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Maybelline Color Show Nailpaint – “Orange Fix” and “Tangerine Treat” Swatches and Review

So, these are trending hot in the beauty bazaar and I got a couple of them for review 🙂 . I couldn’t wait to try and review these for all of you , but ….. but …. for my very busy schedule and some issues with my laptop ,….. the reason for the declining frequency of my posts ……


The texture, lasting and Finish: Both of them have glossy matte finish, though the “orange fix” shade is more glossy and shiny. They need two coats for opacity and last good three days on my nails, then gradually start chipping off the ends. The texture is thick and streaks on application of first coat , but once the second coat is applied , it looks very neat and beautiful.

Summary: I am very much happy with these nail paints, the price and quality is just awesome and these are sure to give stiff competion to their costlier counter parts ! 

One can buy them in multiple shades and Show off the color !

SHADE: Orange Fix

Below is the shade “orange fix”, a orange with more red to it , which makes it a great shade shade for complexions ranging from fair to medium dusky . If you want a wearable orange , this is the one 🙂




SHADE: Tangerine Treat

The shade is a true orange, with more yellow to it than red . I would suggest this to fair complexioned women 🙂 it would really flatter their skin . Also, Medium complexioned women can check it and see if it suits their taste.




Price: Only INR 75 , 🙂

Product Score: 4/5

I tried  this ombre nail art with these two shades :), If you can notice the gradation of shades. I am not good at nail art, actually I usually do not try them ! But, still I thought of doing this and share with you all .


Product sent by brand, but the review is honest.


A look using four eye shadows , tutorial and fotd

A look after ages , I guess … I have been feeling uninspired and bored to do tutorials/looks off late, the reason being a busy schedule and the resultant lethargy 🙂 Finally, I managed to shake it off and do what I usually enjoy doing …. A Look !!

So, I have used four eye shadows here, Teal, Grey, Lavender Violet and Vanilla yellow.

The Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Pat some teal ES on the inner half of the lid using a flat shader brush
  2. Then, make a V- shape on the outer corner with the grey ES,using a crease brush and extend inwards towards the teal and blend.
  3. Now, take some violet ES with a detail brush and apply along the lower lash line.
  4. Then, pat some vanilla ES on the inner corner and on top of the eye-ball on the lid
  5. Blend and tight-line the eyes
  6. Finally, mascara and you are done




Some more finished close-ups of the eye make-up…




Now the finished pics……….

I have used NYX blush “mocha” and Maybelline “MAT3” from bold matte range, on lips..









Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick Mat3 Review, Swatches and Look

The launch pictures of this range left me drooling and very impatient to try these out. The shade which I got for review is “MAT 3”. All the more I was more excited to do a cool, neon look with it 🙂 . I paired this shade with a lime green top and “rose gold” eyes.

For more info on this range , visit here :


IMG_123 IMG_1234

The Shade: The bullet looks a bold neon orange which mellows down to a wearable orange with little red tones on my lips. Impeccably flatters my NC 42 skin tone without washing me out 🙂 This shall look good on fair to medium skin tones.

The pigmentation: I would say it is not opaque and one needs to apply it in layers to cover lip pigmentation. According to me people with very much pigmented lips should steer clear from this shade.

The texture: Very light and weightless on lips. It is moisturizing and is not stark matte , as I thought it would be. It doesn’t pull or tug the lips and is not drying .

The lasting: Lasts effortlessly for four hours without a meal and fades to a light stain. I am impressed on this aspect of this lipstick 🙂



My Take: ” A Neon Orange which is wearable and flatters my Indian complexion ”

It is a great shade and those who are out on the hunt for a suitable orange, this might be a  stopover. It felt light and weightless and my lips did not require any moisturization before its application. Also, It lasted easily for four hours and I am really happy with this.

The only ouch factor, is its pigmentation. As it is a matte lipstick, I expected it to go opaque in single swipe covering all pigmentation, but it does not. So, I would not recommend it to people with pigmented lips, who require more coverage.

To sum up…………………


  1. Very nice color for the  Indian complexion
  2. Not drying
  3. Decent lasting power
  4. Soft and smooth texture


  1. Average pigmentation
  2. Might settle on the fine lines

This is the complete look 🙂



Price: INR 375

Prodcut Score: 4/5

Summary: Recommended for the very good lasting power, beautiful shade selection and great texture of this lipstick. A very good lipstick at an attractive price tag 🙂 so go and grab one. I can’t wait to try the ‘MAT1″ from this range 🙂

Product sent by brand for review , but the write up is honest to my knowledge.


