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NBBN Theme Post: Monsoon Make-up Tips

I came across this quote :

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring”

I love rain, soaking myself in light drizzles and stamping on poodles, sprinkling the water around.  The thought of monsoon takes me to my childhood days, when playing in the rain would give me utmost happiness whilst my mother policing around, it was not always possible :). So, retrospection apart, my post today deals with tips which would help us stay beautiful even after getting drenched in the rain

 Foundation: Avoid the foundation , if you are working and have chances of getting wet. Use a good quality primer which would instantly reduce pores and brighten your face. Clarins makes some good stuffs. Also, its better to use mineral powder foundations/compacts, these wash off without the risk of it being cakey.

Eyes: Use waterproof mascara, but they do bleed sometimes. So the best bet is to use a clear mascara. Avoid eye shadows, else use good quality eye pencils which do not budge. Revlon color stay eye pencils stay on and on even after getting wet.

Blush: Its better to skip it all together, else if you must use, its better to use cream blushes or stick blush and blend them properly.

Lipstick: Ideally a lip liner should be used and then topped with a lipstick. Always use matte lipsticks which do not bleed. Creamy lipsticks should be avoided. Else go for only a lip liner or something like lip ice.

Hair: The tresses should be tied up in a pony tail or braided, if one has long hair. The hair should be washed clean in case they get wet in the rain.


Note: Image taken from the net, this is not mine.


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