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Jovees Revitalizing Avocado Night Cream Review

The Skin has its own cycle of renewal and rejuvenation and it is at its peak at night. So, a skin care regimen before sleeping at night is imperative for the skin. Regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing at night before sleeping is the key to a healthy skin, though the products have to be chosen as per one’s skin type. I advise all women over 25 to include a night cream in her beauty regimen, it helps the skin regenerate and pucker up after a hard day. Also, it helps in moisture replenishment and regeneration of new cells.

Today, I am going to review a night cream from Jovees, which I have been using for past four months.






The Look: White cream, somewhat stiff. I would have preferred it more creamier and little bit soft in texture. It is very stiff and is hard to blend it into the skin.

The Smell: Nice herbal smell , gentle and soothing.

My Take: I use it daily at night before retiring to bed, after cleansing and toning. The cream is somewhat stiff in texture, and  requires some time to sink into the skin, after being absorbed, the skin feels soft, moist and the effect lasts till morning. It does the job of moisturizing effectively and did not cause any breakouts on me.

Summary: Overall a decent night cream. It should suit normal to dry skin types. Oily skinned women should stay away  from it, as it might cause clogged pores. If you want a good moisturizing night cream , then go for it.

Product Score: 3.5/5

Price: INR 195 for 50 gms




Dr. Olen Gin Magic Mineral Nourishing Night Cream Review

Just couple of days back, I reviewed the Dr. Olen Gin toner :http://celebratingfeminity.com/2012/08/20/dr-olen-gin-magic-minerals-facial-toner-review/ ,   which is an amazing product.  So, now I am up with another review from the same brand and the product is their night cream.

The Product: Dr. Olen Gin Magic Mineral Nourishing Night Cream. You can view the vendors details here : http://www.olengin.co.il/en/facial-care/17-magic-mineral-nourishing-and-night-cream.html

The look and texture: Its a creamy white concoction which is very light in consistency. Specifically, it is  like something whipped very light but is not stiff or frothy.  It blends well and gets absorbed easily into the skin.

The Packaging : Comes in an outer carton, and the tub is  sturdy and looks classy and fuss free. Also, its travel friendly.

The aroma: Very similiar to the toner, very soothing and sensual. Anyone would love it, not at all over the top.

Description on website: Using Dr. OlenGin’s unique Dead Sea mineral based formulas, our Magic Moisturizing Night Cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals as well as skin softening Jojova and Sesame Oil, that delay the skin aging process, enhance flexibility and elasticity and provide maximum nourishment and moisture to your facial skin. This cream also contains olive extract and citric acid, that together protect against environmental damage to the skin cell, balance the skin’s pH levels, and soothe the skin.

How effective it is : Coming to the products’s efficacy,  its very much true to the claims it has made. The product sinks in to make the skin hydrated and supple. It has emollient properties and has a gentle calming effect on the skin. The skin feels soft and quenched in the morning. Its moisturizing but does not clog the pores or break the skin out.  Its nourishing and over all has a good effect on the skin. This would suit all skin types.

Only a small amount of the product is required . In case you apply more, it forms a white film on the face which goes away with considerable blending. So, I advice to use only a small amount of the cream. I have been using the 50ml tub for about a month, but still it would last for two more months easily.

Availability: It would soon be available on Ebay. It can be bought after contacting the company in the following email : info@dr.olengin.com

Summary: An ideal night cream, which has soothing effects on the skin. It hydrates and quenches the skin, suitable for all skin types. It does not clog the pores or cause any adverse reaction on skin. Its paraben free.

Product Score: 5/5

P.S: Product sent by brand for consideration, but it has not affected the review.

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