up, even waterproof ones, as claimed. Also, it is mild on the face and doesn’t result in allergy or reaction on the skin. I always use it with a cotton wool and wipe off the entire face with it. Also, after that I cleanse with my Cetaphil lotion for sensitive skin and then with face wash.

It is gentle for use on the eyes and doesn’t sting my eyes. A good makeup remover that is available in India.

Price: INR 650

Product Score: 4.5/5


My German Make Up Haul Post

So, I am posting a few pictures of some cosmetics from German Brand P2 🙂 . This is a German drugstore brand that churns out some exceptionally good and decent products at a great price .

The haul consists of……..

  • P2 Matte Deluxe Lipstick “I adore you”
  • P2 Matte Deluxe Lipstick “I kiss you”
  • P2 lip-liner in Fuchsia, Cherry and Chocolate
  • P2 Express Nail Polish Remover
  • P2 Perfect Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover

Only the pictures for you to enjoy 🙂 The lipsticks are to die for , lovely texture, finish and look !




Essence Eye Makeup Remover Review

I have been using this makeup remover since past one and half years and I must say it is really really good. Its gentle, and cleans the makeup to the “T”, that is perfectly 🙂 .

Thought its an eye makeup remover, it cleans the rest of the makeup as good as it removes the eye makeup. This is a steal for the price and quality. Some words on the importance of a make-up remover. Yes, it very much imperative to use one, because strains of makeup even if very less is harmful for the skin. Normal cleansers do not clean the skin thoroughly of makeup and some residues are always left behind. So to keep the skin healthy and free of blemishes, usage of a makeup remover is advised.

download (8)

The Look : It is a bi-phased make-up remover, an emulsion of oil and water. Its half  light blue and half water, and it needs to be shaked well before use.

The Aroma: No smell.

download (11)

My experience: I am by far too happy with this, infact its much better than the maybelline one which I used earlier. It absolutely cleans the skin of make-up and is not harsh on the skin. I usually use it on a cotton pad and wipe my face with it. After that I wash my face with my regular cleanser because the skin feels oily after its use. This is partly oil and water.

It did not break my skin out or have any adverse reactions on my skin. I am happy 🙂

Price: I do not remember exactly, but yes within 2.5 Euros.

Summary: I am happy , do try it if you get a chance and I am sure it would make you happy too!

Product Score: 4.5/5

download (10)


Reader Query: Dandruff and Suggestions for Good Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin

Shifali asks : 
Please suggest me the solutions for removing hair dandruff & a good makeup remover for oily and sensitive skin.
My solution :


1. you could use White Vinegar diluted with water in the ratio 2:1 and apply it to your scalp, leave for two hours and then shampoo with a good herbal anti dandruff shampoo

2. Always keep your combs and pillow cases clean, and never share your comb with anyone.

3. Oil your hair Once a week with Coconut oil mixed with lemon juice and then wash off after an hour.

4. Drinks lots of water and always keep the scalp clean. Its most important

5. Meanwhile you could try Patanjali anti-dandruff shampoo.

And as for a good make up remover for sensitive skin, nothing works better than Johnsons Baby Oil. Apply it on face and lightly massage and wipe off with cotton wool.

Hope this helps 🙂 Also request my readers to help her out with her query.


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