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Easy French Manicure with Maybelline “Coral Chic”

Oh so french !! So classy and eternal !! always in Vogue! French manicure is done to mimic natural looking nails, in a way that the base is pale pink or nude and the tips are coated white. This was just to say a few words about the ever classy and ethereal French Manicure.

This look has been tried and tested by me 🙂 and I have been doing it for quite sometime. The only form of nail art that I have been doing :).

Material Required: Maybelline “Coral Chic” and matte white nail polish.

I achieved this, using the cello tape method. First of all, I cut strips of the tape and rubbed the sticky part repeatedly over the back of my hand, so as to remove the glue. Little adhesive should still remain, so that it still sticks but doesn’t leave any marks or damage the base coat of the nail polish.

The base coat is a single coat of Maybelline “Coral Chic” nail polish. The very fact that its very sheer, helps us achieve this simple manicure 🙂 .

If you look at the snap below, I have applied a single coat of coral chic and then after it dried, I covered my nail with the cello tape strips, cut earlier, leaving the tips.  Then applied a coat of matte white nail polish. The one I used is a local brand called “blue heaven”, its quite opaque and glossy and single coat is enough.

Here I have removed the tape off my middle finger after the white nail paint had dried up completely. Applied top coat with a clear nail polish and I am done.

Its very easy and with little patience and practice, you shall get it 🙂

Hope you like my style of doing French mani :).

Do drop in your valuable inputs , they are always welcome 🙂



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