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Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara Review

This is one of the inexpensive products from Maybelline, which does what it claims . I got this along with the Christmas Gift Box that Maybelline had sent last month. I am reviewing the washable version, a water-proof version of the same is also available.



My Take : So, as it is named, it effectively curls and adds volume to the lashes at one go, which I feel is decent from a product which is priced reasonably. The effect is not very dramatic like the Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara, but not bad either. Also it lasts quite long for about five hours maintaining the lift , I am quite satisfied with it.  The con I feel is that it has to be layered at least twice to get the desired effect, but it doesn’t make the lashes look clumped up. Also, the curved brush applicator helps in curling and lifting the lashes.

I would suggest it to girls who want a good mascara on budget. Also, a great option for college going girls. A thumbs up from me !

Price: INR 200

Product Score: 4/5

Product sent by brand, but the review is honest.


Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara Review

I am blessed with dense, curly lashes, a inherited trait infact :). Most of the times, I skip using a black  mascara and opt for a transparent one instead,which helps  groom my lashes without looking over the top. I got this mascara last week for review. This is also a part of the Loreal Cannes L’or Sunset Collection. So read on further, if it transformed my lashes into a million 🙂

download (6)

download (4)

My Experience: To tell the truth, it makes my lashes even longer and more dense and lends an impeccably dramatic look. The effect is as though I have false lashes worn 🙂 Yes, by far , I am loving it on my lashes.

The wand applicator is fuss free and enables neat application, and it separates out each lash sufficiently, coating it altogether. I have let the pictures do the talking. I already have dense, long and curly lashes and it makes them look really beautiful. I tried this on my cousin with shorter and less dense lashes, it made them look dense and curled , but not elongated.

Also,It lasts for the whole day without budging.

the left is my natural eye and the right ones, with the mascara on

the left is my natural eye and the right ones, with the mascara on

download (3)

download (5)

Price: INR 700

Summary: A great mascara which made my lashes look as though I have artificial lashes on :). A very good mascara for people with dense and long lashes. It does, make the lashes thicker and curl them, though not elongate them, if you have short lashes.

Product Score: 4.5/5

Product sent by brand for review, and the review is absolutely true to my experience.


Lakme Eyeconic Mascara Review

The name “Eyeconic” is indeed innovative on part of Lakme, as they might have wanted be a eye make-up icon with the release of this two product ! So to say, the packaging and the whole look appears iconic, and read on if their mascara is indeed near to be a icon. I wish they had released an Eyeconic eye shadow range or palette, which would have completed the range.

I tried this in the store last week, and its lash separating ability impressed me then, and I immediately bought it without thinking twice. Actually it really separates out the lashes and coats each of them efficiently without creating a mess. It not that volumizing, but with two three coats, the lashes appear fuller and curled. Over all a great stuff from Lakme, keeping in mind their previous mascara, this one is way better can be called an icon from the famous drugstore make-up brand of India.

Though I have naturally thick and curly lashes, it does add to the effect and grooms them well. Those with sparse lashes would also feel the difference. I like the wand/applicator, its kinda long and acts to separate out the lashes effectively, in fact its designed putting in thought. Though, it might be an issue with people who have very small lashes, as it could spread the mascara to your lids applying. The long wand is a boon for me, as it is able to groom my lashes beautifully. It lasted on me for about five hours after which I removed the make up.

Price: INR 250

Summary: The best mascara from Lakme so far. I am impressed ! Do try it, very cheap for the price and performance. It separates and curls the lashes. The con is, its not that volumizing .

Product Score: 4/5

Without Mascara :

After two coats of Lakme Eyeconic mascara :



Transparent Mascara – How to use it

A mascara which is transparent ! Yes , I though of sharing my ideas on this wonderful beauty rescuer :). I heard about it first when I was in my high school during a beauty show in some TV channel which had a section on make-up  hosted by Samantha Kocchar. From then on my quest for it began, which ultimately ended in Germany, when I found  the “Essence Transparent Mascara”, I shall be reviewing it soon. I dedicate this post to the main idea of using a transparent mascara.

How it looks :

Basically a transparent mascara is clear in appearance, its kind of a gel consistency. It appears like a clear gel fluid. When applied on the lashes it gives a wet cool feeling which goes away when it dries.

How it works:

It makes the lashes look naturally curled and groomed. Once applied it separates out the lashes and holds them in place imparting a natural open look to the eyes. Its ideal for people with thick lashes like me, I find it a lot easy to carry for a day time look. It separates my lashes, grooms them and make the eye look brighter and the lashes look glossy.

Uses of a clear mascara:

  • Lends a more natural look, does not look obvious on the eyes
  • Its does not lend you raccoon eyes, when it washes off in case you get wet or it rains.
  • Curls the lashes and holds them tight. It can also be used after curling the lashes.
  • I use it to tame my eye brows, it grooms the eye brows and keeps them in place, that is the best utility according to me.
  • I have very thick and curled eye lashes, I choose it over regular mascara during the day time to avoid looking over made up.
  • Ideal for office wear.


Street wear mascara can be bought from here: http://www.goodlife.com/street-wear/street-wear-sheer-mascara-01-transparent-sheer/32215/product-detail. Even Avon has a clear mascara.

So what do you guys feel about it ?????

NOTE: The image used is from the internet, its not mine.


Essence Multi Action Mascara Review

I so wish, if Essence were available here. It makes quality products which are budget friendly, a rare combination :). Essence Multi Action Mascara, as per claims does curl, thicken and elongate the lashes in one go. Also on the bottle, its sealed “our bestseller”. Seeing this seal, I bought it immediately 🙂

I would be very short and crisp on this , perhaps it would be my shortest review 🙂

Its too good, actually ! I have used Lakme, Maybelline before this, but this has by far been  best 🙂

It lengthens, adds volume and curls in one go . Lasting capacity is awesome, almost 8 hours on me.The applicator applies neat, and evenly coats each lashes. Also, if I want to coat the outer end lashes, it is able to coat and curl effectively. I am blessed with thick and curly lashes, so mostly I use a transparent mascara except for occasions and dramatic eye makeup.

Price: 2.95 Euro

Summary: Recommended budget buy!! If you get a chance to buy essence, do get it :). True to its claims, its multi acting 🙂 curls, lengthens and thickens in one go and also lasts quite long, about 8 hours. The con I found is missing ingredients list.

Product Score: 4/5

somepics with this mascara on 🙂

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