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Everyuth Foot Scrub Review

Everyuth has made quite a few new launches recently and the foot scrub is one of them. I had high expectation from it, for I had read rave reviews on it. So, let see if it is really as good. I have been using the Oriflame foot scrub for last two years and according to me it is the best food scrub ever.  I have reviewed it HERE.





The look :  Peach colored granules suspended in transparent orange gel.

The Texture: I would have loved it if it were more gritty , as the granules are too soft to exfoliate. Also, it is a foaming scrub.

The Smell: Fresh and citrusy

My Take: It is a foaming scrub and cleanses well , but it would have been way better if the granules were more rough. I feel the exfoliation effect is not up to the mark. It has fullers earth  in its ingredients, which makes it a very good cleanser and the feet look brighter after its use. I love to use it as a hand and body scrub 🙂 and it works better that way.

If one doesn’t have major issues with their feet, then it can deliver well.  Also, it fits one’s budget 🙂

Else, if the feet are severely dry and cracked, I  suggest to use something more gritty like the Oriflame scrub.

Price: INR 80

Product Score: 3.5/5




Oriflame Very Me “Peach Me Perfect ” Tinted Moisturizer Review

I have never tried Oriflame products until this which comes in a small and cute little tube. It looks bigger in the pictures than it actually is.  Recently, one of my friend’s beacame an Oriflame representative and I got this from her. Along with this, I got the Oriflame foot scrub, the blending brush, and the nude eye kohl. So, the review of these are coming up next, stay tuned :).

The Product : Oriflame Very Me “Peach Me Perfect” Tinted Moisturizer

The shade, texture, coverage: I got the shade “Dark” which suits my medium complexion beautifully. It just disappears on my skin giving a sheer dewy glow. It is kind of drying fast, needs to be applied with quick hands.

Its good for daily wear, as it gives very sheer coverage. It shall not cover dark circles or other blemishes, after all its a tinted moistirizer 🙂 . One thing which I do not really like about it is that it has shimmers in it, though very fine and almost obscure. When blended one can see very micro glitters here and there. Over all its a good decent TM, as we hardly have any Indian brand offering good tinted moisturizers. Some might feel it to be priced overtly for the quantity. Oriflame often gives offers on its products, its better to catch hold of them then.

The Swatch below, The right part of the hand from the mid, has the TM and the left side does not have it.

The Price: INR 298 for 30 ml

Summary: A good buy for a tinted moisturizer. Gives a sheer, dewy coverage , good for daily wear. The con I feel is , it has shimmers in it, though very fine and the shade selecton is limited. It has only two shades – light and dark.

Product Score: 3.5/5

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