Eye Makeup Look with Sleek “Bad girl” Palette and Tutorial

Nowadays I am very lazy to do tutorials and even blog ! The two hours in the afternoon, which is purely “Me” Time for me get used up by sleeping or reading books :). Yesterday I tried to overcome the inertia and do this look

Products Used:

  1. Garnier BB Cream 
  2. Maybelline BB Stick all over the face as well as to prime the eyes
  3. Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact
  4. Jordana Blush in “Coral sandy Beach”
  5. Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick “Burnt Orange” used as a stain
  6. Lakme Eyeconic Mascara
  7. Maybelline gel liner in “Black
  8. Sleek “Bad Girl” Palette reviewed here

Step by Step description to achieve the look :

  1. Prime the eye lids and apply a sweep of a light highlighting eye shadow all over the lid till the brow bone and blend. I used the shade ‘gullible” from Sleek Bad Girl Palette.
  2. Then apply the shade “abyss” in a ‘V’ shape from the middle to the outer corner of the eye socket. No blending now, we shall blend later.
  3. Now pat the shade “rebel” in the space in between the ‘V’ to the inner corner of the eye. Still, no blending 🙂
  4. Now start blending the the three eye shadows at the point where they meet, striking out any harsh lines. Also apply the shade “rebel” in the lower lashline
  5. Then line the water line with black khol, I used the black gel liner and also apply a very line, close to the lashes on the upper lashline.
  6. Finish off with mascara and just apply a hint of the shade “gullible” on the inner corners.


This is how the Look turned Up 🙂 I have applied a coral colored blush from Jordana called “Coral sandy Beach” and applied a light stain of a lipstick in Orange. Since the eye look is garish, I kept the lips really light and natural to avoid looking over made-up 🙂

Hope you like the effort 🙂 Do drop in suggestions and inputs, they help me improve !



Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick “Burnt Orange” Review and Swatches, FOTD

Orange ! A color I could never imagine to include in my wardrobe, as a teenager, let alone wear it on my lips. The thought of the color repelled my taste, but with gradual seasoning of style sense with increasing age has left me craving for this shade, Orange Finally on my lips 🙂


download (8)

download (7)

I am medium/ Olive skinned toned, So some bright colors with in-depth pigmentation put my lips at the risk of looking neon. So to rule this out, I was very careful in choosing the right shade of orange for my skin tone. Last week, I went to an exclusive Colorbar store at Phoenix Market city Mall, Bangalore solely for the shade “Citrine” From Soft Touch Range. When applied it appeared neon on me, I knew it is not for me, disheartened ! The SA of the store came to immediate rescue, she was adept at her job, when she suggested me this shade and was convinced that it is the perfect orange for my skin. Even, I loved the way it made me look, so swiped my card and it was bought 🙂 I just cannot wait to show it to you.

The Shade: A Orange with red undertones, which makes it wearable for a complexion similar to mine. An observation, Oranges with strong Yellow undertones do not tend to suit my skin, they are a obvious neon on me. I guess true Oranges are for Paler skin tones. The color appears similar to MAC “Korean Candy” Lipstick from the online swatches.

download (6)


The Texture and Finish: Very creamy as goes the name, moisturizing and imparts a very nice sheen to the pout.

The pigmentation: One swipe would do you justice, cover pigmentations if any.

The Lasting: A Good four hours on me without a meal in between, then gradually wears off.

Overall a big YES from me.

One news, I the Store manager told me that Colorbar has discontinued its Velvet Matte Range of Lipsticks, also the prices are hiked to a great extent. The eye pencils cost 440 now, soft touch lipstick cost 390 , This is bad 😦 .


download (11)

download (9)


I have used NYX blush “Mocha” on cheeks and Kohl and mascara on eyes. I kept the look simple 🙂

Price: INR 450

Summary: Great Shade of Orange for medium Skin tones, Say NC 40 and above ! It has red undertones, which tries its best to make it look less neon.  The texture , finish, pigmentation all are great, infact more than great. Loved it! Thanks Colorbar for making such an awesome shade, which meet up international standards.

Product Score: 5/5


Rival Di Loop Lipstick Review – Shade 104

Well, Rival Di Loop is a German Brand, based in Berlin. Among all their products, I find their lipsticks the best. It has some really beautiful shades when it comes to lip color. If you get a chance to buy cosmetics from Germany, do get these.


The color : A lovely wearable peachy brown, to put it simply 🙂 Its quite un -common shade.

The texture: Mattte and smooth, doesnot dry the lips. Does not have any apparent smell.

The lasting: Lasts four hours without budging, which I feel is quite good for the price.

The Pigmentation: Great! Goes opaque in single swipe. I have swiped it only once in the swatch.

IMG_3644 IMG_3642

My take: Recommended for the price and quality. Only con, is that its not available in India.

Price: Euro 1.95

Product Score: 4/5


I am wearing this here 🙂


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