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MAC Amplified Cream Lipstick “Fast Play” Swatches and Review

It has  been a month since I bought it and savoring it every day, a fresh shade of pink that would complement all complexions. When I entered the store, I had “GAT” (girl about town) on my mind, but I didn’t like it at all, and with all the hype about it, I was really upset. GAT looks very blue on me and makes me look as if I am trying too hard, and I have decided never to buy it. So, I always advise to try a shade on your lips before buying it, there is every chance that you might not like it later on.

So, GAT apart, I swatched the shade “diva”, and am totally smitten by it, it makes me look like a “diva”  🙂 and almost zeroed upon it when the MUA intervened, he suggested I should not buy any shade close to red as I already have quite a few and made me try “fast play” and more than me, he was smitten by how it appeared on me and forced me to buy it. I was still doubtful, so after two hours of loitering around the mall, I again went to the MAC store to buy “diva”. I tried the shade “fast play” again and then found it nice, still I thought I would buy “Diva”, but this time both the MUA s convinced me that it really looked beautiful on me and made me look fresh and beautiful and so, I decided to keep it. I am loving it !!




The Shade: A beautiful pink with  brown tones  that looks a beautiful natural pink on me as though I have bare lips but better. Also, It tends to appear a deeper shade of pink on warmer skin tones.

The Pigmentation: Opaque in one swipe, the finish is amplified, which I adore.

The Lasting and texture: It is creamy and not drying on lips. Also, makes the lips appear fuller, smooth and younger. Unfortunately, it lasts only as little as three hours on me and is the lowest lasting MAC lipstick from my stash.



My Take: Finally the perfect nude lipstick for me, and next time I visit the store, I am going to thank the MUA for making me buy this. I always buy one MAC item at a time, that is a self imposed restriction else I would have bought “diva” too.

I feel “fast play” makes me look younger and fresh. This is a great shade for night wear along with dark shades of eye shadows, and makes one look like a diva. I wish it lasted little longer, as it requires frequent touch ups. Overall a great shade to venture into if you are not much into deeper shades, this might be a perfect pink or neutral shade for you.

Price: INR 990/- , MAC has hiked its prices by two hundred rupees now.

Product Score: 4.5/5

I have kept the look simple, Maybelline BB Cream with Rimmel Stay Matte powder on face and Maybelline blush in “fresh coral”. On my eyes, I have only mascara and black eye shadow as eye liner on my upper lid .



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