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A Cheap and Very Good Nail Polish Remover

The nail paint removers available in India are way too costly and also, are bottled in very small quantities. This is one thing I would like to suggest to Companies in India, please bottle them in bigger plastic bottles and make them cheaper and more potent.  Recently, I came across this polish remover from Health and Glow and it really works like a charm.


My Take: Though the quantity as usual is little, it really delivers well. A little quantity goes long and neatly removes even the though glittery nail paints, those whose glitters stick to the nail bed. It does not smell bad and also is gentle on the nails and doesn’t dry them out.

I recommend it highly ! Moreover it costs only INR 39 and is easy on the pocket too !


  1. removes tough paints
  2. works neat on glitter paints
  3. doesn’t dry the nails
  4. doesn’t smell cheap or bad
  5. gentle on mails
  6. very cheap
  7. has vitamin E in it


In fact None!

Price: INR 39

Product Score: 4.5/5





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